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  1. Another yearly update on the old girl. I've had her out of storage since the 28TH December. And since then, she has pretty much been my daily driver. I've done nearly 1200KM's in her. With a big 700KM trip of the motorway system from West AK to Westgate then upto Albany, back down to Manukau, where I joined the motorway upto Puhoi. Visited my mate in Omaha. Then drove to Hamilton and down to Matamata. Being it's first road trip in my ownership in nearly 4 years, she did extremely well.

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  2. Honestly, if you don't mind not driving the car for a week or so, just strip the interior. And if you have a Big old bath like I have here at home, just stick the seats and carpets into it to soak. Get a few large amounts of clothes washing powder into it, and Bobs your uncle. Mine came out absolutely black. It was absolutely horrible. But a good thorough job was done. The seats took nearly a week to dry, but just put them back into the car with the dehumidifier on.

  3. 1 hour ago, sleeektoy said:

    The mrs has a 2008 manual hatchback version of this. 2ZR-FE engine goes well and revs nice but 6500 rpm limiter is a bit of a let down :badgrin:. (Auto may be different)

    We have done 60,000km in it and had very few issues. It uses a little oil (~1litre) in-between regular 10,000km services.

    It has died once - due to overheated/crapped out coil on plugs last summer - they eventually cooled off and made it home. The 4 coils were the only major parts we have replaced apart from tyres and servicing. The plastic engine under-tray things come loose and drag on the ground if the clips aren't in good condition.

    Friggin big inside, seats 5 comfortably  - and i imagine the wagon is even bigger and better. I have carted engine cranes, 2m long wood panels, and i even stuffed 2 big bales of insulation in it last week.

    Has had official recalls on the airbag, a fuel vapour canister, and a drivers door window switch in the time we have had it too. 

    Thanks for the awesome advice mate. Greatly appreciated. It doesn't look big from the outside, but yeah. Once you look inside, you'd think it was a people mover.

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  4. Just placed a deposit on this https://www.gvi.kiwi/vehicle/2010-Toyota-Corolla-Fielder-Wagon/46471   See attached link. It'll replace my aging multicolored 81 Mirage, and my 2001 Toyota Vitz. I need something that'll be a good cruiser and daily, which is what my Vitz is. And be my workhorse, which is what the Mirage was. And very sadly, it'll be time to farewell the old Mirage. And trade the Vitz.

    What do you fellas think of the Fielder, do they have any knowen problems, or are they just your typical reliable Toyota. Appreciate it fellas, thanks.



  5. Me and old mate did some work on my 81 Mitsubishi Mirage on Friday. I had another carburetor lined up for it which is now attached and running fine. We also took off the mechanical fuel pump. Thinking I might need to replace that to, but I didn't. As normal the fuel pump push rod came out. Old mate pushed it back in. Attached the fuel pump, and she's going with the new carburetor. But when you put your foot on the gas or hold it there, something starts ticking. Can you push the rod too far in? Or could it be placed wrong? I have no idea.

    I need your help fellas. Cheers

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