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    RIMG0043 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0042 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0041 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0040 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0039 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0037 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0036 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr Untitled by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr
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    Discussion Thread - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53921-bugatti-t5759-engine/ Ive been lurking on Oldschool for ages. Been told to chuck my project on here because theres a few people interested. Background; Ive always wanted a Lotus 7 and a Bugatti Type 59. Some of you probably know I have done the 7 thing and that turned out ok. So my next job is to build a T59! There were only 6-8 ever built and the last one sold for $6million. Ralph Lauran bought his for $25million so there is no way I could ever buy one. This is bit of a copy paste from another forum so apologies if its all over the show. I wont bore you with a novel so I will get straight into the photos. This is what they look like. Started with collecting every drawing and image I could find. Then made good contacts with restorers in Germany, Poland and France and The Bugatti Trust in the UK who have gone miles out of their way to help.
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    Manifold is all welded up. Everything fits nice. Time to make linkages.
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    I took some quick shots this morning before work just in case anyone crashed into it
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    music video of simon at a burnout comp His palms are sweaty, knees weak, the clutch is heavy There's coolant on the ground, 155/13s fitted already He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop Os, But he keeps on looking at camo skirt wearing hoes, The whole crowd goes so loud He turns the key, but the braps won't come out He's pulling out the choke now, everybody's joking now The clock's run out, time's up, over, blaow! Snap back to reality. Oh, here comes hi viz guy there goes sparky, wave him off the pad, bye He's so mad, but he won't give up that easy its goin to get some mad slap seconds believe me
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    John came over during his auckland visit and i took a few photos. RIMG0052 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0051 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0050 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0046 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0045 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr RIMG0044 by sheepers-ra28, on Flickr
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    Alex has wanted one of these wagons for ages. We had a MK2 version in England and it was a lovely car - really comfortable and very useful. They are thoroughly modern cars and very underrated/undervalued. Anyway, earlier this year a MK1 wagon was posted up for sale here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43810-someone-save-this-triumph-2000-mk1-wagon/?hl=%2Btriumph+%2Bwagon and Alex decided to buy it. Then somehow it became my car and "a good first project on which to practice my welding skills" (thanks, Alex!). We were ridiculously busy sorting out our new property so the car sat in a field near Woodend for a few more months then last Friday we braved the holiday traffic and did a day-trip to collect the car using avengertiger's Izuzu as a tow vehicle (thank you Dave). We arrived and got stuck in pumping up the tyres. One of them had a puncture so we had to retrieve the spare. Look at all the goodies we emptied out of the boot: Including a brand new wing and bonnet! After a bit of shuffling using we had the car on the trailer and were back on the road Now the car is in our new workshop we have been assessing the good and bad points: The good bits - amazingly the headlining is mint The car is also pretty much complete with the added bonus of two spare bonnets, a full set of doors (from a saloon but could be modified to suit), a wing, a spare overdrive gearbox and most of the trim. The bad bits - lots of rust and disintegrated rubber. Plus the engine is most likely stuffed. It's definitely all repairable but will take lots of time. I'm determined to do everything myself with a bit of guidance from Alex (it's his turn to be the assistant). My aim is to have it road legal by Nats 2016. I'll be on the look-out for a replacement engine (2.5) plus power-steering set-up but there's no hurry as the rust repairs are going to keep me very busy. It's going to be such a cool car - I'm very excited.
