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  1. Got Sykes written on it. Picking it's one of these. Now it's sort of obvious, but was scratching my head...
  2. No prob. Makes sense being left in a door, was wondering if it was a dolly type thing. PM your address and I'll send it...
  3. Ebay screenshot. Could prob get cheaper ones somewhere but I was in a hurry and these looked like they'd work... [Edit] price was for 4 of them...
  4. Yep was going to say same thing. I made a grease nipple adapter that screws into bleed screw hole. Few pumps on grease gun should shift things. Just make sure you're not compressing a bubble of air with it...
  5. Shifted the car so could work on driver's side, same deal, spent ages scraping all the old tape and mastic off... And found this in rear door, no idea what it is, prob been there for decades... Pulled grubby gubbins out of both doors, and cleaned up lots of grime with solvent and a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner... But the latch mech was very worn on the drivers door... Looked at welding up and cutting out new slot, but a little research found these... So ordered. Have also received my non-setting mastic/butyl and my shiny new handles... Plus the rubber boot
  6. Front door, cleaned up old mastic and masking tape, quite time consuming, ended up using WD40 on dry old tape remnants and scraping off with plastic card... And same deal, made up a flat alloy bracket more rigid than the supplied one. Bit trickier clearing window glass, this is how things will sit behind panel, but more to the left, operating on the vertical lock rod... And mounting bar installed, had to drill one larger hole for access to bottom screw of actuator, which is slightly angled to align with rod... And mounted up, putting it here gave access to clamp on lock rod too.
  7. I just ride the Vespa in arseless leather chaps...
  8. Jeez, got a Harley and a Vespa. So confused...
  9. Rigged up a trial run last night, looks like it will go ok, lots of clearance for the window and nice straight line operation with a simple bend in the connecting rod. The supplied bracket was too flimsy though and bent at the indentations of the door panel when I tightened the screws, meaning the plunger fouled against the edge... So made up a sturdier alloy bracket to fix that at lunchtime today, bar was thick enough to tap the csk mounting scews. Tried operating it with a small 12V battery from one of the kids toys, but didn't have enough grunt to lock/unlock. Hopefully a better test s
  10. Been using the car a bit and one of the few modern things I miss is central locking. I'd bought a kit years ago but never put it in as it was a bit cheap looking, so shouted myself a new high-torque kit from Bluewire (Aus) that is supposed to be great for classic cars... And pulled a rear door card off, looks like back in the day I'd used masking/insul tape and almost gladwrap-spec plastic sheet as a moisture/dust barrier... So thought I'd do it properly, scraping off all the old mastic and cleaning things up first... And pulled the door mechanism out. Also wanted to free thing
  11. Really enjoyed seeing the startup vids, must be so encouraging. Loving the detailed progress updates, good to see an unloved old car being saved, watching with interest...
  12. So still looking at getting the old 90 legal, not sure I actually need indicators given the year, but it has front ones fitted and a switch on the bars so thought I'd fit rears to avoid any arguments. There's some holes in the rear guard so I sketched up a cardboard template and pressed it in place to get locations... And cut a couple of plates out of scrap metal, stacked them to drill holes then bolted together to shape so they were the same... And I'd joined the Barrys poking around the recycling centre to find a bit of scrap tube to use as a stand-off. Found some machined plungers
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