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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening Old Schoolers, I think it about time I posted this old thing on here. Firstly, some history. Last year I bid on this car on Trade Me. It was being disposed of by Turners along with a whole bunch of other stuff from a private car museum in Blenheim, some of you probably remember it. I have been pining for another Fiat 125 for many years now as my first car was a Teal green 1973 125 with high back seats. I copped a lot of flack from my high school peers at the time for driving a "Lada" Philistines... Anyhow, I did not win the auction, a Fiat collector from Hawkes Bay kept outgunning me and the Finance Minister was not happy for me to gun back. Wallowing in self pity for months after, I got a random phone call from said collector wondering if I was still keen on the car, as he already had several minter 125s and had just bought an Alfa he has been chasing for 20 years. A deal was done and he also offered to store it for me until I could arrange to get it back to to South Island because we were in the middle of moving South from Taranaki. I am very grateful to him for giving me first refusal and for being very helpful. Whilst being transported to my new home, about 25km short of the destination, this happened. The truck was involved in a fatal accident in Amberley. A local and well known businesswoman driving her Old School Civic crossed the centreline into the path of the truck and was unfortunately killed. I could scarcely believe it when the dispatcher told me. Discussion
  2. I've owned this car for over 20 years now, after buying it off my Dad while it was off the road. We stripped it back to bare metal, rebuilt the 1800 engine, and put it back on the road. Then came an engine swap to a 2L supercharged engine from a Lancia Beta Volumex. It was great to drive, but I have my gripes. Then life moved on and I parked it, as it wasn't the best daily driver at the time. Unfortunately weather triggered rust, it went into a state of disrepair before I found some dry storage. More than a decade later I'm ready to restart the project, with a number of changes. This seems like a good place to document the build for others. Immediate plans are to strip the exterior of trim, windows etc, pull the engine, strip the interior of the dash, carpet, seats. Then prep the rust affected panels. There is a lot of paint lifting straight off bare metal, so something in the original prep must have gone wrong. Will be addressing that this time around. Discussion thread here.
  3. Come at me with your parts leads, hints and tips on maintaining patina, turd polishing and good wagoneering lifestyle support groups. Also maybe engine swaps, air bags and turbos, but thats for later, maybe. Probably not but maaaybee.
  4. o hai, long time reader, first time caller. thought id better put some detials of my current project etc. i already have a thread on this car here where you can follow the detail of my trails and tribulations to date: but this forum is more local, active and wide ranging, so better introduce my self proper like. 2009 was a crappy year, upshot = tax refund. was looking for a datsun 1600, but came accross this beastie. Has same 1.6l engine capacity, twin headlights, rwd, & 4 box family 'sport sedan' underpinnings, and more or less same propensity for tinworm differences are many, but mainly rarity, italian style/quirks, extra cam, 4 wheel discs, solid axle w/ leaf sprung rear, and factory air horns runs the 1608cc version (80x80 = perfect square) of aurelio lampredi's famous FIAT twin cam, but is NZ assembled (CKD) early base model, so only 4 speed, big clock in the dash where tacho should be, and a solex twin throat carb. The Special had 5 speed and Weber carb, tach, air con, more chrome, nicer/black interior etc etc. Much of the engine & etc is common with the 124, and later 131, 132 and Argentas, so these bits incl performance mods are relatively easy to find - body parts are another story tho. Many of you will also know of the 125T, a NZ dealer developed version for the B&H race series. Yellow & black, Hi-comp pistons, hot cams, twin 40 sidedrafts, 5 speed, large capacity tank, lower/stiffer susp etc. They were supposed to sell 200 to homologate them, but only 70ish ever got made, apparrently FIAT found out and stopped it, but who knows. Plans are to - restore/upgrade (body, brakes, interior etc) - improve the engines performance - this base version produces 90HP (DIN) - the same capacity engine in the 124 sport (w/ twin sideys etc) came from the factory with 145HP - lower as per 125T - for the purpose of classic family 'goon (massive boot + roofies) and/or weekend cruiser Anyway, this was as purchased off t-me in April 2010. Had $500 worthof head work, new ball joints and some bodywork done and then has been shed stored since 1993. 