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Found 4 results

  1. Finally getting round to putting this project up on here. It's a 1983 Toyota Crown MS112 I got from the second owner back in 2008, and it's been a sweet daily since then. Previous owner drove Oxford to Chch every day for a decade or 2, so now it's pushing 375000k. I say sweet daily, but it does go through headgaskets at the standard M series rate. No other probs at all though. The last time it went I found the head is starting to crack up, so decided it was time to swap up to something a bit nicer for trouble free cruising. I've always wanted the burble of a V8 with jap reliability. The wife must actually listen to my ramblings because she organized with a bunch of family and friends a sweet 30th birthday present... She even managed to grab the early 1uz with mid sump, log headders & slip yoke trans! No excuses left now, so the young lad & I got stuck in this weekend.
  2. davo448

    1UZ Cam/Crank Sensor Wire

    Hey guys new here, I'm doing the old 1UZ to Surf conversion and I've rebuilt the motor and when i pulled it apart the wiring loom was in real bad shape (broken wires, connectors and insulation). I also have 2 other motors with the same issue I picked up from the wreckers. So I've decided to make a whole new loom and looking at the wiring diagram and testing one of the looms i noticed something odd about the cam/crank sensor wiring. So disassembled the loom and found the sensors run a twin core with a shielding around it that's all connected together and seems to earth out back at the computer. I'm guessing the shielding is there to stop interference from the ignition system. Now here's the issue that I've run into, I cant seem to find anyone who makes a twin core with a shielding the right size, I've spoken to a bunch of auto elec's and electrical wholesalers and they either haven't seen it or have no idea where to get it. So I was wondering if anyone here has ever made a new loom for this engine and what their solution is for this issue?
  3. Discussion // Finally picked it up today after the incident of not getting fucking rt40 i wanted. The only thing worse than driving an auto 1G from hamilton to aucks is driving an auto 1g from hamilton to aucks with a fucking miss and an auto box that wouldnt go into overdrive. Was epic roffles. Anyway heres some pics before i start 1uz project. I think its pretty tidy for what i paid for it. No rust, good paint, good skid rims, interior in good nick etc. Pics boes... Huge boot for all my NAWS /nah Plans are, Get stupid 1g out Do manual conversion with w55 box Collect all 1uzfe stuff over next few weeks including new fly +bell from a1 turbos Get mounts from auz that bolt into cressys saving me 20709273423 hours and moneys Custom extractors, sweet straight exhaust with two muffs back to two straight pipes Using standard computer, being wired by brendan at A1 Sort out suspension Do epic skids. Thats the plans anyway. Discuss.
  4. A few people have said I should join up to this forum so ive fianally taken the plunge,some of you might of seen my car on other forums but here is is again haha. Heres a few pics and a dyno, the car made 279hp at the wheels not long ago, and there is still more in it as it was not tuned fully. Its powered by a 20 series black top 1996 1uzfe with a few mods The car has front and side Schnitzer kits,Modified Mtech1 rear bumper,Mtech1 rear wing,16x7.5 inch Schnitzer type1s with Toyo 225/45/16 t1r tires,Schnitzer front strut brace,Whiteline front and rear swaybars,ebachi sport springs,koni shocks,uprated brakes,nothathane bushes throughout,Jamex demo seats,full pioneer and rockford sound system,Original Schnitzer pedals,knob,handbrake,full redded rear lights There is alot more done to it but i cant remember them all haha (alot of time and money has been spent) Shes my pride and joy! Cheers and thanks for having me herey