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Found 2 results

  1. So... basically i don't know where to start, but here goes. Bought this Ke20 the other day, $3710. First car and pretty stoaked. She's got a fair bit of rust, only a couple of nasty deep holes, mainly paint bubbles and surface. Paint needs redone etc. Engines running on three cylinders... Interior is pretty good, drivers seat needs a small upholsters touch up along rear seat but nothing major. Carpets are pretty whorey. Anyways heres a pic of it, more to come. Plans for her are to tidy her up and jdm style. Make her loud and quick as i can. Keen to keep the old 3k in her however... Discussion here,( //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51303-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/ ), anything regarding the build helps as im young with not a lot of knowledge, any tips or places for parts, anything would be helpful and much appreciated. Cheers Harry
  2. Thought i might as well make a project thread for my daily Trying as hard as i can to not make it a project but theres always things i want to do with it... The car started off very similar to the Rx7..i brought it off a mate who had lost interest in it and got it for a bargain..... Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of when i got it but imagine if you will a wagon covered in primer patches almost creating a type of camo paint job, running a engine that was as close as a K series engine will get to blowing a big end..... the weekend i brought it i panel and painted it.... unfortunately i ran out of paint and the drivers side ended up a bit on the thin side ..... I then set about finding the missing parts i needed including a replacement 3k engine...i found that you can no longer buy a 3k/4k for a box of beers, Toyota tax seemed to have gone up 10 fol.... i ended up scoring a nice little 3k out of a starlet from a member from Club-k whipped that in and it was away (timing chain could do with replacing but still a solid runner) Discuss
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