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    Hi everyone, I recently acquired the car of my dreams and Greg (64Valiant) has told me to share it with you. I'm pretty new to forums but here we go: She's a 1972 Datsun 240z in off-white/cream. The previous owner had her since 1976. The Z was driving around 20 or so years ago, but has been parked up in a garage with a cover since around 1995. He passed away four years ago and the family decided to sell it through the Z Club to find an enthusiast to bring her back to glory. Luckily, I was the first serious buyer and the rest is history. NZ new car 85000 original miles I'm the third owner Interior is near mint (no cracks in the dash and factory radio still installed) Minimal rust (no such thing as a no-rust 240 haha) She runs but clutch won't engage, so is probably fused to the flywheel which should be interesting. The rego has lapsed and I'm trying to keep the black plates naturally, so anyone familiar with this process please shout out! Currently assessing what needs doing for Re-vin and looking at options after that. I will keep her mostly stock, only changing the suspension to something a bit stiffer and throwing on some 15 or 16" Minilites or Watanabes a bit later on in the piece. She's a real darling so I'm not going to deflower her with flares or an Airdam. I've probably forgotten something else important but I'm sure you'll all point it out. Looking forward to chatting and meeting everyone. Thanks for reading, -Reubin First fresh air for 20 odd years! Discussion Thread
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    2016- 2016-04-26_05-47-04 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Wow- after a bit of digging about through her old photos my mum finally found some of our old 120y wagon from back in the late 70s/early 80s. What I was after was confirmation that the car for sale on the oldschool classifieds area.... http://oldschool.co.nz/2011/forum/index.php?/topic/49659-fs-datsun-120y-wagon-nelson/ Mum phoned me this morning with good news. Yes!!! it is indeed our old car. Damn this is cool news!!! I have spoken to Dave's (avenger tiger) boss and its still up for grabs so I have said I'll take it away Mum and Dad are very excited about the prospect of getting their old car back. Mum has been talking about getting a Morris Minor Traveller like they had before the Datsun but they are too expensive. Getting their Datsun on the road for them would be awesome. Luckily it sounds like I might be able to get the old original engine back as well. Its currently in a Suzuki 4wd but the owner wants something else to power it. So this will be good if I can secure its original heart. Anyway- I'm so excited. I should be in the workshop right now welding my Viva wagon but I couldn't help but start a thread even though I don't yet have the car. I am under no illusions that it will be an easy resto. It will be rusty like Ive not seen before. But I don't mind that. Hopefully if I need any parts there should be enough bits floating about in NZ on the vibrant datsun nz forum. Another choice thing is that because mum has photos of it with the plates visible hopefully I can apply to reuse the old plates when it come to the re-vinning process. So here are some cool photos. All taken in the late 70s or early 80s. This is up the Westbank road when we used to go visit this mad old farmer/recluse fella. He would hang weird things about in trees if I remember correctly and thats what we are looking at. This is me and my brothers and sister in the boot along with Bella the smelly old Lab and Pipi the cat (who lived to be 19 years old!). I'm the little fella sitting on the back seat on the right in the white collared top. Here's the two family wagons. My Dad was very proud of his Mk4 Zodiac wag that he brought over with him from the UK. It was always giving troubles whilst the Datsun just purred through life. Dad never bought another english car again and we ended up with two more Datsuns after the 120Y. Mum and Dad did buy my first Triumph off me when I left for me 10 year OE and they loved that old car. But that's because Triumphs are bloody awesome too. Finally here is a photo of a Family reunion at Woodend. It was my Mums family and this was the mens beauty contest. The little Hillman Superminx wagon next to the 120y was my cousins and that was a cool car too. I think my cousin Helen ended up crashing it Here it sits in its current condition.. Discuss Here
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    Shes a pretty big job. Been at the machine shop for a week. 1 more week to go! Casting is looking good. Yet to find any lumps of sand or porosity apparently!
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    OH WOULD YOU JUST STOP IT!! Stokedness is on MAXIMUM.
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    I've been saving my pennies to get this. 1974 model with 3.0 Carrera engine (n/a version of 930 turbo).