135,000 miles. Still registered tho. getting it home from palmy: And have spent the last 9 months, on weekends etc getting it from this: to this: So i can start on the real work of chopping out the FIAT dust (those pesky russians!) and replacing it with shiny new stuff. The car is remarkably original and pretty solid, apart from the 20 year old body work 'repairs' which involved wire brushing the rusty bits, a bit of hammer work, brazing some metal on the underside and covering with copius amounts of filler. The car would be in far better condition if they had have just left it alone Work so far has included - sourcing 3 sets of rims (hey first things first!) - cleaning 40 years of grime off. - conversion to electric fan from belt driven (good for a few HP at least) - plugs/points/leads - cam belt/tensioner/timing/alt belt - new water pump - all oil and fluids - new brake pads, flex hoses, resovoirs, refurb calipers - new speedo/tacho, recover dash face from faux woodgrain to black vinyl, steering wheel - chasing down various missing trims and etc. Basically i wanted to get the car all together so i knew what it would be like (as it looks ok in teh photos aye), before concentrating on getting the rust out. Car now runs/stops and drives very nicely and Im looking forward very much to going further than the end of my road in it. Rust is all cut out now and i have been folding up repair panels, but have managed to get a parts car - a shell i had got some trims etc off previously, which is solid in a few of the critical areas that mine is fucked, so i will be using as much of that as i can. Will be purchasing a wee MIG welder and getting stuck in real soon... EDIT - discusst viewtopic.php?f=18&t=25706 EDIT2 - not thumbs, chrono order, moar photos
  5. This thing popped up on Trade Me on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday morning id had a good look and pressed buy now (including delivery). I havnt got it quite yet so fingers crossed i dont get bumped by a silly offer as there were 5 questions already and 3 other people coming that day. Dude is a bit of a character and has plenty of very cool cars but hes moving so (some of) it gots to go. Its mostly complete, just missing one of two chrome strips on one door, and the tail lift glass is perspex. It also has a broken tail light but i think the more common sedan ones will fit . It has rust of course, but nowhere near as much as i would have thought, but where it was stored was pretty damp and the worst is around the roof edge, and one hole in the drivers floor/sill from a bump from underneath i think. All the doors, panels and tail gate etc is really good and the rego is on hold. Engine hasnt run for years, and is a 2300cc inline six with a single dual throat weber that produced a claimed 80kW @ 5300 rpm and 184Nm @ 3000 rpm when new. Some youtubing of 2300S Coupes show that the engine definitely has some potential! Also has bench seats, 4 speed column change and patina. Plan is to fix the rust, repaint the roof, clear coat the rest, lower and roll. If plan A of recommissioning the existing driveline doesn't work out, i'm open to something silly just so as long as its I6. Cars history (as i understand it) is that its a low milage car, and one of only a few (2-5) RHD models in NZ. Sign writing (and blue repaint over burgundy) was for Nautilus Marine of Napier, after which it was in a big private collection there, then bought buy the current owner to do up and turn into a caravan towing cruiser, but over taken by too many other projects. Pics below are from trade me: Discuss: //
  6. Facepage & Info : So yeah Brittish VS Euros? Might drag this along
  7. Finally purchased a car I have been after for a long time now, the Heron MJ1. Designed and built in NZ, the car features a fully Fibreglass Chassis with a 2L Fiat Twin Cam engine and 5 speed Skoda transaxle gearbox. About 25 were built with 13 of these being the "production" factory built version. After years of watching Trademe one finally came up in Nelson that was in my price range: Bought it and got it shipped back to Auckland (took a month after various delays..): Overall it is pretty tidy, just needs a few minor repairs.