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Found 2 results

  1. So..... Sunday 10th March 11am - 3pm Massey University Campus, Eastbourne Rd, around the block from usual Massey carpark- refer map. Auckland Cruise details: from Westgate outside BK or from Greenlane outside McD's 10.15am meet and 10.45am depart Map here previous meets info here http://www.toycrazy....classicjap.html
  2. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/20513-seedy-als-japboso-rx30-cressida/?hl=%2Bseedy+%2Bcressida SO I have had this car for a while, bought it with cuts in the front, and rear springs in the boot. Took it for a drive, and the back shock broke off the eyelet just as I was driving past some cops. Seemed the sparks of the shock draggin the ground caught there attention, and got pink stickered. But if a bummer, but hwta the hell. So I got into, Is now Running custom coil overs in the front and shorterned shocks all round. Got a cert last week, went for wof today, and still failed on shocks and springs, so more pissing round required. Basicly i just want an old school japanese stlyed ride that no one else has, so thats not to hard. have been getting sick of hearing the words Boso and drift put together with rides that have no dish, 1 inch of dish is not deep dish!!!!!!!!! The wheels are 14x8 and 14x7.5 'American racing' which is a japanese copy of Volks basicly. But here is a pic anyway, will update as I go. Future plans are oil cooler and a few fiberglass mods, like a front air dam, and maybe one of those crazy under body spoliers for the rear. Oh and some crazy Exhaust Allan the Seedy
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