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  1. How about a 6?
  2. That's pretty cool. Way better than the turbo 3.8 van I've seen around.
  3. It's in my 51 Ford, so I guess whatever that is. Also acquired this today, was running earlier in the week. Hopefully it is Merc size - came from a Merc and has 8CM heads. /life in the slow lane /old old school
  4. The upper tailgate unbolted easily, but contained a disturbing amount of rust flakes I stripped the garnish mouldings and glass out. Looked pretty manky.
  5. Looks like it's all go @Mourning Cupcake
  6. Paint change looks good, even for a mechanic.
  7. I've brushed it quite a bit on repairs. Less cleanup that using a spray gun.
  8. Its only a Booack at then end of the day.
  9. Putting some paint on first shouldn't hurt.
  10. Have you considered doing a @chris r and whacking a stromberg BXV-2 on it /ling
  11. Resorted to some dremel butchery. Saved some $$$ in labour.
  12. Had a go with side cutters but they seem pretty hard. Could risk a cutoff disc I suppose.
  13. Winner, thanks Rogee! Modern vehicles are so flash. Now, any tips on removing aluminium valve caps that have been soaked in sea water? I think I'll have to get new valves fitted to all 4 wheels.
  14. Oh yeah, that's a key slot. I thought it was a name or something. I don't have the key so will resort to brute force/grinder
  15. Any tips on how to remove this wheel nut lock? Outer shell just spins. No tool in the car that I can find.
  16. This split bush has been noted on the last couple of WOF checks, thought it was time I replaced it (while the Woodie is off the lift) Yep, pretty toasted, the ones on the other 4-link bars look OK. Might smear some rubber grease around the new ones. Luckily I kept the receipt for what they are from, dang Mitsi parts!