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  1. As sure as the Tararuas gets higher than Manu above the Foxton plains
  2. So the weather forecast for Levin is fairly rubbish from tomorrow through the end of next week. Whats the synopsis if the weather is pooze?
  3. Shopping hell. LOLOLOL Alll good. I'll be rolling casual as. Keen for a gin and talking sheet with you jokers though. It's been a while.
  4. How long can it take to buy a roll of snags, loaf of bread and 2 x 6 packs of diesels.
  5. You have email. The third one was battery.
  6. I have a water, oil, revs and something else in that VDO range. No senders but I'm expecting they are not that hard to get. Do you a good price.
  7. Getting the radiator recored should be no biggy - just drop it into your local radiator shop and they can get a core in from NatRad and they can repair the tanks at the same time. .
  8. Keen as mustard. Will bring marquee cos it'll probably rain again. LOL
  9. Well the big job of fixing the rust has begun. Pulled the front sheet metal off. Deja vu from a few years back. I can't figure out for the life of me why my feet got wet every time it rained... Next job is to pull the dash out and then when I have the other half of my lockup back I'll pull the motor and box then completely gut the engine bay. Was a pretty good day today.
  10. Got up nice and early this morning with tonnes of enthusiasm and plans to take care of a whole bunch of things for Wagnats, Nats and just general sorting of my lockup. Did a bit of a service on the old girl, adjusted up the handbrake and clutch plus fixed a squeak in the rear brakes. I discovered when swapping the spark plugs that I have had the wrong ones in there since I got it going. The electrode must have been recessed so far inside the head. (see photo below) Seems to run a bit nicer and the exhaust smells a lot more potent so I am assuming it is burning the fuel much better now. Won't know till I drive it a fair whack to see if it has made a substantial difference in performance or driveability. Left - 304 injected motor plug (I pulled it out just to check my finding) Middle - new correct 308 plug Right - plug I've had installed since the I got the motor going (oops) I also had the original 16" steels painted by Matt (Sorensin) and chucked those on with the pursuit hubcaps. I'm not 100% on them yet. But give me a week and I'll know whether I'm keeping them or resorting to the 15's again. 16's vs 15's Fitted
  11. Picked up a parts car today from Whanganui. Bit haggard but its got a lot of great bits in it that I need so I snapped it up. Cheers to Duncan for being my tow bitch and Joe for letting me stash it in the back of his paddock. Getting towed down the field.
  12. Turns out the driveline vibration I have been stressing about since April was just finger tight centre CV bolts. Guess they've been working loose since August 2013 when I paid a decent chunk of change for a reputable driveshaft shop to rebuild, shorten and balance my driveshaft. Tempted to go back to them and kick them in the balls, but know it will achieve fuck all because its been so long and I've done several thousand Km since then. Anyhow I'm going for a bit of a drive tomorrow night to see if the vibration has disappeared at all speeds and will report back with pics.
  13. Also I scored a replacement oil cap after I lost mine at Nats on the side of the road. Cheers to... Joe for bringing the motor door to door from Auckland to Wellington Seedy for the loan of engine crane and bringing it to my lockup tonight Beaver for the loan of an engine stand Kamahl for a free oil cap and picking up a booster for me Chris and Tara for storing my motor in Auckland for a month or two Kicker for selling me the scooter and Steelies for turning up as generic peanut gallery motivation Thanks all - hats off to you
  14. Tonight was a unexpectedly productive night now I look back on it. Was meant to just be meeting Joe and Seedy to unload my motor and chuck it on Beavers engine stand but a traffic accident on the motorway held them up. So I trudged on and cleared up a couple items I've been meaning to do for a few weeks but just haven't had time - even though I've had the bits on hand the whole time. First of all I fitted up a new spacer/adapter and throttle bracket to fix the twitchyness that I was experiencing - all to do with the angle of the throttle cable in relation to the pivot. (sorry for potato photos) I mounted the spring mount at the wrong end and upside down because it fouled the air filter in the correct place. Probably puts a bit too much strain on the spindle so may rethink this. (but probably will leave it cos I'm lazy) Then Joe and Seedy turned up and we unloaded my new motor. I wasn't going to do anything more than just jam it on the engine stand but Joe tricked me into taking off the wiring loom. ... and the inlet manifold so I could check if it had a roller cam - which it does. woooo. leaving me with this by the time I was done. I also scored myself a scooter tonight too.
  15. New carby installed - had to modify a couple of small things but it ran right out of the box and ran pretty good too. Genuinely so much more responsive and very consistent at idle compared to the Q-Jet. Things to do - tune it properly with the carb tune kit that came with it and adjust timing as it is a bit pingy now. - fit a right angle fuel inlet to clear the air filter base. - figure some way to mount the air filter as curiously there does not seem to be any thread down inside the regular hole in the middle of the carb. - adjust the throttle response as it is super snappy right now - probably just needs a lighter return spring. I drove it home tonight and off for WOF tomorrow. It sounds so much more rawkus than the video portrays but I know I'll be flayed without pics.
  16. Bought a lowish mileage one of these today. Going to buy a carby manifold and stick with good old analogue fuel and spark, The motor in particular that I have bought is a VT Commodore 304 that's the last of the aussie built V8's. I got it now cos it's a hard to find motor as only the first series 1 VT's had the 304, after that they went to the 350 LS1. The VT is different from every other 304/308 because it is factory roller cam, 4 bolt mains and is already clearanced for 355 stroker crank. It's closest relative is the 304 Walkinshaw motor from the VL - but they are as rare as hens teeth and apparently 10K for a complete one. I've been told that the heads apparently flow 400hp from the factory. So if I really want to get carried away I could snap up a 355 stroker kit and chuck that in. But the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Who knows though I may end up putting this motor to the back of the shed while I save up for a stroker kit and monster Rawb cam - jam that in and then proceed to blow multiple gearboxes. Hahah.
  17. As my build thread was chocka with dead links I thought a clean-up was kinda necessary - got rid of 3 pages of waffle and reinstated some dead links. I now present to you the edited up highlights in chronological order. Discussion Thread - K-Trips 1982 VH Holden Commodore Wagon
  18. Just been to Nats - 1900Km, 270 litres of gas and 2.5 litres of oil after leaving home I'm back and the beast performed like an absolute world class champ. A picture from Markku - Cheers Absolutely wasted the Wagoneers plaque on a speed hump in Remuera and it's now pretty bent up but still holding together so on it shall stay. (felt like the whole weight of the rear slammed down on it HARD as it was momentarily standing vertical on the top of the speedbump)