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  1. legoman

    Cromwell carshow 18-1-14

    Yeah, foiled again again by that wind! Amazing amount and quality of cars, it literally took all day to see them all and even then there were a few gaps by the time i got to the end. I have 3 gigs of pics to sort through tonight, about 550 in total
  2. legoman

    Cromwell carshow 18-1-14

    It is indeed shaping up to be a hot one, will be such a relief after the horrible wind of yesterday. It was so freezing that nobody really hung around after the friday night cruise (for which there was 133 cars ) FYI, I only have enuf space on the memory card for 5000 photos today
  3. legoman

    Cromwell carshow 18-1-14

    We passed some sweet ol metal on the way down to this today, reckon it'll be a thousand times better than next weekends rangiora deal
  4. legoman


    So the Hammerite is going on sweet, 1st coat done and will look fairly good once second coat is complete. Dont really matter so much what it looks like anywho since i've gotta get the FIA padding for most of the cage so wont be visible much. re the floor coating, what I'm trying to remove is not the factory paint, its a 1-2mm sticky black sheet stuff that I've been chipping away at with a flat head I assume this is the factory sound deadening (its not continuous across the floor pan, it stops and starts) Some of this is brittle and just chips away but some is fairly friendly with the floor, is there a better quicker way to remove or am I consigned to many weekends of this horrible torture?
  5. legoman


    chur any useful hints for removing the old coating? tools etc
  6. legoman


    aye, so por15 is what's in the shed and have por15 degreaser too so was just gonna use that but this why im asking because painting shit ain't my forte. So hammerite seems pretty straight forward (after quick google session) and needs little to no prep which suits me. Another item on the list is to remove the factory interior floor pan coating, is there a specific product that I should be looking for to re-coat this? Thanks again for the advice
  7. legoman


    hey ya'll been a while/forever, but Santa has come early with a brand spanking roll cage installed to my almost race car and i have to paint it over the holiday break. Have chosen to brush on por15 and have some commercial cleaner/degreaser for cleaning down cage first. What prep work do I need to do after cleaning it all? Any tips/hints appreciated also.
  8. Do this, epic meal time, chips and super awesome gravey om nom nom nom
  9. legoman

    Flibois 20valve aw11

    Buy it! Even the buy now is a good price if its as good as they say. I bought my 1st 20 valve for $750 and the 2nd for slightly less as I recall. Mine runs really sweet (so im told) and is a really tidy conversion so if you want to check it out/compare I'd be more than happy to drag it out of the shed for you just flick me a pm etc
  10. legoman

    Anyone interested in a dyno day in Chch?

    Sounds like fun, depending on the time/date i'd be keen to see how little power the AW makes. And if you're short of cars I could bring along some of the fleet
  11. I did a classic car cruise a few years back that went up to Waikari, across to Greta Valley up to Parnassus then back through Waiau and home back through Waikari. was/is a sweet drive, long tho
  12. I ain't been up that way for yonks....... might be something to do with having rocks for suspension but what the hey, someone pick a date then
  13. legoman

    Skope Classic car racing Fri-Sat-Sun

    I decided it'd be best to give work a miss today and go for a look see, as I have done every year, and it is always awesome to see 20 odd F5000 doing a shake down/qualifying session. Soooooooooo many sweet cars. Have just loaded the BBQ into the car, gonna be out there early for a fry up of epic proportions. Om nom nom nom nom
  14. legoman

    Skope Classic car racing Fri-Sat-Sun

    This is gonna be an awesome one this year for their 21st. I will be drinking rum, in the sun, at pothole............ all weekend!