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  1. HKM400's 1969 Lotus 7 Series 3

    Reg on hold right? If so, couldn't you just get a wof from that guy? No need to take it somewhere else
  2. ajg193's 1983 KP61 Sprint

    Shouldn't take 6 months to get some new springs into it to get a more respectable ride height!
  3. Ben's Kawasaki 1987 GT750

    Yeah, if anyone had any advice/tips on making a fibreglass tail please let me know. I am currently planning on basically following this process, maybe on a steel/alloy base
  4. Ben's Kawasaki 1987 GT750

    Haven't really done much on this recently. Stripped the carbs down and managed to get it running nicely on 4. De-tabbed the rear of the frame and started a little CAD (cardboard aided design) to figure out my plans for it. Am currently thinking I will make a fibreglass cafe racer hump on it, still not sure if it will look odd being so long. Might need to look into trimming the frame back a bit.
  5. Ben's MKII Escort

    Got a front lip off a MK 1 golf from Brdflu. Put it on the car today. Not sure if I like it or not just yet. The front of the car isn't dead straight, collecting a couple of cones at grasshkana didn't help, so it doesn't fit up quite right. Might keep it on for a bit, if I do change my mind it's only 4 screws holding it on. Crap photos, will try get something better next time it's out.
  6. Ben's MKII Escort

    Haven't really done a lot with this lately. A while back I fitted a single side draft carb to it (Weber 40 DCOE). Have been fiddling with jet sizes and watching the wideband, but still haven't got it right. Will probably need to cough up some money and get someone who knows what they are doing to look at it. A lot better then it was to begin with though. Sorry for the potato pics, will find a better camera some time. Had a bit of a wiring tidy up, not motivated to do a full wire tuck but have re-routed and hidden some to make it look a bit better. Did a grass khana with it a few weeks back too, was a lot more competitive then I was expecting.
  7. Ben_10's 79 KZ440

    Haven't really done much to this lately, just general maintenance. Recently I replaced the plastic indicators with smaller smoked LED items. While I was at it I swapped the red tail light for a smoked one. Also put some heat wrap on the exhaust. Took some photos a couple of weeks back. Pretty happy with how this bike has turned out.
  8. Ben's MKII Escort Discussion

    Great upgrade, would highly recommend it. I offset the radiator to one side to make room for a catch can. I just got a cheap alloy drink bottle off Aliexpress like this. I was going to weld on a tab to the side so it could bolt on, but decided that was too much effort and have just attached it with a big hose clamp which works a treat. Looks tidy and works perfectly
  9. Kwaka Z650

    What is the plan for foot controls with the clip ons?
  10. Ben's Kawasaki 1987 GT750

    I picked this up off a mate who had great plans for it but never got around to doing much with it. Here is how it looked when I picked it up. Sorry for the potato photos, my phone camera sucks.Bit rougher in person then in the photos. I started by stripping the tank and replacing the bars with some clip ons. Managed to sort the wiring on it to get spark. Managed to get it to fire, but pretty sure that crap from the rusty fuel tank has blocked carb jets, so they will be coming off for a strip down shortly. Painted the wheels. Still haven't quite decided what I will do with it. I'm very happy with how the KZ 440 has turned out, but not keen to copy the same style for seat. Will probably go for either a brat style or cafe racer seat.
  11. Honda CL175 from hell.

    That tank looks sweet!
  12. mlracing's Hakosuka.

    Yup, definitely still points. I don't know much about what fits these engines, but if you can get a bolt-in electronic replacement go for it. Probably one of the best upgrades you can do. If you are looking at putting in an electric pump I would be replacing the mechanical pump altogether. Not an overly complicated job, hardest part is putting in a system so the fuel pump can cut out when the engine stops so it doesn't continue to pour fuel out in the event of a crash. How old is the fuel in it? Stale fuel can mean it takes a bit longer to start
  13. It is, you'd never get a cert without hubcentric adapters or similar
  14. HKM400's 1969 Lotus 7 Series 3

    Yeah, Simon seems to know his stuff. I would agree, sounds a lot like you've got an air leak or something somewhere. Could be a poor seal between your manifold and head or carb and manifold. Also make sure you check all your vacuum lines carefully, make sure they are connected properly without any splits or holes etc.
  15. HKM400's 1969 Lotus 7 Series 3

    Any idea what setup you've got with the carb at the moment? I am also having tuning issues with mine (weber 40 DCOE on 1600 crossflow), might be able to compare notes. Someone else might have some tips and/or experience too. I've ordered (haven't installed yet) 34mm venturis, 140 mains and 190 air correctors. From advice I've got and researched online it sounds like it might be close at least. Might need to go up to 150 mains and 200 air correctors. Will hopefully find out soon and can have a look at accelerator pump etc.