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Found 2 results

  1. Moped NZ M.C 3rd Annual Mount Maunganui Small Bike Ride Meet 9am, Classic Flyers, Mt Maunganui close to Bunnings. Please park trailers off site. Ride leaves 10am. 250cc limit. All 50cc bikes/scooters/mopeds welcome. No new sports bikes or cruisers. The older and weirder the better. This is a ride for those who usually don’t get any events scheduled for their machines. Riding around 50km over 2-4 hours with a fuel stop and main beach Mt Maunganui fly by. Finishing at Rising Tide; eat their famous dumplings and drink a nice brew with the crew after the ride! Get out and ride! It’s what summers all about.
  2. Save the date! 50km + loop. Small bikes only! 250cc + under. Second annual Mt Maunganui ride! After the roaring success of this ride last year in December, it’s happening again soon! @Shakotom, @GuyWithAviators and I are hosting this wicked jaunt in paradise. This is an awesome day on awesome bikes in an epic part of the country. There was an even split of locals and out of towners last time, with an even bigger turn out expected this year. Day after Drag Day @ Meremere. Make a weekend of it! A decent jaunt around the Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa areas. Starting from the Av Gas Cafe/Classic Flyers car park in Mt Maunganui with the route still to be finalised. This is for small bikes only! Speed limit will strictly be around 50kph, sometimes zooming up to 60 when get a tail wind, this is to cater for the slower and older bikes in the group. Safety is paramount, so just make sure you've got your wits about you, Helmet, current rego etc etc. The ride will head down Tauranga, mount Maunganui and out to Papamoa, lasting a few hours at least including a stop at the beach, location yet to be finalised. Newer small bikes are most welcome, older are preferred. CC ratings will be capped at 250, otherwise the charm is lost for the smaller capacity crew. (If you have something bigger but wanna hang then it’s sweet tbh, just ride behind the pack, slow bikes go first; this line is used when advertising on local groups to dissuade the Harley crews etc). Spread the word, any question, just ask! The more the merrier of course.