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  1. Yep sunday was an awesome day - first time going to this event and will definitely head there again - some nice whips there too!
  2. I have no idea if VW blocks have numbers stamped on them, but could it be a case of remove engine numbers then = factory motor?
  3. you have the shock insert and strut out of the car currently? places like autolign are great for finding another shock that will fit from another make or model. Could take it into them and see what they can do?
  4. so the front ride height has always bugged me since getting this - so the last couple of weeks i’ve been sorting it out got the old cobra springs out that i’d cut a coil out of and took them to archers to get some new slightly lower springs made up, shocks ended up being a bit harder to sort, no places seemed to make standard inserts for these anymore , so took the strut and spring into autolighn and asked them to find a shock to suit, they used a trueno shock slightly modded to suit, picked the struts up this morning and got them back in the car today Stoked on how it’s sitting now - makes the guard gap less large and the front cross-member is 50mm off the dirt so no chance of going lower from this - some 165/65/13 tyres on the fronts also have helped the front look see ya’ll at drag day
  5. Awesome ute man! +1 on the mesh rims. So fancy with disc's on the rear!!!
  6. Yeh my grand plans have been sabotaged by unexpected things ... So this weekend away has been sacrificed unfortunately.
  7. Find another diff head? Brap to drag day and do skids?
  8. didn't get to make it last night because the car wouldn't start - either a battery or starter motor issue I think - shut the garage door without too much further investigation . Westgate would be too far west (IMO) - has to be fairly 'central' ie; no further south/east than Mt Wellington - No further North than Takapuna - no futher west than current location. that way its sort of fair to everyone-ish. Difficult to think of locations that aren't Greenlane McDicks to be honest.
  9. sweet, am looking at renting a bach with the mrs and taking her singer wagon down for a drive. Should try organise a mini old school meet up down there? Agree with the weather, October's always 50% with rain or not.
  10. October 6-8 in whangamata Anyone with their British steel think they'll be going along?
  11. those wheels should look good on it - awesome van by the way too!
  12. what a find! & that inspirational pic! god damn that'll look amazing
  13. Owned this just over a year now - still going good! Tracked down some head light trims recently and have hopefully tracked down the two sill chrome pieces I'm missing (for not an insane price). From looking at Rx4s at various events I'd noticed that my grill had been painted a light silver, and most I've noticed seem to be a darker gun metal type colour, so I decided to paint it a darker silver and keep the lighter silver as an outline. I recon it looks sweet, in combo with the grill headlight trims changes the front end look a fair bit see pix for a comparison https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53792-oldrx7s-1977-mazda-929-wagon-discussions/
  14. cancel that - will be at ruapehu this weekend
  15. i'll be keen too, can meet up at one of those spots for a drive in
  16. yep, mind you would be lols for a meet just to see how many hood-rats stop and 'oh chur bhey' the cars
  17. Yep fair enough, you've made a convincing argument there sir, will now vote to move locations. Tunnel will provide for sweet photo opportunities from our resident pro photo takers - @MichaelJFox & @Snoozin
  18. Hmmm (need that thinking emoji) ... Not that I've been a regular for a long time or nothing, but I do think it's lame some old fag is kicking up a storm enough to justify a shift in location. But either way I don't mind
  19. Nice, escort wagons are cool cars! Awesome work on the home made 1/4 bumpers, only ever seen people chop them down, not fold and weld up to make them look legit like you've done!
  20. Yep, i can't make this monthly meet so will be keen to take the car for a hoon. If the weathers nice I'll be there