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  1. I have a wagon on a boat heading to the north island, despite @Goats hilarious "all sealed" detour around through Oyster Bay to pass some time due to delayed boarding.
  2. I'm in Kaikoura... With Joe. We'll be there late tomorrow or Satdee. Probably Satdee.
  3. I am both happy and sad at your conundrum.
  4. Oooh, careful there then man. If he can smell the fumes then I'd be super concerned about carbon monoxide. Get some ventilation or sealing going on to ensure you're on the level there!
  5. How dare you talk about my phone dingus!
  6. Thanks, Christopher. That's good news. Work printer may get a workout...
  7. Joizuz, I'm not sure that could be any tighter a fit! Madness.
  8. ...is ..is that.. taking a vagina to sleep in, instead of a wagon?
  9. Glad this is still in the OS fleet @j.e.d. Good jerb.
  10. Hey man, long time no see. I think your biggest issue is available space. I would cut out those resonators, use that space to collect back into a single earlier, try squeeze a proper muffler into the centre. Alternatively run a two in single out at around the same place. Your biggest issue would then be the rear muffler. If you're down to 2.5 you'll have more space, maybe send it to the opposite side it is now, put an additional muffler in then have the final muffler have a decent length of pipe afterwards.
  11. Enough blue smoke coming from those Toyotas you'd think it was Mitsi Fest.
  12. That makes me wonder whether they're from something far later like a Nissan Crew taxi or Y31 Cedric/Gloria taxi. I say taxi because they still use them as Taxi's today in Japan so they're late as fook but some still roll fender mirrors.
  13. The Y30 had covers on the holes but I discovered when I took the guard liner off that it used to have mirrors installed in the past because the old spring bases were still there and dropped out... Hahah.
  14. That's a meaty base.
  15. After seeing @scootersfender mirror conundrum I remembered that I had C31 Laurel fender mirrors that I used to use on the C110, I won't be using them for that anymore so I thought I'd try them on the Gloria. Angles are a bit off but not too bad. They'd be an OK one to look out for, for you as well, @scooters
  16. They have a bit of a Datsun ute (D21) look about them.
  17. The stalks seem too tall and upright and the mirror itself too large. What are they from?
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