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    So as mentioned in the discussion I made it to the wof garage with no major issues. I have learned to ignore the temp gauge.. it tells lies. Maybe wrong sender for the cluster I'm using that's the old one from Viva one. The fuel gauge ain't working. The alternator light randomly comes on ..I suspect a bad earth. The speedo cable has now snapped at the other end ! But I made it and it was in good hands.. After wowing the tester as he's never seen an HB wagon before I walked off to do some shopping. I was hungry as and had a nice pie while I waited for the result. Whilst going shopping I spotted this.. I chatted to the owner, an old boy who's very proud of his Viva. He actually has a Datsun engine with a 5 speed box, fitted by the fella doing my wof. Finished shopping, walked back to the garage. Car was moved inside... Did it pass???? It did! Yes One of my sidelight bulbs was out. I'd known about it but forgot. He chucked another bulb in and passed it! (I have to fix the speedo asap which I will do so tonight). Yay!!!! Straight to the post office for some rego. So I drove home happy, checked the ignition timing with a mates light and it was indeed probably 10-15 degrees to advanced! Its also running lean but damned if I can move the jet down. Might put a slightly smaller O ring in that wont jam up. Got home. Took photo of this... Hung these in place... and sat back for one of these... A very, very happy man I am ! So speedo cable to sort then tune the engine. Change the oil. Get radiator leak soldered. Then in between driving I want to sort out the boot floor with some plywood and make it all flat ready for bikes etc.
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    so. after a BUNCH of fucking around and getting dicked for a few items that should have been covered by insurance i finally got a payout to fix my blue car. without wasting everyones time with details the result was that the insurance company would pay for a new gearbox, a secondhand engine and a few sundries. so i bought this, 2016-06-11_09-35-36 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-11_09-35-29 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-11_09-26-57 by sheepers, on Flickr 2J short block, gasket set, new oil pump and a new R154. if i hadn't of just sold the red car i wouldn't be able to afford this and i would have had to buy a second hand 1J. but i have just sold the red car so its splurge on shit time! I've also bough a new manifold which ill post some pics of when it gets here but its pretty special. now its time to put it all back together and make some mods along the way. should be interesting when its back on the dyno…….
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    So I've been looking for a hako for about 4 years now, keeping an eye on the prices and how quickly they seem to be appreciating in price as the world notices them (thanks RM Sotheby's) and with some hard saving I've been able to finally make a purchase. The car is a 1971 2000GT with L20 engine and 5 speed. Unknown ks, bit of rust around the place (wouldn't be one without it) but overall a fairly solid start. I purchased this from Restored.jp who some may be familiar with, they make aftermarket FRP and carbon parts for old cars like that Hako. This was the owners personal car.. whether that's good or not is yet to be known but it's a nice story anyway. I'd be interested to have contact with other owners of Hakos in NZ as it would be handy for parts and general networking. I'll be working on this in stages (as I'm now broke) to get this up to road legal spec.. More to come but I've already figured a couple things I need to do before it's even here ! I understand there are several in NZ already, any coupes or road legal ones? Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49704-mlracings-hakosuka/
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    The world's worst kept secret is out: After years of pining, I finally went full retard and bought a Starion. To be honest, it wasn't even supposed to be this way. Only last weekend I'd lined up a nice, modern, comfortable, and fiendishly fast 2008 Mazdaspeed Axela to purchase as my new daily driver, having owned one before and knowing exactly what to expect in terms of ownership, tractability and reliability. Sunday was supposed to be the day of the full and final transaction, and I wasn't looking back in any great hurry. THEN... over dinner with friends on Saturday night, while idly browsing Trademe, one of them came across a fresh listing for this here thing. They showed me the ad, I rolled my eyes and chuckled, and told them in no uncertain terms that I'd already decided on the Axela and I didn't really have space, nor the extra folding, to also buy a Starion, and a NZ new one at that (not even a lush Japanese imported one). "But the price!" they exclaimed. "You'd be stupid not to at least take a look!" As with most pressing matters, I slept