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  1. Easier to look where you're walking I would have thought?
  2. Good plan. Will probably end up with something better and cheaper doing it that way too.
  3. How'd you get on with your endeavors to buy that dream spec wagon?
  4. Why would the chassis be getting pounded with rocks inside the wheel arch? It might get dirty, sure. A little more scratches than if tucked away neatly in the engine bay or a door jam but unless someone was going out of their way to destroy it, considering it will be close to the pivot points for the suspension, I'm sure it will be absolutely fine.
  5. Those Honda ign modules are notorious for fucking out but it would be unlikely if it runs fine afterwards. When the one on my City fucked out it wouldn't go at all, thats not to say that they don't have varying levels of out fuckery however. Is it mechanical or electric fuel pump? Are you sure it's not just that you're a noob with the choke?
  6. I'm not sure if it's justified or accurate but my concern if you removed the wall/bend/lip and replaced it with thicker flat on the same plane as the top face that you would run into potential torsional rigidity issues which would transfer stresses on the edge of where you weld the reinforcement plate, I would think narrowing it down but retaining an "edge" (I guess?) would be a good option combined perhaps with an additional strengthening plate across the base of the arm, retaining the 2mm plate size throughout. Maybe?
  7. I believe a lot of the Crown chassis stuff can be switched and swapped and upgraded from the later models. Not 100% on that though but @sheepers, @Spencer (and a few other people) will know.
  8. Why not paint it a pearlescent white, that way all your American muscle cars will be red, white and blue.
  9. I give it death too. 5spd, VG30E. Unrelated. Anyway, here's a picture of my first car that cost me less than my skateboard did at the time. It's slightly more related. That's why I mentioned that one on TM. Identicar.
  10. Datsun 260C I6: 14.6 Nissan Navara V6: 11.7 Mazda Rx7 R2: 15.6 Nissan Cima V8: 15.3 BMW 528 I6: 11.6 Toyota Carina I4: 10.1 Nissan Skyline Turbo I6: 10.7 How are your small cars so inefficient? Do you run them on 91?
  11. I get 8-9l/100km in the coupe (A15 + 5spd)
  12. What, and take it out of factory specifications?
  13. Alternatively change the settings on your phone so it's not taking such a large picture that you'll never require the use of anyway.
  14. Good buy, @Nominal. Whoever convinced you to buy that needs a pat on the back. Flat head V8 and late 40s design/styling brought into the 50s. One of the best periods of murka car style foh sho.
  15. That's how my FD was before I bought it too, VIN and certified when it came in, I believe but then only registered when I bought it. First registered NZ owner.
  16. Oh, right. The use of also threw me there.
  17. Sorry, it was Silver, not white. This is it. No, it isn't.
  18. I'll see if I can find it. I did quickly look but nothing easily found.
  19. There's a music video with a good NZ one in it. Non 'murka spec bumpers. White. Longchamps. Nice car.