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Found 23 results

  1. Hey peeps, About 6 years after selling "Lil Blu" my 18RG swapped 1966 RT40 Shovelnose Corona in the Gold Coast (waayyyy to cheap), and moving back to NZ - and long after giving up on ever having another one. I found this little gem for sale on FB marketplace. A 1967 (seems more like a '66 to me, but that's how it's tagged) Toyota Corona RT40 for $2k. This thing has been stripped back, and a fair bit of work has been started prepping it for paint. Unlike my previous one, the body on this thing is pretty straight - no rust in the doors, guards have already been patched (properly) and there's just a couple of holes in the floor both driver and passenger side. The best part about this, is that it's 3 on the tree - no 2 speed "toyoglide" sloshbox, so the boat mooring will remain in place under the bonnet. The rego has lapsed, but it's still got the plates, and still on Carjam - so hoping not too much fuss. Rough plan is: find a bonnet (more on this later), weld up rust holes (floor, under battery, front of drivers sill where guard bolts on), tidy up underneath (check brake lines etc), paint (myself - why not? If Spank Diddy can do it...), new seals all round, upholstery (it's properly stuffed), put it back together and re-vin - then creep around the place - low & slowwww. Will hiff some more photo's off my phone shortly - see the little beast loaded up on a trailer & pic of lil blu for nostalgia - I've well and truly caught the corona virus again Chur discuss:
  2. Discussion for the Corona coupe, would love to know about any others in NZ. Compared to the Celica there are far fewer photos and much less info on the Internet about them. Cheers!
  3. 1geu manual lowered on cobra Springs or similar, Matt and satern black Sigma steelies. Plan to widen them once I have funds to do so. I have a 1g-ge with loom and computer sitting around. Planning to put that in soon after WOF. has been off the road for around 2years due to laziness. WOF booked for Wednesday and should be attending local meets asap. chur! cid:AC17DDFC-9BA6-4844-9CB7-2D7C4C20C7EB/20140704_124904_resized_1.jpg cid:56FAE128-83C9-48C0-A9C4-04A3D42616A2/20140704_124835_resized_1.jpg cid:FF751CAB-E4D1-49A2-AF62-23C5C11E300B/20140704_124811_resized_1.jpg. Sorry still can't get photos up...
  4. Kia Ora! Brief history of my 'Rona. I bought at the end of last year to be my daily drive. It was good nick with just over 230k's on the clock and on the test drive it felt nice and tight apart from one knock coming from the back. The knock was from the exhaust hitting the tow bar which resulted in getting a new rear muffler. I opted to get from the axle back a 2" exhaust set up with a "sports" muffler to give a nice rumble. Also when I picked it up from the previous owner he gave me a set of lowering springs for the front end so I chucked them in. After driving around like this for a wee while I noticed the radiator leaking/showing signs of "wetting" and rotting. Time for a rad swap! I used a Scarles Civic "half rad" as it was cheap and was going to be easy to make some brackets to install. I also figured, even though it is small it would still do a better job of the current set up. The factory shroud for the fan wouldn't fit the new rad and I had a spare electric fan off my GT4 project so I figured I would ditch the old clutch fan as well. Simple brackets to make it fit in the factory location. Welded up thanks to DKM over in Wairau. At the same time as replacing the rad, I needed to fix an exhaust leak and clean out the starter motor. When I took the exhaust manifold off I noticed a leak coming from the welch/frost/core plugs. Turns out they were almost rusted all the way through so in went a new set of those. After seeing the inside of the water jackets I decided that it would be best to change the water pump as well and for piece of mind I got a new thermostat and a couple of gaskets. This is what the final install looked like. I'm yet to wire in my thermo switch for the fan so currently its on all the time. After dorting around like this for maybe 3 weeks I notice a coolant leak coming from around the head/coolant inlet pipe. I figured it would just be one of the new gaskets that I put in not sealing but after more investigation I found some oil mixed in with coolant dribbling down the side of the block. Bugger. Head gasket was on the way out. I've never really cracked open a motor before and on my GT4 I had the motor rebuilt professionally but that cost me an arm and a leg and the neighbours dog. Seeing as the Corona had a very simple 3T motor I thought I would get amongst and do it myself. After whipping the head off it was easy to see where the head gasket was failing. The whole motor was actually looking in