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  1. Did you have to use a 3/4″ master cylinder? I've seen this recommended for the Quartermaster release bearing. I'm looking at using a ORC or OS Giken clutch with their movement kit to turn it from a pull to push clutch. But the hydraulic bearing would make life easier (and cheaper).
  2. I've bought a fresh import Mark II that has been registered as a "Chaser Mark 2". I've planned to go to the compliance centre to get them to submit a LANDATA correction form, however the cert plate also says Chaser. If i get the registration changed to a Mark II, am I just able to contact the certifier to get a new plate with the correct model? Note that the dealership did the cert not me.
  3. Ahh sorry about that. The 100mm measurement was the ID using my aliexpress spec measuring calipers. As for the measurements on the silencers, guess only way know would be to measure by hand.
  4. I've bought a new money pit thats exhaust is to loud for extended driving so I'm looking at throwing a silencer in the tip but I'm a bit unsure on sizing. Its a 100mm tip, and there are 100mm silencers out there, however they dont seem to reduce the volume that much. AdrenalinR do ones that drop the volume further (and NZ made) but the closest size in 98mm. Is this going to be a problem with it rattling or too much airflow escaping around the silencer?
  5. A fellow hairdresser has offered the use of his syncrometer so I'll pick that up whenever i can. Currently running with 16v throttles although I have a set of blacktops in storage. Seems like the adjustment will be much the same. Not looking forward to doing that on the car though. The map sensor i had hooked up as I was going to try run the megasqsuirt "ITB" mode, which uses speed density close to idle, then has a changover point for alpha-n. Based on the quick drive around the block I did before noticing the misfire, its probably not needed as it felt drivable down low as is. And
  6. The previous owner of the setup i used had them balanced, but I really need to double check or redo it. Im suprised that unbalanced throttles would have that affect, then again I have no clue. Yep throttles cracked open is the idle. The setup is a TTT 4age adaptor manifold, which has a vacuum port in each runner. All four are tee'd into a small vacuum block which feeds the brake booster, fuel pressure reg & the MAP sensor on the ecu. ECU is a ms3pro board, mated to an adaptor plate that someone in the states has designed for easy PNP for MX5s. I've had to send the ms3pro
  7. God I hope not. It ran fine before removing the factory intake manifold and I'd like to think my luck isn't THAT bad.
  8. Nah couldnt find anywhere where it raised the idle when hit with brake clean. Seems like the more I run it the worse its getting. Now got a bit of white smoke out the exhaust.
  9. I'd sprayed some crc all around it to see if it'd raise the idle, didnt seem to affect it. That being said I'm not too sure if 556 is actually flamable. Haven't got any brakeclean left to test with. edit Seems like its not flamable. I'll pop down the road and buy another can of brake clean to have another test.
  10. I finally found time to get the 4age itbs on my mx5. First startup went as smoothly as can be expected. Took it for a couple of laps around the block and the noise has made it all worth the hassle, almost. That being said, theres a misfire on cylinder 4. I've tried everything i can think of, and more, and still can't seem to diagnose the issue. Swap fuel injectors Swap spark plugs Test plug wire - 3.3kOhms, seems to match numbers found online Set ecu to batch fire rather than fully sequential Running wasted spark for all tests Here is a video of it runni
  11. Only tyre I found that was smaller than 225/45R15 and had manufacturer information saying it was made to go on an 8j wheel was the Toyo T1R 215/45R15. I've been told they are hard to come by now due to the change in Toyo importers. They're pretty bad in terms of dry grip and even worse in the wet. I'll be selling mine soon enough - moving to semi slicks as the performance just isnt there.
  12. Must have been on the same wavelength this morning. Woke up dazed and confused after way too few drinks last night and impulse ordered a MS3Pro powered PNP after realising the cheap Links dont have knock control. Its way overkill (for now), but its a stamped board not hand soldered and cost about the same as a Link Monsoon + harness.
  13. Not much risk of high speeds in a mx5. Thats good to hear. The main thread that I'd been basing my info off of made it seem like it was quite a challenge.
  14. I know what you're saying, I dont know enough about what happened and I certainly don't want to argue. From what I know, it was the power level that the tuner suggested for a 1.8L MX5 engine.. 220hp atw. I'll be using the 14point7 spartan, so should be sweet on that one. I've been following Speeduino for some time. Its certainly a cool project, but again I know what I cant do, and assembly of a board is one of those things. Ya'll have made me reconsider going down the (prebuilt) megasquirt route. I'll need to have another rethink of what to do.
  15. From memory the ringlands blew. But I'd have to confirm. The fact that said tuner is in Tauranga, and we're up in Auckland doesnt help.
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