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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, So just brought another car meaning another project. Maybe I'm gluten for punishment. This time it's a NZ built 79 Datsun 260c. 2 owner car. First owner brought new and sold in 81 to the family I brought it off. It in full old man state right now with Vinyl roof, sheep skin seat covers and monsoon drivers window sheild, oh and genuine Datsun mudflaps It has a bit of rust comming through as expected. Plans are to repair the rust, remove the vinyl from the roof, throw some period correct wheels in it and more then likely lower it. Also I've sourced a 4 speed auto to swap out the 3 speed auto with just to make things a little more enjoyable to drive rather then listening to the engine ring it's guts out In the mean time hear are a few pictures. We all like pictures.
  2. Hi guys this is my 1973 datsun 260c h230 that my grand father got brand new. I've had it now for about 6 years and kept it stored away for the right time to start rebuilding it.
  3. also keen to hear from others who have gone down this road. Especially owner of this 30’ corolla and trailer.. like the idea of a door opening like this to create a platform and to use the back bench seat, just not sure how water proof it would be, or how much harder to make it seal properly. That doesn’t look to water proof to me.
  4. Discussion thread here; ideas welcome. So things have snowballed. have sourced 4 H230 260c’s from different parts of the country in as many days. one is rust fcked badly. Three on the tree blue interior.8 seater. Second one is rusty plus hit a tree 6 years ago (rail twisted). Paddock special; dirty but pretty mint black interior 3 on the tree. 8 seater. 3rd one is so-so rust victim (so-so for a datsun is “oh no!” for other marques ) driven where it sits 5 years ago. 3 on the tree 8 seater blue interior. 4th was always going to be a pipe dream; was in WA (though mate in shipping can get cars to me at a good discount).the owner thinks it was worth a few k, and is going to get around to fixing one day et cetera et cetera. On top of all this it’s rust looked fkn ferocious and other WA rust hunters woulda been all over it. ended up cutting a deal on 3, one in rural nsw, one in rural victoria, one in the outskirts of Sydney. have a mate out near Bathurst where I can store them and to see if i can make one good one outta three basket cases.
  5. Chat about the large volume rust, diesel smoke, and misfortune in the build thread
  6. Long story short I went for a ride in Karl's turbo diesel 260c and wanted one. We stopped past a paddock of rusty cars on the way home from Hanmer where he said there was a diesel 260c just waiting for a turbo. The car cemetery was just down the road from my mum's place so over the next few weekends we dragged out several Cedrics and R30 skylines and moved them to there. Picture time Discuss Here
  7. Here is the Paddock find KH330 Coupe, Alot of rust! have owned it for year now and its now sitting in my mates backyard awaitin patiently for me to finish the wagon. Plans are to VH41 twin turbo, Im building it with my brother in law whos is a Porsche Mechanic by day and myself a Coachbuilder by day. Got some Brake parts and a Terrano diff for it so far. Hopefully be into it 6 months Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/23588-dattochriswagons-kh330-coupe/?hl=260c#entry599283
  8. Hey, this is my flatmates seedy, these are the only good pictures ive got of it at the moment, but you get the idea. Bought off an old dude for bugger all about 2 months back, has a recipt book showing over 7k worth of maintenence over the years, car is just fucking mint. Its not much of a project car, all hes done is whitewalled it, lowered 3 all round and sneeked an amped sub and speakers running off factory stereo and equalizer! 330 series is king pimp
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