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  1. Maybe @EURON8 made one a while ago? I have soda blasted before with a piece of tube and an air pistol. Worked well.
  2. Isn't the key 59 degrees? So if you weld two two nuts together that is usually close enough to make it work for a while. I don't even use a gauge although I should. However pretty much every drill I go to use at work is super fucked unless I have already sharpened it and stashed it away lol. Lube is great by the way while drilling. ..... Smerk.
  3. Will have a look at a few of the manuals I have, but Sometimes I have found that the port where the Overdrive solenoid goes is rather small, and can get blocked. I dont think I ever figured out what the Pink wire does with these lol. I think something to do with Torque converter lock up but I can confirm.
  4. @sheepers my ms110 is running a cressida brake master. No one cared.
  5. This has been on a Friday for the last two years. ....
  6. I can confirm this is actually one of the high lights of my year. So much fun. I promise to behave this year and bring more fireworks.
  7. Yeah been looking at buying a Milwaukee setup also. But to be honest I do most my spannering with a 3/8 compact air rachet. Perfect for all sorts of stuff and can get in places a battery packed unit never will. It's not the big stuff that takes the time. Its the small stuff like covers and sumps and rockers that take the longest. 3/8 air is perfect for undoing and especially doing up that sort of stuff.
  8. Although @KKtrips from memory the compressor you bought was one of those 3 piston jobbies from super cheap....? How you find that thing? I really need to commit to buying a compressor.
  9. Thanks for the offer me old mate! I actually got motivated and pretty much pulled half of the the motor apart this evening anyway. So probably won't bother now haha. When your wag going to panel beaters?
  10. So hi guys! I have accepted that im going to be pulling my hilux motor apart, So was wondering if anyone had a reasonable single phase air compressor they might not be using for a few weeks. Needs to be able to handle a 1/2 inch rattle guy. I can survive without, but would actually make the job twice as quick. Any help would be appreciated and can provide payment slash bless your family with great honor. Thanks a plenty. Seedy Al of the Strokers clan.
  11. Yeah I know why it started running away lol. Bit gutted im now going to be pulling the motor down for a cheeky ring and head over haul. Its a Toyota L. So the 2.2. No throttle plate etc. Had noticed it had been getting a little smokey recently and been making an odd chuffing noise. Im more gutted as I was actually about to chuck it up on here for sale. Ah well.
  12. Diesel run away. ..... So I had my diesel in my hilux start running away from me this evening while going down a decent hill. I wasn't able to pull off the road till I got to the bottom. However at this point the engine stopped running and I assumed it had demo'd its self. The trail of smoke Dow the Road was epic. A cop also happened to be behind me at the time lol but thankfully he understood when I said the motor is now dead. So once he felt I was very surprised to find it still had some oil in it and it still ran once I primed the fuel system again. First thing I had done while going down the hill was turn the key off to cut the fuel. Was one hell of an experience. Anyway question. Can anyone think why it would manage to stop once on flat land? Its a none turbo. Unfortunately was all caused by blow by I would say.
  13. are the wheels 14's or 15's???? So jealous either way haha!
  14. To be honest It might not even be a Problem. When I got cert done, my speedo read about 20km out at 100. However I guess it all comes down to the person at the time.
  15. Re brake rotor. It's most likely going to be fine, but they certainly could have done a better job lol. But by the looks they have only done a mild skim. As for the flare nuts. They will still be metric thread but for some reason most flare nuts seem to have 11mm heads instead of 10. I get this all the time at work. Brakes look good. I assume they have been ultra sonic cleaned. Keep up the good work.
  16. todays efforts were average I should learn to camera Way to much of that sun thing going on. ended up just mincing around seaview as it was close to lock up and had shit to do
  17. This an ali pipe? Been looking at something similar, but would totally be mounting from under. Looking good. Keep up the Lords work.
  18. These were taken many years ago in the tunnel at the bottom of Ngauranga gorge Shits changed there abit but havn't been there a while. can only assume all the graffiti is long gone.