bad shape. It was obvious that there hadn;t been any actual coolant run through the motor for quite some time as there was heaps of corrosion in the head and the water galleries on the block where pretty bad as well. After stripping and cleaning the head I decided that it would be best to get it acid dipped to get ride of all the crap out of it and depending on how that came up whether or not to get it surfaced. Whilst tidying up the rest of engine bay I poked around the lifters for the push rods and discovered really sludgy oil with way to much grit and grim in it. What condition was the bottom end it??? The decision was made and after a long night I pulled the motor and gearbox out (go simple old school cars that only need one person) and stripped it right down. The oil pan had heaps of crap in it so I'm glad I did. I sent all the essentials to West Auckland Engine Reconditioners and they acid dipped the crank, pistons, rods, head and all the other stuff. New bearings where ordered (after struggling to find any) and piston rings and gasket sets for the whole motor. The rebuilders honed the block, polished the crank, skimmed the fly wheel and surfaced the head. I put the head back together on the weekend and I picked up the rest of the parts yesterday.
  5. So last year I decided I wanted a project can so started hunting around. Being young and dumb I sold my 96 Toyota levin and got my self a 1975 Corona from a friend of a friend. The car had been sitting in her shed for around 4yrs. on first inspection I could tell it needed a lot of work. So I came back with a friend to try get it running. I told myself that if we couldn't get it started it was a no go. After giving it a quick once over topping up fluids and having to go get some fuel we managed to pull start it. So I handed over the cash and drove it home... Great start. First issue presented itself as I got home in the form of a split fuel hose. First things replaced: Fuel hose and filter, oil and filter change and a new set of tyres. Next I started work on the rust. This took me months and is still on going. I have done all work myself so far with assistance from my old man and a mate once or twice. Fast forward to 2015 the car has not had any work done in a few months but I'm back on track to getting it up and running. State of the car: it is running a 18RGEU from a Celica GT and 5speed gearbox to match (done by previous owner) car has been lowered and a ridiculous muffler has been installed as well (also by previous owner). The car is currently primer grey (used to be orange) and still has a little bit of rust to deal with but nothing major. I am in the process of getting the engine running properly, having issues getting a spark. Ruled out spark plugs, coil, igniter. I replaced the main coil lead as it was faulty so replaced it but still no joy. can't wait to get it on the road! (Photos are of how it looked when I first got it)
  6. CURRENTLY HOW I GOT IT Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/44469-toyota-boys-1975-toyota-corona-discussion/?hl=rt100#entry1362733
  7. Hi all, I wanted to share a project that i have been working on for the past few weeks after coming to the last Auckland old school meet i was convinced i needed a second car to exercise my mechanical ideas on. It started as a 1987 Toyota Corona which was listed on Trademe, With its 2.0L Fuel injected engine and Front wheel/Automatic characteristics i figured i could get it cheap and make it an awesome weekend hack. After test driving it, and finding out that the thing drove great (No spluttering, jerking or grinding) i picked it up for $600, It needed some minor rust repair and a new battery. When i got it back to the garage i changed the plugs, oil, oil filter, checked the filter and picked up a second hand battery, After that it ran great! Some JB Weld and some spare aluminium i had covered up the rust nice, at the same time i got the windsheild replaced. We went to pick-a-part mangere and found some seats out of a volvo, we ripped all the carpet out, took out the rear seats/belts and mounted the new seats. I nabbed some cheap steelies which has been widened and got them redrilled by the good blokes at Arrow Wheels, I'm going to have to get some adaptors to fit on the fronts to clear the brakes, but the backs look great. Also we rolled the guards with a baseball bat, turned out pretty good. I'm going to be doing plenty more work on it, so i will keep this updated. And for the record, i know this may not come under 'old school' age, but i reckon it holds a lot of the old school spirit and the front still has that older toyota look, And this thing was built/assembled in Thames! Right in our backyard and that has to count for something. Shout out to: Mk2Marty and Benzover for the many many days of help Some more photodumping
