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Found 5 results

  1. While on a family jaunt to Papamoa last week, Mr Chris Grant was taking photos of trash on the side of the road, and messaged me some pics: a 1989 Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) 125p Pickup, which is a Polish licenced version of a FIAT 125 (Russian Ladas are FIAT 124 based) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polski_Fiat_125p These have 125-eque bodies and the preceeding 1300/1500 model running gear Anyway, i got him to investigate further and he sent me this: Its got a twin cam it instead of the factory 1500 pushrod (same engine as my 2300 with 2 less cylinders) Anyway, seems legit and i ring the guy to organise a viewing the following weekend (on my way to wellington) and if (LOL) i buy it, to collect it on the way home a week later. So thats what happened... discussion \/
  2. Finally purchased a car I have been after for a long time now, the Heron MJ1. Designed and built in NZ, the car features a fully Fibreglass Chassis with a 2L Fiat Twin Cam engine and 5 speed Skoda transaxle gearbox. About 25 were built with 13 of these being the "production" factory built version. After years of watching Trademe one finally came up in Nelson that was in my price range: Bought it and got it shipped back to Auckland (took a month after various delays..): Overall it is pretty tidy, just needs a few minor repairs.
  3. Hello all, im new to this site and new to 4age motors. I would like any information and opinions on the motor in the picture. Thank you Rich
  4. Just had this 124 bc turn up on my doorstep...I know nothing about it, but put a bid in and at the end I was left holding the baby. So it arrived yesterday, there are a few ugly bits on it like the enormous tailpipe, and I'm not convinced about the spoiler (I doubt the spoiler is genuine? But can't imagine what else it would be off) It's rocking a pair of dellorto 45s which I thought would be a bit oversized for a 1608; but then I know very little, and even less about this particular car. Rego is still live (just put it on hold) so that's a bonus in my book. Original colour - complete with a little rust here and there (surprise surprise) Wheels are 13 x 6(?) Ward mags - I believe NZ made back in the 70's. Ridiculous exhaust on it - and I'm not sure about the spoiler? If the rest of the car were done right it could be ok (only if by some miracle the spoiler were a genuine Fiat item) - otherwise it has to come off. Engine bay - should be a 1608cc , but I need to check the numbers to be sure it still is. Pair of DHLA 45's too After a night on the battery charger and a bit of priming of the carbs I managed to get it running this evening - it sounds fierce! I don't think I could cope with that amount of noise all the time, but it did bring a smile to my face when I first heard it. Blowing a little smoke but pretty happy it runs. Now...where to start? Discussion Thread
  5. Ok, So the link to the build thread is here: Build Thread It looks to be mostly original - or should I say original condition... It's not bad for being 40+years old - just everything needs attention. Bodywork will be the main concern and I've been to scared to take a proper look yet. Also trying to figure out deails/specs about the car: Spoiler is odd - but seems to fit the car properly. Its made of semi-flexible rubber like the front chin spoiler of an early X1/9. Is it a Fiat item? If not, what's it off? Engine should be a 1608cc - will have to confirm with engine numbers soon, but its got a pair of DHLA 45's which I would think to be on the large side? No idea about the rest of the condition Depending on how much is original already (bolt-on add-ons excepted), I'll probably keep it period looking with some minor upgrades. If anyone has any ideas or knowledge about the car I'd be happy to hear them...
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