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  1. So the old girl has been sent to the painters for a bare metal re-spray (not removing interior or engine+drivetrain).

    After doing a couple of Gumboot Rally excursions, the stickers they give you were a bit too strong for the poorly bonded paint applied by the previous owner and it peeled off :/ 

    So after a bit of saving I've stripped her out and decided to invest in some panel and paint. Also got a full weatherstripping rubber kit and shiny new badges out of the states since most of them broke when taking them off.


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  2. Hey Grant,


    I slapped a few bags of concrete on the front while it was in the garage to (ineffectively) squish the front down and it sort of worked.


    I hear the thing to do is swap the rears for the front springs but that's a pain in the arse so I'm gonna roll it as is.


    Alternatively there is the old chop chop.


    Handling is really good so don't want to mess around too much

  3. Hi there,


    I need an exhaust length of about 600mm made up.

    It will run from the factory manifold of my L24 at 1.5' dia and connect to the new twin 2' Stainless Fujitsubo system I have had shipped in from Osaka. 


    Basically twin parallel pipes start 1.5', bend, bend end at 2'.


    I want it stainless if possible to go with the other shiny bits.


    I have contacted Coby Exhausts but the guy sounded reluctant/grumbly and I'm not into that. Also wouldn't do Stainless.

    Also rang up "Pro Flo" Custom header shop in Sunshine Ave but the phone was disconnected?? No response, I guess they're closed down.


    Can anyone recommend a shop or person that will do a good job. Don't mind price if it reflects quality. 


    Timeframe is before nats.


    Thanks in advance,