  8. Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/37176-mccrazys-13b-rt40-corona/ Whats up, Thought I would throw up a few pics and a story about my 1969 toyota corona RT40. Ok so I scored the car for $550 off Ebay over here in Brisbane, picked the car up from Goldcoast. First I did all the rust repairs, ball joints and suspension. Then de-loomed the engine bay while it was running the 1.5L rat port power plant. Then scored an 18RG set up which went in for 2 months but the RG just didnt cut the mustard so out it cam and in went a 13B 6 port engine from a series 4 RX7 with 51mm IDA weber. The mazda power plant is far better than the RG, front end was to heavy with the boat anchor RG. With the 13B conversion it needed a lot more cutting to make fit. custom transmission tunnel and also notching of the front crossmember. Reversed sump and a custom pick up made The set up is: 1988 13B 6 port with aux port inserts removed 51mm IDA Series 2 RX7 electronic dizzy Gilmer drive EL falcon alternator Goss fuel pump Holley reg 3/8 fuel lines 2" extractors into 2 3/4" through 2 mufflers Series 1 RX7 gearbox Custom 3" drive shaft Standard RT40 diff welded up - still deciding what diff set up to run
  9. kos420nz

    Toyota 3TC

    Hi Guys, I have a Corona tt132 have recently , put new spark plugs in , set timing , leads , coil , cleaned carb and set fuel mix to 2.5 - 3 turns out, set idle mix , all that jazz . now has devoleped a miss up high around 5 grand and above. Any ideas what it could be, am stumped ...
  10. Guest

    TT132 Suspension

    Hi, Can anyone help me Im after abit of info of what i can do in the front end of my 79 TT132 Corona Wagon . i have heard that ae86 coil overs work , but what hub and disc, rotors ? camber plates ? if anyone has any info on what fits or what is easily modified to fit . Thanks
  11. Hi guys was just wondering what suitable options are available/reasonable to upgrade the engine in my 1975 Corona (currently all standard). Dont't really have much idea at the moment but looking for options. Any suggestions would be appreciated, along with any predicted costs involved with the upgrade. There is currently no build thread for this post as I am not 100% sure on what I want to do yet.
  12. Hey, My name is Ben Vallance and this is my 1982 GX61 Toyota Corona Mark II I was driving down Memorial Ave in Christchurch and I spotted the old beast for sale on the side of the road. Knowing she had A LOT of potential I quickly contacted the owner who was an old man wanting to sell his beloved family car from which he owned since the car was imported New Zealand new from Japan due to the fact that his eyesight had become impaired and couldn't see well enough to drive... His loss my score! When it came to inspection I brought Rodney a good mate from work with me so we could carefully look over the car for any sign of damage Etc.. Ever heard when its too good to be true then it probably is? Well not in this circumstance, Hey Presto! 188,000 k's on the clock, the Original ownership papers and to my surprise a handbook with documentation of every service, replacement part, hell even when he's changed the water. The Interior Was mint condition with two seat covers that looked like they had been on there since the beginning judging from the amount of lint that had built up in the buttons of the seat. The Outside was Fantastic and after buying it and getting its first full tank of gas I gave it a Full Cut/Polish I plan on doing a few modifications to it over the years I have it. Lists include: -1JZ-GTE Engine conversion and Manual gear box -Tinting the windows -Lowering for the moment is gong to be shortened springs but I would like to have adjustable suspension at some stage -Vinyl leather upholstery for the inside because since owning it I have made 3 burn holes in the seats without even noticing -Looking for a set of rims that would suit it at the moment, any help? -2.5" straight pipe exhaust/ (+screamer pipe when the jz comes) -Full custom carpeted boot Subwoofer enclosure with lid for easy access to the spare wheel -And a whole lot more as I find bits i want to mess around with and restore PROJECT DISCUSSION HERE: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/35902-benvallances-1982-gx61-toyota-corona-mark-ii/ *Photo I took with my friend Max's 1983 Corona Dx
  13. Here's my mark II corona, YX76 wagon. Thought I'd start a build thread on it. It's just running a 2Y-J 1800cc right now. Looking to put a 1jz-gte into it. It's got a standard w55 gearbox but other than that I'm gonna replace pretty much everything else - shocks, brakes etc. Right now I need an E series diff for it. If anyone has any idea where I can get one that would be great. Tips on the build would be rad too.
