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  1. I got charged for having headlights adjusted while having wof done. I asked them why didn't they check the switch that raises or drops the beams,it was a Nissan taken to a Nissan dealership for wof ffs....they said no worries,I had to make a point of asking them to fix the problem they caused,and re reset the level to where they were in the first place. No clue.
  2. Casper


    If the clear is put on before the enamel is cured, otherwise it will need keying up and the scratches will be visible under the clear. You can usually get a nice gloss off the gun so shouldn't need clear.
  3. If it's there it has to work. I've pulled a window out cause wof guy moaned it didn't go down. Got the wof when I went back.
  4. Was just asking as I sold a green 4 door back in the early 90s with a.pinto in it.
  5. The Cortina you had wasn't a green 4 door with a black stripes over the boot was it?
  6. Fuck that sheep looks maaasssive.
  7. Kiwi steel in wiri sell a 2400x1800 sheet of 1mm cold rolled for around $80 delivered in Auckland .
  8. Casper


    I'd go for equipment enamel for them.
  9. It is illegal to be painting cars at home. Fumes are meant to be vented and filtered before reaching the outside. I had a go at a neighbor for painting a car outside his house,my 2 kids under 3yrs old were in their splash pool 20ft away. It's not a good thing to be doing. If you would wear a mask to paint,why expose others to the toxic fumes and no fucks given?
  10. Those things are full of resin and tend to leave a mess when they fail. Not too cheap either.
  11. Just take the lens off the car and use a soldering iron from the inside to fix the crack.
  12. Casper

    Rust Worm

    Also make sure you key up the brunox,it's epoxy based and paint will lift off it if not keyed up.
  13. Are you selling any parts off the donor Ute? I'm after passengers wiper arm and driver's seatbelt if you are.
  14. To get the Mazda grill to fit you will have to trim it to fit,from memory the Mazda headlights are smaller. I've done the same on my Ute cause I couldn't find a courier bonnet,so went Mazda bonnet and grill.
  15. I had one when I was 18.....was fun,till I blew the diff and was quoted $600 for a new diff head. So I sold it and the guy that bought it chopped it into a Ute for his lawn mowing business.
  16. How's the wagon coming along con. You gota throw up some pics of that twin blower set up!
  17. Casper


    If you're not worried about it blooming or brush strokes then go for it
  18. Casper

    diesel spam

    Oh sorry,I didn't see the car engine and modern engine part of the question. Apologies I always serviced mine at 5k intervals.
  19. Casper

    diesel spam

    What about some diesels that take nearly 10ltrs of oil,2 oil filters and a lift pump filter,air filter and pre filter as safaris do? Mine was about $100 or a little more each service.
  20. I've got one of them too,just bigger. Tried to sell it on the tardeme but they kept pulling auction cause of the name, greedy bigger boy.
  21. Casper

    diesel spam

    In Nissan diesel circles the zd30 is known as a grenade
  22. So if I've read right,more than 20 percent increase in power needs a cert?
  23. If a car has a 350 in it already certed,will it have to be rec-certed for a 383 and tunnelram? Also would the 383 be a direct bolt in on the original mounts? Thanks guys.
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