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  1. Bit slow on updates, drove the shit out of this over summer and loved having it legal again. Probably chewed through nearly a dozen tyres Because I just can't resist a cheeky burnout The new exhaust has been absolutely ruined in the mid section thanks to all the speedbumps in whangarei... yay But it's been parked up again as a water line burst little to my knowledge and it got cooked. At this point it still ran and drove but used water so I went and ripped a classic 5th gear skid for the boys at a birthday party and now it really doesn't want to run haha The ide
  2. It's been a minute..... Here's some progress I guess ? Ditched the borg Warner diff idea when I had a mind explosion. Now has a s14 rear end I'm trying to modify into it. The surgery started with small cuts and ended up at this current state... definitely in the deep end over my head but all decisions have happened slowly with plenty of good advice from mates that are experienced in this field of torture. S14 subframe was purchased for one 18 box of 7p Cody's, no covid or rfb tax to be seen Obviously next step is to make a new rear chassis to a
  3. @MACKAZ bumped into Daryll yesterday and heard the plan. Will be keen for burgerfuel
  4. Man I wish I had your level of OCD !!! I'm actually so excited to see progress on this car again, its been far too long.... Makes me want to buy another one but aunty westpac says no
  5. Attended my first Northland car club grass khana today, was convinced by @bigfoot to come check it out. Had an absolute blast even though I got the slowest overall time. Possibly because I was trying to drive sideways more than straight.... Definitely recommend giving these events a go!
  6. Thoughts on next monthly meet going for a cruise to say out the whangarei heads? Grab some fish n chips and do usual yarns, park up for scenic pictures even..... it is summer so yeah. Any interest?
  7. Booked the green beast in for a much needed wheel alignment tomorrow morning then off for a fish ! Also heres a couple pics of my other lancer I've acquired. Somehow every mitsi I buy is 1982 ...doh! Its originally a 1.6 auto gsl model, now fitted a 4g63 sohc 8 valve with webber carburetor and 5 speed manual. Its in fair condition for its age definitely needs tidying up but its still a solid car and I'm happy with having a standard looking one to park next to my others
  8. Car is officially warranted and registered after 6 years of shed life. The feeling is amazing! Next step is to improve the tuning on carb and timing so it pulls good as ild like to attend the oldschool drags in December
  9. Once exhaust was done I ran it for a wof and failed on shit it shouldn't have. I was pretty pissed off so took it to another testing station, similar results with a wof sheet of bullshit again. Third time I struck it lucky only needing to rebleed brakes and replace a headlight. Will be taking it back for a recheck asap! Before the wof i replaced the old makita springs with legit lowering springs and tidied up a few other jobs. Also the gold lancer is a new addition to the fleet. And stopped in at Bigfoot house for a pic Bring on some summer cruising
  10. Its been a while since I've had an update. I've still been working on it but motivation comes and goes in amongst being a parent and work etc etc Latest stuff I've done was build a new exhaust, 2.25" with a hotdog half way and muffler at the rear with chrome tip. Realized I never got a finished product photo just now. Oops
  11. Yup count me in. Someone remin me next Tuesday to make sure I don't forget though
  12. Have put the feelers out for a distributor for ya pal. Cant wait to see this beast cruising the streets
  13. Finally got the old girl running, not sure exactly what the issue was but I replaced the carburetor with a rebuilt one, distributor cap, rotor, leads, adjusted timing, cleaned the spark plugs and it burst into life, still needs some minor timing adjustments and fine tuning on the carb but I'm stoked. Worst part was I couldnt take it on a test drive due to a new asphalt driveway only just been finished.
  14. Next on the Nissan-mitsi inter breeding schedule was the rear end, have decided to go with a Borg warner diff from a r31 skyline. The right width to match the front end, 3.89 ratio, 4x114.3 and disck brakes. So just requires a welded diff centre and some mounts to match the lancer arms. Stripped the mounts off the diff already. Did some measurements and will make the lower arm mount lower at the diff end and higher at the body end. Same with the top arm but chassis rail will be in the way so will be abit difficult Will make the car squat properly w
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