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Found 1 result

  1. Wow- .. we own a boat!!! As soon as we looked at purchasing our bushblock near the sea we had dreams/ideas of buying a boat. Then we found two British seagull outboards in the scrub which got us that little bit keener. But it was always sort of just one of those ideas like "yeah someday we should buy a little boat..." but I didn't really think it would happen. Then on one fine day a while back we had popped down for a swim at the beach and got talking about how cool it would be to have a boat. But it passed. Then last week when I was out on a run overlooking the beaches I spotted a tiny little sailing boat gliding along on the sparkling sea and I got all gooey for it. Ooooh that would be nice..just cruising along, beer in hand, and just gazing out over the twinkling ocean. Yeah man.. I like that idea. So again I got home and did a quick search on TM and found this little beauty.... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=826337586 I thought nah.. it'll sell for plenty of neds but by today when I happened to be over in Nelson it was still only at $500. I rang the seller and had a yarn. He was cool and it all sounded good. Wish me luck I said, then I found a cushty chair in the Mitre 10 outdoor furniture section to sit my bum on and watch the auction fully expecting it to sail to great heights.. but in the final few minutes it was still at $500. I placed a bid and bloody hell I won it! So I rang him back and organised a viewing. (always buy things on TM sight unseen) Its awesome- I'm chuffed. Perfect size and solid as. It has been repaired by a local boat builder in 2012 having some rotten wood replaced etc but was re-painted with a not very UV resistant paint. So it does need some sanding back and repainting. The interior is bare and pretty rank with old white and blue paint. Looking forward to re-doing the entire interior. All the varnish on the outside wood has flaked away from sun damage. But overall its very solid and usable as is. The seller has heaps of history about it. It is something along the lines of being the very first boat that Noel Honey and alex Trethaway built as a prototype leading on to the noelex 22 boats. I will learn more about this soon. Noel named it after his daughter Fiona. Sadly Noel died in 2013 but he had been down to see it after the seller had it repaired. I will try to contact Alex Trethaway soon and also find out if there is any decent forum etc to join. There seems to be a very strong club scene for these down in CHCH I know nothing about boats- seriously I am a non boaty person but I love swimming and being out on a boat. Heaps to learn then which is exciting. I have never sailed ever although Hannah had done a bit of afterschool sailing in little boats. The seller who is heading back to Canada (eh) is keen on going out with us and giving us some lessons. I reckon it would be prudent to join the local sailing club too and maybe get more lessons. Very keen on all the learning to take place. After some quick research on these I particularly like this little bit about them.. ...'The light, easily driven hull is readily launched and retrieved from a simple trailer which does not require tandem wheels or brakes and the overall weight is well within the towing capabilities of the average six cylinder car'... Well that's handy because I reckon it'll look fucking awesome being towed behind Hannahs trump wagon Photos I took while viewing it after the purchase
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