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Found 6 results

  1. This time last year while overseas this triumph popped up for sale in the middle of richmond, luckily no one else seemed to be interested in it (must mean something) and i managed to get the guy to wait till I got back and could check it out. Went and saw it, was pretty tidy, rust free, straight and complete with the 2L manual overdrive. Downside, plates had lapsed after the motor supposedly seized and he stopped driving it. I didn't even bother checking the engine due to having some at home, and came back the next day with my trailer, Left quite quick before he could decide he sold it too cheap and on the way home passed a mates house and we decided to try start it. Appeared to turn over quite freely, and with some fuel i managed to get it running, but didn't run all that well. no brakes or clutch, and sounded pretty sad. Took it home as you do, put it in the garage and not much has happened since, would ideally like to drop a 2.5S engine i have from mk2 in it and get it back on the road looking original
  2. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53285-dodgypetes-1980-mini-1275gt/
  3. I've been lurking around here for a while now, so I thought I better start a thread on my Mini. I've got a heap of photos but they won't load properly. I've uploaded them to iforce.co.nz and followed the instructions in //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/34643-how-to-add-pictures-to-the-forum/ If I put my image link in between the img tags they keep changing when I click preview and I get this message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community Help? Someone? Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53286-dodgypetes-1980-mini-1275gt-discussion/
  4. Hey guys. Im new to the forum. Ive just picked up my first project, a 1973 morris 1300. Its pretty much complete and original. its gona take me a while on a student budget but ill get there haha. any help or info on morris 1300's would be much appreciated Its got a little bit of rust in the floor pans and the boot, and surface rust all over the body but apart from that it seems pretty solid. who knows what ill find when i look harder tho haha.
  5. Day 1! 21st November 2014 Picked up this little beautie for $3200 NZD. The local mini club owner who was selling it gave me a $400 discount purely for my squeeling on arrival, I'd never seen so many mini's in my life! First thing i brought - new gear knob! Cheers Aliexpress! Got central locking for a Christmas gift with the key remotes installed! Accidentally locked the keys and remote in the car.... Took 5 people to break into my tiny car! Central locking sadly didn't get re connected after painting of the car... but hasn't been anymore lock outs since! She turned out to be suuuuuper rusty! Time for some repairs.. and a broken windscreen. "No don't take it out yourself you'll break it!" "No I promise I won't!" ...20 minutes later see my ex boyfriend post on the NZ mini facebook group that he's looking for a replacement windscreen. Damn it. Thank god for insurance! Hello kitty hanging in there during my repairs. 1 floor pan and new windscreen later... it was time to get ready for a new colour! Colour! I literally took in my nail polish and a picture to the paint shop for inspiration and walked away with this! We have some paaaaint! Need to get some better pictures in the light.. or not use my phone camera! She's feeling a little blue Picked her up some new bits in exchange for a box of bourbons hahaha. Goodbye ugly rice steering wheel that someone has friggin welded in place! More new editions? HAHA Interior battles Thought i'd get all fancy and refurbish my door cards with some vinyl and fabric. The door cards that came with my mini were horrible to say the least!! Refurbishing them didn't turn out much better. Manged to make some back ones but have given up on front and dash and thinking of getting some laser cut and then powder coated the same color as little blue! Sitting a bit crooked but will sort it out! I've fallen in love with another mini... I hope this guy doesn't mind me sharing his pics but I found this little beauty on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/jacktubbsey/ Really want black flares now!! What I really love is the headlights! Found some tint off ebay here super cheap and now just waiting for it to arrive! Totally illegal here in New Zealand but i'm sure i'll be okay with all the cars with blacked out ones I see driving around Some treats for little blue! The sound system in her wasn't that bad when I got her but the speakers were literally put into plastic containers from the warehouse ($6.99 price tag still attached omfg) that you take your lunch in HAHA. Then covered in vinyl!! Kiwi ingenuity. Thinking of doing some colour changing led rings around the speakers like this: Will update once I've finished it! Also wanting to replace the switches inside with illuminated push button type switches. Here's some examples: First pic is a pre made one that is sold by Marcos Controls if anyones after some! Second some switches on Aliexpress I like. Just put in my new brake hose, got my new headunit & sub going. 2016: Finally got a WOF and current rego! But also feeling lazy, need to CAD up my dash and door cards to get laser cut already! Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51794-samanthamannells-1978-mini/
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