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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All, any tips for engine mounts - can you buy them? Whats the go for LSD diff conversions - solid axle type? Any other handy tips from anyone, cheers
  2. Hey Team, so after declaring never to by a rust pig again....... I did it - FML 1st Mission is to fix the rust, which was waaaaay worse than first expected. Then do a 1UZFE conversion keeping the factory W55 5 speed.
  3. FEEDBACK THERE http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=12293 I picked this beast up on saterday. r21 engine t40 manual no rust to speak of but the paint is terrible. with 3 months wof and reg. After picking it up zeeb and i preceded to rip into it removing the tow ball rear high stop light the mud flaps and i chizeled out the sound deadending out of the boot. Its fairly slow and handles like a small boat. It also has a small problem with the waterpump/timing chain/gasket in that area spitting oil onto the fan and the oil getting spayed around the engine bay. Will fix that. PLans are: to lower it(quickly) Find some suitable rims Maybe do somthing with the exhaust. And repaint it white probably :D :D
  4. bought this last week. have to wait a few weeks to pick it up from tauranga but im not too bothered. its a 5 spd manual and in showroom condition Plans for it... get it in the weeds plan on going as low as possible while still retaining some everyday drivability. some period style rims (someone please please sell me some nice old school rims?!) maybe some light tinting not really a fan of black as fuck tints so will be very tasteful then probably flick it off see if i can make a few bucks on it. any constructive opinions/input is more than welcome *edit* those ugly ass light covers will be the first thing to go
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