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Found 1 result

  1. The story for this project starts about 6 years ago, I was on my OE in the UK, my then flatmate asked if I wanted to join him and his mates on a trackday at Snetterton which was just down the road. One of his mates Jon, had a Renault Clio 172 Cup which he proceeded to thrash all day and after a few passenger laps I had a new found love for the little French hot hatch. The search for one was halted when an insurance quote came back for £4,500 and a car itself was £1,500. The trackday lads wound up being my friday pub locals with drinks frequently flowing and track cars bought and sold by all of us. Currently the fleet has an E92 M3, Mk7 & Mk6 Fiesta St's along with a Porsche Boxster. Fast forward a few years, after a problematic and uneconomical supercharged Mini being sold just after the Covid Lockdowns, I was in search of a new car. A workmate had a Renault Twingo for sale, his wife had owned it from new, it hadn't seen a wash in at least 2 years but seemed to be reliable and the price was right as he needed it gone. The Twingo 2 was based on a Mk2 Clio which gave it a great platform to build on and the 1.1 turbo had 100hp from factory which in the city gave it enough pep to be a bit of a laugh. A trip to the Peak district and a few fun driving roads brought back the love for the French Hatch and sticking a set of track tyres on it only helped. Twingo below. My wife and I made the decision to head back to NZ and sell up most of our possessions including her Fiat 500 and my Twingo. Jon ended up buying the Twingo as a stopgap before he left the UK to head to Saudi Arabia. Once back here I had a quick look for Renaultsport Clio but didn't see many around, decided to cut my losses and soon moved onto an MX5 alongside a Golf as a daily driver. After a few months of working from home on the kitchen table, I decided to make my own permanent office and needed to buy some furniture. After seeing how expensive decent office chairs can be. I decided to look at Pick-a-Part to see if there were any car seats that I could make into a suitably comfy office seat. I saw they had a Renault Clio in stock and after going through the photos a few times and running the VIN it turns out that it was a Renaultsport 172. No parts seemed to be missing so after a bit of discussion with my wife, we jumped in the car and went to have a look. On investigation of the car, someone had tried to remove the spoiler without removing the screws however the rest looked ok. Parts were there and it seemed too good to be true. A carpark negotiation about the practicalities of this project and how it would be feasible was entered with my wife. She's a good one and was happy for me to buy it providing the MX5 would be listed for sale in the near future. A price was agreed on from Pick-a-Part and collection was arranged later in the week. How it looked at collection about to go on the trailer. They shut the gates behind as they didn't want it back! Steering was locked so was a prick to get on the trailer A photo I received later that day after I had to rush to work. In its current hiding place. Its not pretty, but there is potential. The previous owner apparently scrapped it due to losing the keys. The key is coded to the body control module (UCH) and then also to the ECU. With no easy way to override the immobilizer, I can imagine it being an expensive exercise to get going again without importing anything The next day I purchased a new ECU, body control module and key from a Renault breakers in the UK and that is currently on its way. It's deregistered so needs to go through compliance once it starts and a few things are fixed. Hopefully with a good wash and polish it will start to look a bit better. The interior is coming along nicely and after a good clean is looking far better. Some of the previous owners seemed to care about it with decent tyres on it and receipts for various repairs and services. Pick-a-part helpfully removed the cat converter and drilled a hole in the fuel tank to drain it. If anyone knows a way to fix a hole in a plastic fuel tank, advice would be appreciated. Plans at this stage are to get it started and then get ready for compliance, no damage has thankfully occurred on the underside so it shouldn't need a repair cert. It needs a new exhaust so that will get made soon, new brakes are on their way and a full flush and service will happen too. Thanks for reading!
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