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  1. More the fact that sigmas wof runs out a couple of weeks before so dunno how it'll go haha. But if it passes then that plan can happen.
  2. Registurd, super excited. Still unsure whether I'll be bringing Smokysedan or Economyhatch.
  3. Little green mirage got a wof today so at least I'll have one legal car to take haha.
  4. Jesses Russian bride

    Sooooo not much has been happening on the lada front as of late. BUT, saw a guy on nz classic cars Facebook page post up some photos of wrecks down in nightcaps way down south and what looked to be another one of these wagons, managed to track down the old guys number and fast forward a month or so and here we are. Headed down Easter Friday a good 650kms drive to pull another lada out of a paddock! I think I’ll actually use this one as the base and use good bits off the yellow one. The red one has far less rust, interior is ruined but considering it’s been parked up since 1998 it’s surprising how good it really is! Motor still turns over too!
  5. Jesse's 4x4 l300 yarns

    Oh sweet! Yeah absolutely kicking myself at the moment as that super rusty white one I wrecked out a couple months back had an lsd and I thought they came standard on em so just chucked it but jacked this one up today and it's open ass end boooooo.
  6. Jesse's battle bus l300

    Pumped up the 32s today and they hold air which will be sweet to keep it rolling, they're bald though so I've got a set of 31s to go on. Looking pretty boss though!
  7. Jesse's 4x4 l300 yarns

    Build thread hurrrr
  8. Jesse's battle bus l300

    Then within an hour off having it off the trailer I had the front torsions wound up and test fitted one of the wheeeeeels The grub approves too.
  9. So umm, yeah, this is now mine. Discuss here Partners grandparents have had it the last 20 odd years and it failed it's last wof on a bit of rust in the tailgate area so asked if I wanted it, being that these are fucking rad I obviously said yes! Went down to oamaru and picked it up this weekend, actually runs pretty good too, bit spluttery on startup but once it's going she's good, is a 1.8 g62b so it's pretty gutless. Has rust especially around tailgate hinge area but I grabbed a mint tailgate a few months back so that's half the work done. The old fella has barryfied it nicely, has a big fuck off vacuum gauge on the dash and a oil pressure gauge sticking out of a hole in the dash. Has been painted a beautiful shade of "fence paint green". Plans are to fix rust and get it a wof, lift it a bit, mud tyres (which I've already got along with some sweet 15x8 alloys) not gonna bother trying to tidy it up, it's pretty rough and I kinda like it like that. Eventually kit it out as a camper but lada takes priority over this. Check this flash Shit out, Still works too!
  10. Doullamas panelvans

    Man I fucking love these things, no idea why but I pine so hard for them over the more popular escort vans.
  11. Jesses Russian bride

    Interior got a scrub down today!
  12. Jesses lada sharn thread

    Ah it does have a twin cam! I was wondering that, may have to get it, I heard the "s" models have lsds in them too
  13. Jesses Russian bride

    Haven't done anything with this yet, but have some more photos, apologies for blurry photos my camera screen lens thing is cracked haha. Got the steam cleaner onto it this avo as well!
  14. Jesses lada sharn thread

    That's along the lines of what I want, sufficiently slammed, unsure on reyums though, I'm a big fan of whitewalls on stock steelies with hubcaps, trims etc all on. Like this