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  1. Still wondering about this car myself.
  2. That crank looks repairable to me, i have one with 35 thou' taper waiting to be ground. And good to see you got onto this cars repairs so soon.
  3. piano bait

    These are actually under-rated as far as 70s panel vans go.
  4. Pretty standard rust for cars up my way. You can fix it! Probably. Providing you get the knack for welding to thin steel.
  5. This might have been asked but where are you getting your castings done?
  6. Back in the old days i would have soldered 2 cent coins over those holes.
  7. They make a steering box grease similar to this.
  8. Made a bottom for one of those guards once and welded it in. Wasn't too hard, pretty sure you can do it too.
  9. Does it need something in the balance/leaks department? Seems to run on 2 at idle.
  10. i thought yours was the one at MOTAT as it has the same plate.
  11. Should totally keep those old tablets and bandages & stuff, the faces on the boxes would have died of old age by now.
  12. i have heard of people tow starting seized engines in VWs with no ill effects.
  13. Some cracks have been in those engines since they were cast, it's the ones around the pan flange tends to be the problems. Americans like to over react to any crack and don't seem to know valve seats can be repaired ect..
  14. Some people are removing water pumps and going thermosyphon for extra reliability.
  15. How did i notice this only now? Cool find but i hate to think what else they're chucking out. Almost sure you're thinking bradford/jowette products.