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  1. Car is a 63 at first glance (bar speed is the giveaway) deluxe Normally is the lower trim level..no chrome around the windows and a 1200cc motor. Green interior is an option that was available along with red. Black. Grey etc
  2. 20th of this month. 7PM at Spitfire Square is most likely the next one
  3. /time to sell them off and replace with another lot of broken down shit heaps
  4. Thanks @JustHarry for your help today. new sump gasket and bung. It was a bit yuck under the rocker cover...
  5. I will have some more time to dedicate to this once Nats is over
  6. For all your towing needs... or I have a surf with a 2LT stashed away
  7. bonnet fitting, post os meet, it reduces the hp by 10 again being so damn heavy photo credit to @governorsam
  8. sorry I failed today. next weekend for sure though
  9. We needed a GoPro to capture that epic guard rub with the alloys on
  10. sshhhhhh /i'm sure it will be fine when I tell her
  11. Discussion for the above car, I think those wheels can go in favour of some Turbo's/Steelies & Hubcaps
  12. so umm yeah I have an issue. another 260c. I couldn't help myself. it's got rego on hold and should go through a wof without any rust repairs. plus for those with ocd its only 33 rego numbers different to the red 260c. jap assembled. sold new in invercargill. plans are get it running and get it legal. the paint is stuffed so a re-spray at some point would be nice
  13. You should come down on the same weekend and buy an imp out of that paddock full of rusty gems
  14. Hanmer motorfest is the same weekend, I recon we should go do a sneaky os meet on there on Saturday morning then head back for eb shenanigans in the arvo/Sunday
  15. Sorry I'm hopeless. turns out both area reps are double booked this weekend. So non of them. however I am locking in a meet at the Scope Classic in 2 weeks.
  16. I still own this. got it woffed for labour weekend so it could attend datsun nationals in ohakune. but more importantly it got a wee upgrade. extractors next....
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