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Found 2 results

  1. Here's my 1976 toyota ms83 crown wagon. I recently purchased and intend to use it as a cruiser maybe tow wagon later on down the track She's pretty much standard running the 4m and 3 speed auto, Body is in pretty good nick for its age, bit of rust in the tail gate and a few other small bubbles here and there. she's got 85k on the clock, not to sure if it's been round though. - still has the original manual and service log book inc. purchase date, dealer etc although only the first 5k service leaflet has been filled out in it. Interior is in really good condition too with just the carpet on drivers side foot well being a bit worn and ripped other than the porno brown interior is good. list of current mods and how it got it - Head unit and 6" speakers in front doors - Pimp as exterior sun visor - White Walls - 4 extra switches mounted in dash Future mods in the near future inc. - give it a tidy up here and there - Lower it a few inches - does any body know if ms85 springs will work all round? I would deff say the front is the same only the rear I suspect could possibly be different. - figure out what the 4 extra switches do...or are supposed to do....don't appear to do anything at the mo...probably will remove but will need to figure out how to cover up holes or get new panels. - Give the old 4m a tune - Install 6x9's and maybe a sub in the boot. Future mods in long term future inc. - send back to NZ when I move back one day - Panel and respray - Drop in a 1uzfe with ITBs for the sweet sound and also looks....or may look at a UR family v8 (1ur-fse, 3ur-fe, 2ur-gse
  2. Project : //