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Found 7 results

  1. Hmmm, back with a Oldschool project. It's driving starlets sideways that got me into drifting, there has been a lot of starlet shenanigans going on of late so the proverbial bullet has be bitten When this kp61 sprint rolling body popped up for cheap. I had a couple of motor options in mind and within the week I found Chris EURON8 had a complete set up from an altezza that needed moving on. So no Hesitation, in it went! Hack the tunnel and firewall Shove it in Cowl all in place Had some cultures come in at work so took the dry ice home and chipped out the sound deadner the more I look through my parts the more I realise I don't need to buy. Should be a rather cheap and cheerful build
  2. I have bought a poorly treated, unloved 1981 KE70 Toyota Corolla, with the vision of restoring and also upgrading it to the 3SGE Beams Black Top. I want to set the car up so it can be taken to the track and also used as a show car. I have bought a 1999 Toyota Altezza with a 6 speed manual box and the donating Beams engine. Will post photos and discussion as the project goes on, please feel free to ask questions
  3. has anyone pulled this off? trying to get a 3sge beams ecu to work as standalone. but its being a dork.. now ive herd need full loom. ive herd need speedo. have herd need fbw accel pedal.. but has anyone got actual success from any or all of the above? i can get this thing to run. but only at 1/2-full throttle. once the throttle has passed its fly by wire which controls 0-1/2 throttle. its for my own toy and dont really wanna go linkg4 as that would prob cost more than the entire build so far... open to any advise. but really need to find that one G.C. who has pulled it off.
  4. Toymakers ke70 discussion thread ps. I help post content for the toymaker but we are both working on the car
  5. Hey, Been lurking in the shadows for a few years. Thought I'd get my project up for you all to have a look. Specs: Mk1 Escort with lots of chopping and welding. 15x9 all round Tubs Turrets Custom tall 4 link for low ride height Low roll centre watts link Gaz gold adjustable coil overs all round Modified front cross member to fix front roll centre Firewall moved back about 300mm Beams 3sge with custom headers, dry sump and quads with 2 stage injection coming from Glen (celicara45). Just about everything that can be has had to be modified.
  6. Hey guys, new to oldschool, went to your gymkhana at the tui brewery earlier in the year and ever since have been meaning to get on your forums. My first car was a 86 2door wagon, 4k with 500,000+ k's on the clock. I then upgraded to a redtop 4age 83 sedan, after a year or so, for some dumb reason i sold it. And have regretted it ever since. Anyways, since then, i bought this mint as ke70 GL (minus 4k and box, but only 110,000kms?) of a mate at the start of the year. it has sat in the shed under cover since, while i have completed my engineering course, that is now over and i am about to start a full time job, and i am itching to get in and start this project. Plans at this stage are: -altezza Beams 3sge with 6 speed, maybe quad throttle bodies -wilwood brakes and pedels -hilux diff -big suspension upgrade, sway bars, Coilovers etc. -clean shaven engine bay -bucket seats -front lip spoiler -Ducktail spoiler -and probly much more... In the last week i started building this mould for a front lip spoiler/splitter for the ke70 and should hopefully be going into production soon. Cheers Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/31343-brennans-ke70-corolla-3sge-beams-powered/
  7. *** Discussion *** Hey guys, back again after another year sweating my ass off in West Oz. Decided I should start a new build thread for my ke70, seeing as its a different build and direction from the old rust heap, although it will be using some of the same parts. So abit of background to bring the build up to present... I picked up Kermit as one of those great condition, old lady owner cars. She gifted it to the solo mum next door when she died, who somehow, managed to kill the trusty ol 4k engine. I bought it cheap, everything sweet apart from the 1300cc push rod anchor. After dropping in a reconned 4k I had lying around, it became my daily driver for ages. Stock standard apart from cutties and a set of 14x6.5 Longchamps. After my other dx, a race car project, came to a sudden halt after finding large amounts of car cancer in the wiper tray, firewall, chassis, and A pillar, Kermit was signed up for the job instead. In the back of my mind, I kept hearing the old saying; don't race anything you're not willing to push off a cliff. Which although, maybe a little extreme, does hold some truth. So the decision was made to scrap the race car idea, and keep him as a road going car. Of course I didn't make that decision until I had already stripped the car bare, cut out the firewall/gbox tunnel, and sold or dumped everything but the shell and exterior panels. I found a new home for the 13b turbo engine in a FC rx7, which has taken over as the race car project. Unfortunately the rest of the new parts i had collected were of no use in the rx7. The good news is, I have all these shiny new parts, and nothing else to do with them, so although Kermit is to stay a road car, the performance will be better than your average dx, or alot of other cars on the road for that matter...
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