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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front shocks & brakes, Ae86 rear end with LSD and possibly repsol orange..... I'm pretty much a mechanical noob with limited experience so i'll do what I can and will have some pro's help along the way...... Any help from some seasoned Oldschool pro's would be much appreciated Discussion thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49950-alasdairs-1974-ke25-corolla/
  2. Discuss away Build Thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49951-alasdairs-1974-ke25-corolla/
  3. Supposedly it doesnt close until 31 October so there could be more opportunity but @V8Pete is in town so gunna hit Mercs for some nostalgia THURSDAY 1230pm @UTERUS @Testament @Poo @sentra @sheepers @Corbie
  4. **EDIT** - We've since found something elsewhere. Thanks! Hello! We're filming a music video for a new artist this Friday night (12th May) in Ellerslie, Auckland, and are looking for a car we can film in for the night. - It'll be parked on an off-road driveway, stationary, and it will be 'rained' on...whether by real rain or a sprinkler is up to the weather gods on the day. - We can offer $150 cash at this point - Would ideally have the car on site from 4pm and will be done by 3am at the latest, so it can go home first thing on Saturday morning if you like. We can talk about getting you home in between too. Excuse my lack of knowledge about car types here...we have reasonably broad requirements as the main focus is interior. Large windows and five seats preferred; bench type seats in front and back are good too. Wagon style with boot space is a bonus. Will be needing to fit 2-3 people in at a time (including the cameraman), so will no doubt be cosy anyway, but will make do. I've attached some pictures from the OldSchool Facebook page of cars that would be similar to what we could be going for, but am open to suggestions! Happy to answer questions. Thanks in advance Sherry
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