  14. WORK IN PROGRESS. Picked it up from dilema off these forums just before Xmas in 2005 on the same day I sold my EX to Macarbe. They picked it up from a guy who worked for the AA who picked it up from a deceased estate auction I think. I got it with a standard motor, lowered on 13" Hotwires and a W55 gearbox (bonus ftw). OK boring story. 1983 Toyota Corona Wagon TT141 (NZ new, Thames assembly factory ftw) Specs as of Jan 2008. Motor - 3T-C, 1770cc, pushrod donk - 32/36 Weber with adapter on stock intake manifold - Port and polished head, 3 angle valve seat grind, shaved head, stock cam - Hurricane headers into 2 1/4" exhaust + sports muff - Electronic ignition, bosch coil - Stock bottom end (145,000km's), synthetic oil - Tuned to run on 98' octane Drivetrain - W55 gearbox - T series solid rear, drum rear, standard diff Suspension, Brakes and Rolling - GT Monroe gas shocks in rear with reset leaves and extra leaf added - Shortened standard struts in front with lowering springs - Recently machined front rotors, Mintex 1155 front pads, good dot 4 brake fluid - F SSR MKIII +12 Goodyear Eagle F1, R 15'x7' Ferroche +0 Dunlop FM901 Other Misc - Recaro fishnet seats on modified rails - Nardi steering wheel - MP3 headdeck and front components This was my daily driver but since I got given a work car its pretty much my project/weekend car for now. Still got a few things I want to do with it. After I achieve these things I plan to hold onto the car and enjoy driving the thing!
  15. well heres my project, an 83 tt141 corona with a 3t and t50 in it and will soon be powered by a gen 2 3sge with 149,000 ks on auto gearbox, possibly the most unthrashed engine i could find lol this project wont be updated too often as im 16 and still at school and currently dont have a job haha owel theres a reason i own a toyota lol engine out, what a F@#%ING MISSION stupid fwd's 2s rwd sump 2s rwd oil pick up on 1s rwd mounts with 1s rwd corona crossmember i also have a t50 with a 1s round the side of the house ill clean that up and bolt it up once ive sourced a 3sgte or 3sge 8 bolt flywheel and clutch any help?????
  16. Pics tell most of the story but, 4agze block, running rx7 turbo on skyline housing, cusotm manifold, vr4 intercooler, enlarged pipes, external wastegate, straight exhaust back to one muffler, supra gbox with nite parts bellhousing, 4 puk solid centre clutch and 20v flywheel, custom driveshaft and shortened hiace diff, umm, evo injectors, ssq bov, gauges, link vers 5 ecu with hand controller, and 17-20psi of boost. Also the hubbies in the pics have been replaced by 16" tsws. Yeh thats it for now, will post more pics when progress, well, progresses if people wanna see it. Cheers.
