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  1. If in doubt, use regular sealed beams or whatever you can find to get the cert' and install the other ones later. These ones are compliant but look funny Hella Lights that look like bugs eyes
  2. You can run them if you can prove to the WOF guy the reflectors are "LED approved" or something. Basically print off that page and zoom in on the part number on the face, use it as your defense.
  3. Not registered at the moment, unless you mean the roadster which i thought was more boattail.
  4. Carpool in your car? i don't mean swimming pool in the car from rain. i don't have a car that'd make it that far road legal right now.

    Lead, not weld, then you can melt it out for road use if need be. Axle shafts should thank you for it too.
  6. Nothing yet but i thought of a magneto charger, in the absence of a generator.
  7. I struggle to imagine these handling 10 amps on their own Wonder how long it would be until they pop? Can't be a continuous rating..
  8. Power diodes is what you need. Solder a bunch of these in parallel.
  9. re-registering a vehicle

    That weird, i took a 1920's car in & they wanted to take my doors apart to look at the side intrusion bars, that it doesn't have, because 1920. I told them they they're idiots. i think they believed me too.
  10. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I know someone who wants that scooter.
  11. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    If you know someone who can weld and set the H4 filaments to focus where the sealed beams filaments basically were you'll be almost there. Just need the reflector coated. I cheated & put 'chrome' vinyl wrap on mine. Works wonders, nobody noticed they're not actually silver coated.
  12. Akl monthly meet

    Auckland doesn't have the same supply of classic/older/retro/novelty cars for that, no matter how much it 'grows' the cars, and the enthusiasts who attend the meets are a finite resource.
  13. Kelvinators Mini They turn amber when turn signal is on, white when park light is on.
  14. Kelvinators Mini

    Would you like a lowlight grill? Can i interest you in some LED bulbs? If you're using the 5/21 style stop/tail bulb you can get double filament style LED in white or amber for using in the front. They make difference, but not 100% sure how big a difference you'll see (that and you'll need an electronic flasher).