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  1. Our new Official Anthem…. GET LOW BITCHES.
  2. This sux bro, my prayers go out to you in this time of need. I have faith that the wag gods will look after you. And this is for the Eager.
  3. ^^^ With those rims its instant president status right there.
  4. Good effort mr AL. Im very proud, mind five………pssshhhh.
  5. Soooo…. minitruckn aye?? Nah jokes, this is choice. Its a yes from me.
  6. Hydration is a must also
  7. science is always in brah.
  8. What about when you and simon showed up and did rakeems for like five minutes that time. That was LIT AF!!!
  9. I made it a while back for the shrine in my basement…..
  10. yeah bro for sure you are so ken
  11. But your the official Wagnats prize collector. A very prestigious honour tbh
  12. This is going to be epic, best one yet i reckon. First thing you know il be back in bow river again.