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Found 5 results

  1. So now that I had swindled my way into getting a scooter I thought what better than find one for Beth to ride. So I was on the hunt for a bigger and better scooter for something for @Mrs 64valiant to learn to ride on and maybe something I could ride on weekends also. But mainly so Beth could come riding with me on our lame ass adventures. (gives me an excuse to buy a scooter) so while talking to another guy about what he just brought I mentioned I liked a fr50 on trade me. He said oh I have one of them. Pretty average condition but all there. Well a deal was struck and he brought i
  2. RotaNate

    Suzi FA50

    Havnt done one of these in a long time and with summer coming up I’ve been seeing a lot of builds I follow pop up with updates as they edge closer to completion. This got me to thinking...I’ve been tinkering with something trying to get it ready for summer, why aren’t I documenting it! So here I am This is my 197something Suzuki FA50 Bit of history on how I ended up with her... I always had the mentality of ‘scooters are for fags, why don’t they get a real bike!’ But after being taken out on my first ‘scooter mish’ with a few of the lads, that perception all changed! It w
  3. Hi All, So early last year i decided id by another bike and get my license this time round. after much searching and research i found this RF400RVV just one street over. It was pretty tidy, and rode well. With 53Hp and 195kg dry, it sits at the upper echelon of the LAMS Power to weight formula. Rode it day in, day out all through winter and did the following work: Front wheel bearing New pads all round New air filter (wasnt running one when i bought it) Brake fluid flush Bridgestone T30 tyres Valve Clearances checked and adjusted (Being a 'V
  4. Hey everyone havnt been doing much lately towards any of my projects but since ive gotten my ass into gear ive dug this my old gn250 out from the back of the shed. So i brought it about 3-4 yrs ago in order to get my bike lieces (which never happened) but instead, being me i decided change everything and pulled the bike to bits, with no knowhow to finish the job. Following that she was put under a tarp out back and parts were put away. But recently I took on the challenge of clearing enough space in my grandad's shed to bring it inside so i can work on it. Overcoming that ive
  5. Saw this pop up in a buy/sell/swap group on Faceballs last week for next to nothing. I ignored it for a few days and decided I'd go see it if it was still there on the weekend. Low and behold! It was. So here she is: She was running on pick up but was last used on a farm so the engine and such was super dirty. Slowly took the plastics off. Plan on ditching the rear plastics but I'm gonna try fix up the front legshield, or source another one if possible. Sadly the fs50 legshields seem to be few and far between. Not even reproduced anymore, unlike the fa50 or fz50 ones which can still be
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