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  1. Will have a spare seat there and back man, dunno what condition your spine is in though haha.
  2. I have a definite plus one now maybe plus 2 to bump numbers up! Is there a cutoff date for entries? Tried having a look but couldn't see anything.
  3. May have a mate who'd be keen on coming, trying to convince him. Will he have to fill out a form or can I just +1 and transfer funds? P.S I'm fucking pumped for sleepless frozen hangovers.
  4. Hmmmm was planning to be drunk by then on fri, will hopefully have lancer legal by then so ya can take that if you want? (Would be good to have around as mirage on 155 tyres may have some issues in the middle of winter haha)
  5. Can help if ya need man.
  6. Oh yeah, pictureless update, sailed through it's wof clean sheet and all, ready for Hanmer meet in August!
  7. Registered and paid now that mirage has a new wof as of yesterday! So have one guaranteed car, Lancer failed wof on bent radiator support so may not be able to bring that depending on how slack I am at getting to fixing that @Willdat?
  8. Nothing much been happening with this as of late, just take it for a hoon once a fortnight, going in for wof tomorrow so thought I should probably sort some flares out for the front, bought some ezlip rip off brand for 45 bucks and that was the perfect amount for the guards, doesn't look too bad either! The adhesive tape seems a bit weak though so may have to ados it or chuck a few self tappers in haha.
  9. Shit, I'm a tad late to the party. Keen as kumara fo dis. Will roll mirage probs.... although if @Willdat? is bringing beagle I could be tempted to take Lancer. Get some sweet 4wd wag action going, do some rally stages over the rainbow haha.
  10. Been up to fuck all with all the vehicles lately since moving to chch and having a little girl last week! But I did pick up a mint pair of gtx seats so had a spare moment this avo and fitted them up to the factory rails with a bit of trimming and drilling a few holes they fit perfectly and are a shit tonne more comfortable to drive in!
  11. Chucked some sounds in this weekend, pretty basic set up pair of 6.5" jbl components up front and pair of 6.5" kenwood shitters in the back, had some Orion speaker grilles lying around so jammed them on. Older but decent sony headunit with usb, triple pre-outs etc so when I eventually wanna chuck an amp on to run the speakers I can. Yes I know hacking up door cards is frowned upon but they are faded and Shit so I don't care haha. And as always Lemmy giving me tips and pointers on what I should do.
  12. So been hooning this as my daily driver and loving it, until last week was going up the haywards and she started coughing and spluttering and just did not want to go anything over 80kmh. I remember Damien having the exact same problem with his mirage and it was the fuel pump causing the issue. But mine was brand new so I discarded that idea. Knocked off early yesterday so thought I'd try figure it out, within a minute I noticed the fuel pump bubbling around where the top seals to the bottom of it. Fuck sake the pump hasn't even done 1000ks and its shit the bed. Shot to repco this avo and got a new pump and fitted it, all sorted. Hopefully this pump can at least make 4 digits on the Speedo, bloody fuelmiser. Out with the new, in with the new grrr
  13. FUCK yeah wof!