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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, So early last year i decided id by another bike and get my license this time round. after much searching and research i found this RF400RVV just one street over. It was pretty tidy, and rode well. With 53Hp and 195kg dry, it sits at the upper echelon of the LAMS Power to weight formula. Rode it day in, day out all through winter and did the following work: Front wheel bearing New pads all round New air filter (wasnt running one when i bought it) Brake fluid flush Bridgestone T30 tyres Valve Clearances checked and adjusted (Being a 'VC' engined model, this was a massive learning curve even for the mechanic, and was well beyond my skills and limited toolset) After all this work, the bike was running really well, and i was thoroughly enjoying it heading into summer. And then this happened: Hit a patch of oil on Paekakariki Hill road, and Lowsided at 70km/h. Would have been fine, except shortly after I hit the bank, the Bike did as well. Having over 200kg (wet) behind it, it had considerably more momentum than my 80kg frame, and as it hit the bank rear end first, it pirouetted and came down on my leg, and then carried on further down the road. A Local Good bastard was following, and he called an ambo and moved my bike to the side of the road, because at that point my legs were not working. The cops turned up, took one look at the oil covered road and declared that it wasnt my fault, and "we're really friggen happy you're alive". Good Bastard shot home, grabbed a trailer and took my bike back to his and stored it for me. After Most of the Day in A+E, it was declared that I had sprained the PCL Ligament in my left knee, and had nerve damage in my right Leg. I was OK and could go home. After about a month of physio i was walking normally again, with the ligament about 85% healed and the nerve damage 100% healed. So anyway, I got my bike back and stripped all the plastics off it to assess. At first i though it was OK, however closer inspection revealed that the frame took a couple of good hits, with a good crease up front, and the rear subframe well and truly fubared. Its sat like that for 4 months. I had a half assed attempt at straightening the rear subframe, but gave up when i realised it was too far gone, and even if i could straighten it it would have lost much of its structural integrity. As the rear subframe is welded to the main frame, I couldnt just find another and bolt it on like some bikes, also with the crease up front i decided that the frame was toast. Then as if by magic, a frame popped up on Trademe that had everything i needed: Main Frame L/H Rearset and Gear Lever Front Fairing Support Front Fairing and Screen Dash Cluster (Rare as rocking horse shit - the last two years of production used s different cluster, and only on the 400s) Came to a deal with the seller, and i'm getting the lot incl freight from Hamilton to Kapiti for $500. So i'm well stoked. Should arrive later in the week or early next week. So the plan? Paint frame 2k satin black Strip existing bike, inspect everything and replace rubbers/bearings and seals where necessary Strip forks, paint fork tubes, refresh fork oil Repair plastics - a lot of work is needed here and i have a fair few tricks up my sleeve. I don't think i need to replace anything other than the front fairing. time will tell though Fix Dents in Gas tank Paint Buy some Leathers (My textile gear melted during the slide. would not trade again) Pics: