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Found 2 results

  1. hi guys im doing a full restore of a ke35 i just picked up its missing a couple of parts i will need so if anyone has any or knows of any laying around please message me the parts are listed bellow main part is the dash panel that covers the gauges ... mine was stolen the drivers door trim that clips to top of the door beside the window and a boot lid with lock ..my lid is ok but missing the lock
  2. Discussion Thread Hey guys, My names Marcus, lived in Christchurch for the most and know a few of the Chch OS guys but have recently moved to Auckland. Have been a member for a few years but first time posting one of my projects, since I'm coming to nats this year I figured it was about time I did one on my bucket of bolts. I've had the car since 09' and dailyed it for a couple of years before pulling it off the road from what started with the excuse of " I'll fix that rust and re-spray it something not blue" It was around this time I discovered the T series powered ke35 variant and became hell bent on building a replica, maybe the only one in NZ? Some of this build thread will be out of sequence but I'll do my best to group the areas of the build separate to make it simplier until I get this thread up to date. Here's the car before it got pulled to bits, some of you may recognize it from back in the day, it has the plates SR1978 (Govt. issue fluke not personalized) and was paper certed in 1998 for all the mods it still had when I bought it, It's been a bit of a slut previously, from memory I'm like the 14th owner! Used to see it around all the time before I bought it and in the time I had it on the road I've had at least two people spin me the 'I used to own this car back in the day' yarn haha As I metioned before the car started off with rust work, there was alot of bog filled holes under the paint. Replaced sections of the floor, sills, drivers A pillar and several other area's trying to use cuts out of parted cars where I could to retain factory swages etc. Around this time I also found an obsession with wide 2/3pce japanese wheels and so had a local guy who was good with steel and had played with guards before do some work on them, mainly the rears which were cut from the inside about 20-30mm back from the guard lip to keep the double skin for strength and lifted up for more clearance the re-welded, the guards were also pumped massively to fit some 14x9 F1 racing? (similar to longchamps) that I had at the time, I was super happy with the end result which allowed me to run the wide wheels I wanted but also retained the factory lines which was something I really didn't want to lose.
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