on it. The next morning, because I wasn't realistically able to get hold of Phil, I called my other Mitsubishi foamer friend Ant (but not without first posting it on OS Trademe finds... ) as I'd decided that taking a look would be the wisest thing to do after watching the price of Starions climb and climb in Japan over the last 5 years. Secretly I hoped that by tagging along with a person who knew '80s Mitsis somewhat well, he could point out all of the bad stuff wrong with the car, and steer me away from buying it. Trouble is, there wasn't actually all that much bad stuff for Ant to point out. In fact the good stuff outweighed the bad by about 20 to 1... and it didn't even blow any blue smoke! So as you can tell by the mere fact you're reading this post, I let gut instinct take over, and purchased the Starion. It's a 1988 NZ new, Euro spec narrowbody EX model. From what I can tell that means it's got the 175ps intercooled 8-valve G63B and super tall 3.5:1 LSD diff, and has a full black leather interior (more on that below). Speedo is in miles and it's only done 52,000 of them, which was one thing that swayed me towards buying it. The key differences between this and the Jap model 8-valve GSRs are the interior (leather didn't seem to make an appearance except in the very early GSR-X models, and never in black, only in blue/tan/maroon), the large TC06 turbo, and the 3.5:1 rear diff, which is obviously geared - no pun intended - towards top-speed Autobahn cruising. Jap ones have a more usable 3.9:1 diff and smaller TC05 which I can only guess makes them more responsive down low. The previous owners have definitely taken great care of the car, and I hope to continue that tradition as well as they have. The last owner, Mike, replaced the clutch and cambelt, and rebuilt the turbo. What can I say about that interior? It's totally ribbed for her pleasure, smells like the 1980s, and wouldn't look out of place in the cockpit of a starfighter spaceship. It's a shame there's no digital dash to top it all off, though! Full photo album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskEhDhXk Time will tell whether I eventually flick this Starion on to try and fund the importation of a proper Japanese DASH-powered GSR-V narrowbody, or just hang on to it and continue blocking out of my mind the fact it's NZ new, which wreaks havoc with my OCD something chronic. But to be honest, that's the irrational side of me talking... because in hindsight if I'd ignored this one locally, I don't think I would have another opportunity to buy one at a realistic price ever again. Especially when you consider that genuine GSR-Vs are now fetching upwards of $25k in Japan. The car yard wasn't fazed when I called them to cancel the deal on the Axela - luckily I hadn't decided to pay a deposit on it. On the flip side I'm still annoyed at myself because I said I wouldn't buy any more garbage '80s cars and I'm still left with the glaringly obvious conundrum of not actually owning a suitable daily driver! Guess I'm dailying the Starion then. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54171-ted-huangs-starorion-0r10ns-1988-mitsuhishi-starion/
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    Hard on the heels of the 175/50/13 failure, I bought a set of 175/60/13 Yokohama A539. Now order is restored, and (I think) it looks really good. Plan is to add a TRD style hatch spoiler, I think it should have a proper little Japanese street hooner vibe about it! IMG_6862 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6868 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Much more snug in the guards, closed up the guard gap. Added some camber to the front end and clearance is plenty! IMG_6874 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6877 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Hoonable. Thanks for looking!
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    The first Smoking tire NZ episode is finally up on Youtube. Watch as Viva prices soar..... The Incredible Mazda-Swapped Vauxhall Viva -TST i…:
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    discussion Brought this home today, it's the reason for selling the hardtop. It's a 68 Plymouth Valiant, has a 'leaning tower of power' 225, auto, has power steer, 13" wheels hah, drums all round. Most of the paint is original, it has a couple of bits where it's been repaired that need touching up. I'll probably get it repainted in the same colour at some point. It belonged to a mate of mine that died in 2015. It's a bit special to me because of that, I went with him to have a look at it, had one of the sketchiest rides I've ever experienced when we went for a drive after he got out of hospital and was still on something. He always wanted to put a V8 etc in it but he ran out of time. His family kept it since but decided to sell it, and his mum rang me to give me first option on buying it. They are keen to see it get an 8 so it will get the turbo 318, 727 and 9" I was going to put in the hardtop. I'll drive it for a while till I've got everything ready then bolt it all in. Obviously this one will need a brake upgrade as well and I'll put some 15" wheels of some sort on it
