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Found 4 results

  1. So i just got a wof and its now rego'd aswell, hopefully i will be getting new suspension for the front and rear within the next few weeks, opting for Mirage shocks in the rear and theres a guy who live near me who is willing to sell me Starion front suspension that has already been modified to suit an Ex. soon to be lower... Hopefully
  2. so this is my daily driver.. pritty tidy al round bit off rust under cab is only thing stopping it from getting a wof, currently running a 4g63 sohc carby engine is a bit tired and think some minor internal damage since trying to fix oil leek. replaced front crank seal but wile doing so accidentaly washd of timeing marks so tryed seting cams to tdc and ended up turning oveer with cams about 90deg out before reliseing cam marks were not the mark on top rocker cover but small nub on left side of head.. shit :/ got it running again but def can tell some damage was done and is still leeking oil and have used so much degreaser trying to find oil leek but seems impossible to locate 100%..
  3. Ok so thanks to some peer pressure, and some bribery from our very own Bigfoot I ceased umming and ahhhhing about buying the Galant sell that had been calling my name from Zebra. She is a 1972(woohoo vintage reg) Mitsubishi Galant 16L... or Dodge Colt in the US... or Dodge Cricket in Canada (not to be confused with the US Dodge Cricket... which is actually an avenger lol... fucking "muricans! Shell is in very good nick with minimal bog or rust immediately obvious and the majority of the important bits there or there abouts including all the glass, dash, interior trim bits etc so the complicated to replace stuff seems to be there which is handy. Need to track down Engine/Box... i'm gonna go with the easy option of 4g63 non turbs which I know goes awesome in this weight body (had same in my second LB Lancer and it was a hoot) Steering column could be a little trick but need one of those too. Bigfoot has some spares that he has said i can make use of so struts/springs/dif etc so I can get her rolling which is fucking ace! need to figure out wheels and paint at some point soonish. But my mum had an awesome orange one on THE BEST WHEELS IN THE WORLD steve... aka turbos lol... and my grandmother had a rad silver one. Leaning toward a real rich burnt orange at this stage but it is early days... don't even pick it up till saturday haha. Anyway, pics As it sits right now: And how they are supposed to look haha: Sleek! Dodge! Low! factory spec! Edit: further good news is that reg is on hold and shit so once I slap it back together I can just get wof and roll, jeah! Discussion Thread //
  4. After a while on this forum ive decided to put up a build for my money pit ex lancer