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  1. The hole in the bonnet looks well done, neat setup but I can't help but think it would look a whole lot cooler if it had a louvred section instead like oldschool race bonnets? I mean, you've already cut the hole so it is what it is but maybe worth a look?
  2. They're not as smooth or reliable. An electronic ignition setup is fucking massively better. Almost night and day spec.
  3. Only if you mention it in public searchable forums...
  4. Fuck that thing has more mongrel than Garry Glitter in a Minor
  5. Look at those bolt spacings though, they're way off. WAAAAAAAAY off. You need to calibrate your eyechrometer, Sleek.
  6. You going along in one or both? I hope you've flipped the grille up the right way if you're taking it to a show....
  7. Sounds similar to a key transponder / security nonsense issue you get on BMWs. Might be either playing up or bad voltage / batteries.
  8. Anyone who runs the core gas so if you have an NZ Safety Blackwoods nearby that would work too. I have the other outfit.. Ezi swap. I just have to plan ahead to ensure I get in on a satdee morning. Probably the only downside. Same with NZ Safety. Your mileage may vary depending on hours open in your area.
  9. Bring on the duck punch, Bart. You better believe I'll be running pins.
  10. They degrade and drop foam into the carb as well as filter poorly and if you have any afterfire issues they just melt really easily and become useless and a very real fire hazard.
  11. I assumed it was due to the comment of it being on TM for ages. I imagine that the damage was the only reason, really. A bit of disassembly and a pull and it should come up OK, I'd have thought.
  12. Nicely done man, only thing I would suggest is ditching the poo Ram-flo air filter.
  13. Disappointed there's been no pictures that don't actually show the complete bike, have a rag over the number plate and a large finger partially blocking the lens.
  14. So the missus will be reliving her girl racer youth?
  15. In my experience they would still pop out fairly trouble free. Hopefully the surface underneath is OK enough to accept a new insert.
  16. kyteler

    KwS's TVR

    The only era of Trevors that are just a bit yuck... Still, novel.
  17. Noice. Thought it was my old one momentarily then realised I'm an idiot and that had already been converted... Ain't no Soarer but..
  18. I liked it because fuck these cars are cool, not because of your problems. Check the TPS?
  19. Forgive my ignorance but is that not exactly how it should operate? You wouldn't be able to correctly tune the idle circuit if you couldn't close off it's flow completely to then meter it afterwards? Maybe most carbs are worn out from Barry fettling and always let some through. Most manuals I've read indicated it should be screwed right in then back out one and a half turns and adjust from there.
  20. Just make a manifold with 6 branches to siamese at the port?