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  1. It's not simply M13 is it? Because the British are fuck wits. I imagine you'll be able to get the nuts from an escort specialist but I would ponder whether you could die it down to M12 at a similar pitch.
  2. Worth getting some sticky drag slick big tyres for next time just even for science?
  3. Oruhuia is near Belfast in CHCH The reserve is between the north corridor and Marshland Rd.
  4. It's sitting and returning to the earth, I believe.
  5. Check the tyre manufacturer because they can vary wildly depending on the size and application.
  6. They're terrible. I used them for a while but they just don't last worth a shit,, far more cost effective to go a proper bottle. If you really want to try it I can send you a regulator for them.
  7. Would putting items like those on require cert, Clint? Or is it like stitch welding? (assuming that doesn't require, hadn't actually thought about it until now)
  8. Fuck yeah. Looking forward to seeing this in person!
  9. It would have to be pretty amazingly durable sand and paint or you'd be reapplying it constantly.
  10. They're not allowed in car. They stay outside. It builds character.
  11. The rear seat finally arrived last week, I threw it in and discovered it was missing a couple of little brackets, I had a vague idea but with the assistance of the lovely @Beaver I got some exact dimensions. Finding the brackets could take longer than finding the seat (which took a while) but thankfully I had some 3mm flat bar in the shed and so made some out of that instead of the formed 1mm that the factory one is. Good enough and now for the first time in its New Zealand history it has a rear seat. Pretty happy with it. Same brown, same patter
  12. Steal one of @yoeddynzs March's and do a RWD conversion?
  13. I still have some clutch related issues, I know my master is leaking so I'll need a replacement, no big deal. I also discovered whilst investigating things that my front pulley has the notorious wobble and rather than waste time, money and effort on fixing other leaks and issues with the current motor it would be a better option to just get a replacement motor. One popped up on trademe in Nelson for a good price and with the massive assistance of @ThePog that is now sitting at his place waiting for me to collect. In the meantime, some other parts I ordered from Japan finally arrived. T
  14. Probably not brand new then, most likely a Japanese import.
  15. That massive volume of seam sealer scared me but then it looks like it's that terrifying from factory in the before pics so they've replicated that well. The drain not being smooth seems like it could cause the issue to reoccur faster than it should though. I'm probably just being picky though.
  16. I'm going to guess that the guards/mounts are made from such large gauge steel because they will fatigue too quickly otherwise from all the nangbrations of a shitbox AG bike made into a commuter.
  17. The data tag writing is time consuming in terms of turnaround, sure but in comparison, depending on the method of storage of data and upload and access to said data, there is likely a higher volume of work to be done even if accessing it is easier it still has to be input to be accessed.
  18. How would that make sense when the work that was there prior still exists, the medium its presented on has changed and the work required to be put on the medium is greater?
  19. kyteler

    FiTech EFI

    Yeah, for sure... but if you're going turbo and won't be hearing that anyway then triple side-draught turbo is really the only way to go. It will still sound epic just slightly muted.
  20. kyteler

    FiTech EFI

    Good plan. I approve.
  21. kyteler

    FiTech EFI

    Why would you remove triples???
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