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    Some people know, even though I've been all about keeping this on the downlow, but it's now time to make it official. I swing both ways, in fact I am properly batting for the other team now, well at least until I rekindle my old relationship... ...behind the wheel of my Commy. That's right, I've bought a Ford. Gah the shame of it all. So, after pulling apart the Commy last year for rust and consequently fucking around for the entire Wag-off season, I realised in November that it just wouldn't be right to turn up to Wagnats in a non-wag of the olden days variety. So I begun the search for an XD Wagon which frankly has always been a dream to own. I found a good looking beast (although it was an XE) in Gore, so I got our friendly southern gentleman Mr Old Man Southern himself @kyteler to take a lazy look for me. He came back with a reasonably positive report and heck I went for it. A few phonecalls, emails and PM's later and it was on a transporter to me in Wellington, turning up right before I went away for New Years. But still I was trying to keep it quiet until Wagnats for a surprise wagcessory. I was pretty successful at keeping it quiet, except for a drunken moment with a couple of jokers where I spilled the beans out of sheer excitement but I kept a lid on it, at least until @Aladdin drove past my lockup for the 30 seconds I had the door open to roll inside my new wheels and the bugger saw it. Luckily he didn't quite grasp the gravity and the rumours didn't go very far. So I bought it and while it was on it's way up to me I snaffled me up a set of Tridents from Hawera and picked them up when I went that way for Bizzo and Lozza's "engagement" party. Got them back to Wellington and the next weekend I excitedly tried them on - but to my dismay they ended up being Holden stud pattern. Even thought they were sold as "Falcon wheels" With Wagnats looming fast, I got out the oversized and seriously depleted chequebook and bought a brand new set of 8" Tridents off the Tard. A few days later I had them and some tyres mounted up and the car was finally rolling (oh yeah the guy sold it sans wheels and had sent it up on 4 different wheels, some held on with barely a thread holding the wheel on. They ranged from a 8"wide 12 slot to a stock Hiace 14" rim and a 16" EF Falcon XR6 mag wheel. Anywho, the car was now rolling and a week before Wagnats I snuck the car under the cover of darkness to my wheel alignment man, I hid it at his workshop for a couple of days and then stashed it at my house, away from prying eyes (my lockup is the entire other side of town) Wagnats rolled around and it had it's debut. Won "Mintest Wag" and Strokers Choice. Both of which I was pretty fucking stoked to win. I've done fuck all to it other than give it a bit of a birthday in the servicing department, got all the wheels pointing mostly the same direction and threw on a set of 14x8" Tridents. It is a solid 7.5-8 out of ten in the body (had a bare metal respray a year or so back) and looks like they did a good job, including all the shuts etc. Running gear and suspension etc is a really good 8-8.5 out of ten, very very little in the way of bangs and knocks when driving along. The motor goes grouse now and the transmission does what it needs to do (oh yeah - this wee puppy is bench seat & column shift.. shit yes!) Where it all falls down is the interior. I give it a 3-3.5 out of ten. It's all there (mostly) but half the trim has been broken or screwed back together with wood screws and what have you. The front bench is pretty fucking poked too and is supported by a towel or two wedged into the exposed springs - nothing a car seat cover won't hide for now. That's OK though, I can slowly accumulate all the stuff I need to renew the interior at not too great of a cost and then once I have it I can chuck it all in for hopefully a nice tight insides. It was hilarious getting rid of the rubbish all through the inside when I got it, an empty bottle of classy Chardon was jammed under the seat and random Waikato and Speights bottle caps strewn throughout. Good ol Gore pisswagon living up to it's heritage. I don't even remember doing it but managed to drunkenly procure a set of 9" Tridents one night recently. So those will be tidied up and go on the back, then I want to find a pair of 245-50-14 Eagers for the front and drop the front spring an inch or so too and add an 1-2 inch lowering block in the rear and I reckon she'll look the part for a bit. Anyhow enough numbers and letters. Here is a couple of snaps I took tonight after the monthly meet. It's still filthy from Wagnats and the back has some freight I picked up tonight. But it gives a nice start to the project. I reckon it can only get better. Your pal Seedy.
