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Found 1 result

  1. SATURDAY 20TH OF JANUARY Cost is 10 dollars. Covers stickers and recovery vehicle gas. Please message me or @MopedNZ regarding spots. Going to cut it off at 50 people. 1st in 1st served. (allows us to monitor people coming making sure they are gcs and will fit in) right. scooter rides are happening all over the show now days and id like to have a ride around the waikato to showcase that we aren't really a hole of a place and we have cool things in a days travel. so here it is. 210 kms roughly. heading to matamata via some nice back roads which will lead us to te miro mountain bike track. maybe a couple of you could have a little hoon around, or not. sweet little dam there also. from matamata we would head to Tiraui, could get a photo infront of the big sheep and dog, also a common pub close by that all bikes stop at for lunch we could maybe stop there have a lol at all the big bikers. from there we head over arapuni dam which is kinda cool to look at, also a rad swing bridge there too. maybe go do some bombs as im keen on some swimming. next would be pironiga where if we wanted maybe stop for another beer. next place would be lime works loop road, another sweet location for some bombs and a cool erm uh yeah tooth brush fence? from this location maybe we could head to brent shaws place if he would be keen to make a track for us and we could race on his paddock. and then nosy back into the beginning whic is going to be @Archetype place just out of whatawhata. im super keen. thats right SATURDAY 20th of JANUARY. now Brent has said we are able to camp at his place been a long day, all welcome to bring food, booze, tent and we will party till the nights young. brent has a nice sized lawn for racing on and tenting at. here are a few pics for attention needed to use the times he got stuck in vehicles for scale.... so far we have : @64vauxhall PAID @Shakotom PAID @MopedNZ @chris r PAID @Archetype @Raizer plus one @Geophy plus one PAID X2 @Truenotch plus one @Shewolf ? yet to be confirmed @flyingbrick @Firetruck Julio D Andrew Swinton @Zeubin Kass PAID @Tumeke Cam Walker @cletus @peteretep Via @sentra will add paid once i receive payment.
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