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  1. The local Boys keen on a winter meet? Been awhile due to covid, etc @bigfoot @gibbon @WhangareiKE70 @WhangareiKE70 @MACKAZ anyone else i missed? Somewhere with a fireplace maybe? Frings, butterfactory, lonestar open to suggestions
  2. Picked up a pair of 14x7 zed compes off Dave, gave them a trial fit and polished one quickly. Quite stoked with the fitment of them just gotta get tyres on them asap. Also attended a local car show, and did some casual cruising with the boys
  3. As always been neglecting this car but I did do something to it by chance. Found a cyborg in my mates paddock so purchased it to strip for parts. Wasn't much worth saving but the motor will be of good use. 1600 dohc turbo 4g61t. Decided to mate it to my sigma gearbox using a sigma flywheel and cluch and drop it in the hole. Flipped the td04 on the stock manifold for a laugh, it won't work as it's touching steering box but kept me entertained. And purchased a modified rwd intake manifold off Bigfoot
  4. Failed wof inspection on some rust, front left shock knocking, brakes too soft and handbrake to improve. Had the privilege of using a mates hoist and his labour, he made a start on the rust while I sorted the brakes. New rear wheel cylinders courtesy of @bigfoot , also noticed some bent stuff inside the drum which explains why handbrake wouldn't self adjust. Note the bent over edge stopping handbrake from working properly. We straightened both items out and happy days. after removing the front strut It was apparent there was a spacer missing allowing the insert to move within the strut housing causing the noise so we made a spacer from some steel. Problem solved
  5. Pics of wof spec look just because
  6. Next on the list of things to do was the exhaust, it's had a hard time since the last wof with all the speedbumps it bottoms out on. had to grind out some of the weld for nut to turn. Threw some new brake pads in the front too so hopefully wof man likes my efforts.
  7. One thing that wasn't necessary but bugs the shit out of me was the spacer in lower radiator pipe. Was there because of the power steering bracket that was originally on this motor (l200/sigma engine) And also the pulley for power steering and fan hub is actually different. Someone had put bolts in the pulley too so I swapped that out for studs, how it should be... And the finished result. Doesn't look like much difference but makes me extremely satisfied!
  8. Wof time is overdue so back to working on this car again. I had purchased some original front struts with bilstein inserts and lowering springs off a mate I Auckland but borders in place meant I couldn't retrieve them. Now that's over I can actually get this legal. So the starion struts are now leaky shocks and the cut springs are no good, hence the swap. Plus i want to run standard wheels for a wof which they didn't fit on starion struts. Also I'm changing the front crossmember as some cuzzy had redrilled where the lower arms mount and welded washers on. (To give more camber/wider wheel track) Surprised it wasn't picked up on previous wofs. Even the old owner was unaware of this mod.
  9. I'll be absent if it's early next month most likely. Would be interested in maybe a change up for summer. Fish n chip by the tide even? Need to acquire a wof shortly too
  10. Scored some monsoon clips of this extremely tidy one lady owner l200 my mate has in their padock. So now I could finally fit my passengers side monsoon to the lancer, these are the finer things in life for sure!
  11. Stumbled upon this haul of parts today on Facebook. Dude was local and had a good yarn with him. Potentially may have more parts for me to purchase once he empties his storage unit. Got a 1600 crossmember, some suspension parts, there was also new tierods, castor bushes, pitman arm etc (not in pics) and these sweet manifolds. They're a little cuzzy custom spec but will still function no doubt. Will install/swap the crossmember when I get a chance as the one In the car has been redrilled for wider wheel track but Im not too impressed with it.
  12. Absolutely blown away at the work your putting into it dude! I myself struggle with a short attention span, so to see someone so consistent on progress and keeping the thread updated for our viewing pleasure really helps the motivation
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