  17. Kia'ora, this is my new ultra awesome 1985 NZ new Corona coupe/hardtop. Its pretty ghetto (probably straight out of compton) but it only cost me a box of woodstock I buyded it sight unseen, hoping that it would contain a w40 for another project. However it actually has a t50 siting behind a 1Su 1.8 litre sohc..... score! Soooo now i have a car to enter skidfest with at the end of October I painted the bonnet Saten black then i did some hillbilly panelbeating on the rear quarter( with an axe handle) Look how straight it is now!!!!!! Then i was like man those wheels are gay. So i painted them matt black So there you have it. Future plans for next week include cuttage of springs and locking of the diff yay skidfest here i come! also i have arranged to borrow some xr4's( or maybe starsharks) for the front
  18. This is me and the missus' rt84 corona project. We've had it about 6 weeks now and It's kept us fairly busy. It's got a 6R 1707cc 4cyl in it with a w40 box I've done 2" blocks in the rear shortened struts and springs in the front 16' rims with some new GT Radials pioneer headunit, jvc front splits, 6 x 9's and a pioneer 12' sub with sony amps Battery moved to the boot Fusion alarm with remote locking Shaved badges, front door locks, mirrors, aerial, rear door handles and boot lock. Sportline steering wheel Defi style air/fuel, water temp and oil pressure gauges Autometer 5' Tacho (in facia) and boost gauge Re spray in Raven Black with accents in gloss silver electric radiator fan frontmounted inter cooler Toyota SC14 supercharger with custom pulley arrangement pipework is being made up to suit this week so I'll need to work on getting the belt to stay on properly... Please let me know what you all think of it so far... //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21817-73-ronas-1973-rt84/?hl=rt84 Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot with unknown Shot with unknown Took a while to get the tacho right but it's not too bad now Shot with unknown All stripped back to paint Shot with unknown Paint Day Shot with unknown Shot with unknown Shot with unknown Shot with unknown Shot with unknown interior could do with some carpet and upholstery... Shot with unknown finally finished the audio. Shot with unknown intercooler mounted up. Shot with unknown finally got the SC14 mounted up, now if I could just get the belt to stay on...
  19. discuss here -> http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=9737 Finally got a camera so posting up one of my projects its not the most exciting but its kind of fun to drive. Its pies old sx60 the guy I bought it off matty b'd it with spray cans so im not to happy about that, its bogan as at the moment and lacking chrome. Its 1s-u powered, W55, and live f series rear. Wheels are 14*7 rear and 14*6.5 volkmesh's polished up with new stainless fastners The pics are abit crappy due to lack of space at my pad, its got no rear muffler so cant realy go for a drive to get better ones. pics of the rust and the repair Ive done on one side dont laugh at the welds my patch was abit small! the mighty 1s-u goes ok but I need to change it out, I already have a 1jz project and am not the biggest fan of m and g sixes so a vvti 3sge would be ideal. But leaning to a 4 or 5sfe for an easy swap for daily duties. Got a lsd and am buying a better set of rubber for track day so should be fun, whale racing on! This is the 1g out of the chaser parts car I grabbed off ken. He was an animal to it and threw a rod out the block. Has a mint blue interior and all the chrome I need so stoked about the score cheers ken!
  20. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19751-enigmas-rona/?hl=enigma
  21. just picked it up this arvo. at the moment plans are a nice set of jap style wheels and a 3SGE. already has w55 box In the garage: first thing i did was pull the rear left brakes apart to find out what the grinding noise was. here is the result... yummy axle is bent and wheel bearing is crushed to bits. was told previous owner hit a curb at 40k's. there is also damage to the front x-member but ill get to that when the rear end is sorted
  22. I inherited this car off my grandma with 112,000 km on the clock. The car has been in the family since new, I'm the 3rd owner (originally owned by my great grandfather). At this stage the mods are pretty mild, but it is awaiting an engine swap. 2.25" Exhaust with a resonator and a 4" Dytech Dumper 13" ROH Minilites with Cooper Cobra 205/60/R13's Lowered x inches on blocks, custom springs and Munroe GT gas shocks Alarm/Keyless Entry/Central Locking/Tints/Retractable front seatbelts Crappy stereo (With custom parcel tray for the speakers) Non Monster Auto Meter tacho installed in dash I've got an 18RGEU getting honed, rings, new bearings, head shaved, port matched, 4 angle valve grind and some lumpier cams to compliment the extractors with freshly rebuilt twin 40mm Mikuni-Solex side-draughts to replace the EFI. It's going in late June (fingers crossed!). Planed mods are basically a W50 (might save a few bucks gas...) a diff conversion and to fix annoying noise from left rear wheel! Anyone who's seen/been in it knows how mint the interior is, can't beat granny cars I guess
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