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  1. Checked and adjusted the valve clearances, all were fairly close just minor adjustments. also replaced the waterpump, flushed the cooling system and refilled with some tectalloy coolant. So was a productive first day of isolation. Would have been nice to brake clean the grime under the engine covers but were running on limited supplies currently
  2. So I snuck this home from work on Wednesday night after work, ran the risk as i needed something to keep me occupied during lockdown. It was running like a bag of shit, felt like two cylinders but persuaded on my 10min drive home Cleaned the distributor cap points and removed spark plugs to discover they were fouled up bad. had a spare set of near new plugs so threw them in. Ran good for a while then started to foul them up again. My thoughts are over fueling? The fuel pump is rated as 6psi with no regulator so I'm guessing maybe it's too much for the carb to handle.
  3. Yeah it is a Carter pump. Okay never knew that cheers! I acquired this pump years ago so it's no biggie if it doesn't do the job. Originally these just had a mechanical pump on the motor so I'll see how it goes but if it does create issues I'll know where to start looking. Do you have any idea what psi rating these pumps have?
  4. Cheers, yeah I'm in two minds about it. I dont want a mint looking ute as I will scratch the shit out of it. The evidence is in my mazda bt50 that had two scratches a broken tail light and broken fog light before it had 500kms on the clock..... So the cunning plan me and a mate have been discussing is a paint job but making it look patina I guess call it a "fake patina" ? He has experience in doing it. Tempted to change to a different style of wheels too but the diff will definitely need shortening for what I'm wanting to do
  5. This was originally 1.6 and column change so yeah same thing. Not sure if it was a Todd motors vehicle I've never actually checked
  6. With the postponement of beach hop I've decided to go back to taking my time with this build, I just simply wasn't getting enough sleep trying to push for a target that was hard to achieve with doing long hours at work aswell. Hopefully I dont get any ridiculous ideas in the meantime but I've found a gsr 1800 dohc turbo motor but I think the wise decision is to leave this ute how it is and the gsr motor will be better suited for my ex lancer but time will tell...
  7. At first start up it was leaking oil and I started wondering what I'd messed up, turns out I had forgotten to tighten up the rocker cover bolts so easy fix! Took it for a quick drive down the end of road and back, felt damn good to have the first drive in a ute I've put soo many hours work into
  8. Bit of wet weather today meant a day off the big machines and some time to rip into some work on the ute Put the new hanger bearing on the driveshaft and decided to replace all three universal joints while I was there. Finished off the rest of the exhaust, its 2.25" right through, one hotdog muffler and one big boy keep this thing quiet muffler at the back because I'm too old for noisy shit... Has a nice tone to it
  9. Glad to see that sedan went to good use, I know of the guy that had it. He had it a fair few years I was quite surprised to see it for sale. Loving the wagon though mate shes looks a beauty
  10. In relation to your sway bar mounting, i take it that's a Mitsubishi one your using? Mitsubishi has a wide variety of sway bars that could be interchangeable for what your trying to achieve. Some mount further forwards on the body than others and some give more wheel clearance but in general the mounting points to the sway bar link are fairly similar in width. I've always used starion/sigma swaybars in Lancers and direct swap in
  11. Had my mate josh helping me today, absolute GC! He made up a bracket for mounting the fuel pump, wired it up with a relay and fuse. Swapped plugs over for the window wiper motor as it had been torn off. Sooo blessed having a hand as I suck at wiring and I've been struggling to find the time to do it.
  12. Had ordered plenty of bends as I'll use any leftovers on my lancer. Would order more 45s next time though they seem to be what I used most of
  13. Spent most of today making the exhaust, not the prettiest welds but they work. 2.25" is what I went for, took abit of effort to keep it tucked up high. Got as far as going over the diff with a hot dog muffler just before the diff. Is still rather loud but I'm putting a decent muffler on up the back to shut it up.
  14. Turns out I ordered the wrong gearbox mount. No worries itll fit my lancer. Fitted new front shocks tonight. tried testing the lights and it's clear there is some gremlins to sort out. Wiring is definitely my weak point but lucky my mate is a genius with automotive electronics so he will be on the job