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Found 1 result

  1. Background I've been intrigued by the idea of electrifying an old bicycle for a while, possibly as a test run for doing an electric hub classic scooter. No real plans but interested in the concept so started squirreling bits away. I don't want a balls out speed machine, nor a boomer spec mild pedal assist, so went mid range 350W geared front hub motor, easy to install, small enough to be relatively unobtrusive (130mm diameter) but big enough to pull you along around 30km/h for an hr or so. Grabbed this one on Ali 11.11 sale and it's on the way (36V 350W - $177 delivered)... Originally wanted to do my Raleigh Twenty, but spent so much on the oddball rims and spokes I'd prefer to keep it as is... Also looked at doing my Czech folding Eska bike, but those wheels are even smaller and low top speed may be an issue... Then I saw this one online, and realised how wrong smaller ebikes can look (granted it has a bigger direct drive hub), but still super dorky... so now looking at my old Raleigh/BSA full size jobs, have a few hanging in the shed. I like the old Sturmey Archer rear hub so a combo of that and the lectric front wheel seems a good recipe? (Motor hub not much bigger than the dyno-hub they came with as an option). Have to see if motor will fit forks first before making a decision on base vehicle. Like this old BSA Sports though... Came from O'Shea cycles in Ch'ch... I have a couple of suitable SA rear hubs and new alloy rims set aside, and reckon with the patina this thing could look pretty cool with a sympathetic ehub... Power pack Batteries are bulky and expensive and you have to compromise size/weight/cost vs range, so I bought one of these after seeing them in the moped/motorbike electric conversion thread, the Vruzend battery pack - (10S, 3P kit for $44USD) as they look a good way to avoid the solder vs spot weld arguments/faffing about... And the 11.11 sale on Ali encouraged me to order some Polymide tape (kapton), 220mm PVC heatshrink tube, a 10S 36V 15A Li-ion BMS and a 5.5mm nut driver tool, so all up I'm into this around $270 so far... So still need a controller and charger, plus spokes to suit whatever rim I end up using, but have enough to carry on with. Also need batteries, the no-post ruling is a ballache, and at around $10ea in NZ I'm looking at $300+ which is a bit daunting. Might look at scavenging laptop cells or similar, but got some time to look into this... Anyways, long term project but parts ordered, by the time I actually build anything technology will have moved on and this'll be proper OS...