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  1. Yup count me in. Someone remin me next Tuesday to make sure I don't forget though
  2. Have put the feelers out for a distributor for ya pal. Cant wait to see this beast cruising the streets
  3. Finally got the old girl running, not sure exactly what the issue was but I replaced the carburetor with a rebuilt one, distributor cap, rotor, leads, adjusted timing, cleaned the spark plugs and it burst into life, still needs some minor timing adjustments and fine tuning on the carb but I'm stoked. Worst part was I couldnt take it on a test drive due to a new asphalt driveway only just been finished.
  4. Next on the Nissan-mitsi inter breeding schedule was the rear end, have decided to go with a Borg warner diff from a r31 skyline. The right width to match the front end, 3.89 ratio, 4x114.3 and disck brakes. So just requires a welded diff centre and some mounts to match the lancer arms. Stripped the mounts off the diff already. Did some measurements and will make the lower arm mount lower at the diff end and higher at the body end. Same with the top arm but chassis rail will be in the way so will be abit difficult Will make the car squat properly which is what were after. Wont be mounting spring mounts as will be converting to a coil over setup.
  5. Then the cutting and welding begun. The Nissan crossmember had already had the rack mounts shifted forward but it's not the prettiest job. The mounts I made are abit ruff atm but they work for test fitting everything plan is to get an rb crossmember and do same mods but nicer for better engine mount position. Did a pick a part mishion for some c34 laurel front knuckles and steering rack. One mate donated some s14 lower arms, and scotty d drift donated some Silvia shocks and springs. Absolute GCs. Chucked it all in for a test fit Left the lancer castor rod in and I think I'll leave it in if theres enough clearance once this has some added steering lock. Also removed the sway bar because dont need one for drifting apparently
  6. So this long weekend I managed to make some progress. Stripped out all the front suspension and steering components Then made some measurements and comparisons between the lancer crossmember and an s13 Silvia one. Yeah I got some sweet art work
  7. I like what your building here, some serious mods to the body! I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for sure!
  8. Yarn away about my big dreams and lack of funds
  9. Did some measurements today which are hopefully accurate. Rear diff is 1400mm wide, front suspension hub to hub is about 1400mm wide too and wheel base is 2450mm long. Was abit hard by myself to be accurate. Google searched what a nissan s13 is which resulted 1465mm front and rear width and 2475mm wheel base. Reason behind comparison is s13 is a popular drift chassis due to wheel base. Also I'm contemplating using an r31 skyline rear end (1465mm wide) and s13 front crossmember, suspension etc for better options of coilover and brakes and proven steering modifications to achieve more lock. Jacked it up on axle stands and found some interesting rust, someone had bogged and undersealed the chassis rails which has resulted in them being very rusty..... Removed the rear springs and tried on my heart wheels for some inspiration also
  10. My previous lancer skid car was ruff as guts and running a sohc 8v 4g63 motor. It would crank 5th gear burnouts and won me a little bit of prize money over the years. This time i would like some more power, style and build it to drift rather than burnouts. So with more power in mind I bought a gsr 1800 sohc turbo 4g93t long block off a mate that already had forged pistons and rods And along the lines of better style I've had this boot wing in my shed for some time now, also was gifted these flares from bigfoot. The flares are from a mini apparently so not quite right but I'll modify to suit the body better.
  11. Sooo I've always tried to have a dedicated skid car to stop me doing silly things in my good cars. It's been about two years since I sold my rb25de r32 drift hack and the pressure has gotten to me.... I've been keeping my eye out for a while and purchased this off a mate for a good deal It's a rolling body, deregistered. Has damaged right rear quarter panel and a few bits of rust to sort....
  12. Still haven't got this running. Got everything assembled to make it run but I think the carb is no good, I have since found another carb that's been rebuilt now to find time to fit it Also for the first time in maybe 8 years I degreased and scrubbed the engine bay clean
  13. Soooo this happened today, 4g63t sohc turbo 8 valve motor. it's been on the cards for a while but a mates old boy had bought this motor many moons ago. He had intention on using it in his old L200 but never did, so he offered it to me. Was told he bought it as a runner but never run it himself so was "unknown condition " but been dry stored for many years. It was and absolute bargain I couldn't resist and then upon pickup he throws a link g3 ecu at me and tells me that was part of the deal! I am one very happy lad to say the least!!! Plan is to pull it down for inspection and we will continue from there.... haven't actually checked if it's a wideblock either but I have gearboxes to suit wide or narrow block so not fussed at all. following a setup a mate karl has in his mirage I'll be looking at a multipoint injection manifold and running a different ecu as ild like that g3 for my lancer turbo conversion instead. Happy mans
  14. My rear panel is one fold, numberplate mounted with rivnuts. I like it but it's obviously been redone at some point. I also have a shaved tailgate and checker plate floor on my tray. Swapped the shaved tailgate out for an original one because I like to rep mitsi haha
  15. Mounted up the fuel regulator in engine bay and shifted fuel pump next to the fuel tank and bolted it to tray floor. Not the most ideal but it works and it's out of harm's way. Swapped out the 3 inch tapered lowering blocks for 2 inch blocks, this was because it was sitting on bumpstops and now has some travel. Threw the 17 inch bbs wheels on it to see if I like them. Plus they had 215/45 tyres on that get it to the right ground clearance to pass a wof. The rears are 17x9 with a 50 offset which let's them sit inside the tray nicely so no rubbing. The fronts are 17x8 39 offset, I put 5mm slip on spacers on but they rub on full lock so may get 20/25mm bolt on spacers for the front and they will fill the gaurd a little better. And lastly did some bog and sanding on some of the rust repairs I've done, definitely hate sanding but it needs to be done