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  1. Ah soo many great memories in those photos @Seedy Al . We are most defiently coming back up next year. We had far too much of a relaxing time last time. And always such a good time with you lot ! Looking forward to also enjoying a few Port n Cheese combos with those who make it South next month for Hanmer meet
  2. Yeah that alpine hut adventure was in my top 2 Hanmer moments. The other was riding our dirtbikes up muddy snow trails. Bring on August !
  3. Have you ever thought about a career in Event Promotion Bart ? Your doing a good job tho as this is a premium event for us Southerners and a worthy one to travel down from the wrong island. Ill be sure to remind all the QCR OS members at Dirtmasters next weekend
  4. Kitchen was wear its at for the good times and laughs
  5. I wanna dangle my legs over the cliff again while hanging with my best mates!
  6. Hangin out for this mate ! Need a Holiday