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    //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52296-uteruss-kp60-pantay-dropper/#entry1676022 BRAP BRAP BRAP BRAPPED THE SPLINE OFF DASH HOLE HOLE FILLER THEN WE CHEECHED
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    Well a few months ago I got an email saying that Matt Farah from 'The Smoking Tire' was coming to NZ and wanted to drive the Viva. Fast forward and on Thursday we had a film crew turn up and spend the day filming us, the truck, the Viva and Kevin the cat. The were gobsmacked with the truck and will be doing a seperate episode on that So the day started with them getting shown about our new workshop, the Viva and Triumph within, a tour of the truck, meet/cuddle kevin who was quite a happy kitty with all the attention. Then interview me, interview Hannah, more kevin time, lunch, hannah drives Viva and gets interviewd whilst doing so. Matt then spends the afternoon caning several shades of poo from the car with lots of camera angle changes, cars chasing him, him chasing cars for shots. They had a drome they sent up to film the viva from up high. Lots of hopefully great footage. Then back to our pad to chill out and inhale nature whilst looking out over the view talking bullshit about cars. Then Pizza and beer at our local cafe. They filled the tank back up and Im promised the use of Matts car if we come over and stay at his in LA. Fair enough- I think we might just as I do have a soft spot for the mountain biking around the back of LA All in all a really great day. Viva didn't use any oil which was nice. Matt really enjoyed driving it and likes the overall build of the car even though he is used to cars with usually way way more grunt and speed. I think he appreciated that it was all done on a tight wads scottish blooded moth ridden wallet budget. He reckons on them hopefully the episode coming out within a couple of months or less. They are here filming several other cars so will have quite a bit of editing to do. Some photos from the day... Kevin getting much attention.Matt became quite smitten with him and is very keen on getting a Ragdoll cat now.. The crew getting setup for some filming.. Hannah about to drive while being interviewed. Matt about to go up for first run while getting footage taken by Tom. Then he would spend the rest of the afternoon in the the car by himself with other cameras in different positions. They did most of the filming on the Takaka hill which was great because the Viva is a really fun car up there- ideal bends and surface. Great views. Sadly lots of other cars/motorhomes/slow old vans about as there was a hippy dance festival starting up the top which made for some annoying times. Getting the camera setup. Quite heavy cameras and lots of very expensive looking mounting hardware. More camera changes... Typical lush bermed corner on Takaka hill. Was very hot up there and luckily we found a good shady parking area to use as a turnaround/camera change point. Now for me to check over the car and make sure all is good for the Nats !!!
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    I bought another one of these damn things last week, told myself I wouldn't buy any more, but this one was too good to pass up (ever said that to yourself before?) Anyway, short story is, previous owner bought it in 1976 from DB Breweries who were the first owners. At this point it still had the 2.0 V4. Shortly after he purchased a written off XA Fairmont, and took the running gear out, as well as a lot of other parts. Over the next 8 years (!) he fitted the engine, trans, nine inch disc braked LSD (from a Lincoln Continental) into the van . The job was completed in 1985. He then used it as a service vehicle for his Gp.4 Escort rally car. It was parked up in 2006 and not driven again. I first spied it a couple of years ago, and he had made noises about selling it, and I have been in his ear ever since. Spoke to a friend of mine last week, and he said he was over at the Transit helping the owner get it started, and to come over, to which I replied " I know how this is going to end!" Anyway, we got it running on 8 year old fuel(!) and by the next day a deal had been done and I owned it I went to his place yesterday, fitted a new battery, poured in some fresh 2014 fuel, and fired her up. I drove it up the road to make sure it had brakes etc, seemed near enough so drove it to my storage unit about 25 minutes away without incident. Something that occurred just after purchasing it was; Mk1 Transit SWB, flat front, with a 5 litre V8. Sound familiar? To me I instantly thought of this, the iconic Transit Supervan 1: So after collectig the van yesterday I swung past a friends place and picked up a set of wheels off his Pantera, thats 15x10 fronts with 285/40x15 tyres and 15x13 rears with 345/35x15 tyres. It is just so happens by pure luck that the Pantera has the same Ford 5 stud bolt pattern as the Falcon running gear that has been fitted to this van, so on they went: followed by a set of works Escort arches: So the plan at this stage is to get the van roadworthy, nothing major, new front brake discs and pads, sort the intermittent starting issue, get both sides repainted, good groom and use and enjoy it over summer. Then will start on the Supervan conversion next year sometime Happy days. Conrad //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=11
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    and some from home :
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