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  2. Spent some time here and there on the Thruxton over the last week New parts put on are Clip on handle bars Triple tree clamp off an older model Thruxton, powdercoated gloss black front fork boots BCC Headlight brackets Round mirrors (only had one mirror previously) And then after I went for a shake down ride, I got home and my Motone Microblade aluminium screen turned up with a few bits of dress up bits. I couldnt resist putting the screen on but will get some proper pics when i've made some more changes
  3. i repacked the bearing with grease and it made it heaps better, but there's still a little play unfortunately enough that i probably do need to source a new bearing to fit in there.
  4. @anglia4 I'll be back mid Jan, got a mudbug lined up. Keen to do some exploring.
  5. Well, it's been a solid week of wire brushing, de-greasing and pressure cleaning and of course I picked the middle of a heatwave to get this done. Not so perfect timing, but I think I'm finally happy with the chassis and underside, so next step is to apply some paint. In other news I picked up my modified steering column from Jason at my local engineering works. His team have done a top job of the welding and also made me an acetyl bush for the bottom of the column to keep everything centralised. Next step is to drop the inner column off for crack testing which I'll hopefully do early in the new week.
  6. As per the description: I said it rode well. It did on tarmac. But Blake says it was crap on Gravel. NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA MATE. 6 gears was lush though.
  7. I find out today if I will have any cars to enter... maybe even 2. if not may come down for a watch and chill with my gf
  8. go mikuni and be done with it
  9. went to saeco but nothing off the shelf (though increasingly ive found saeco to be unable to help with things that arnt direct replacements) so have taken that with a grain of salt and having a look online myself. it sure would help if i could find my vernier calipers, or even my streel rule. keep ya garages clean yo, its a pain in the ass,
  10. I think overnighting in Taumaranui would be the way to do it. Sh43 to Taumaranui, and then go to ohura from the north end on day 2.
  11. I think it closed down. I'm trying to talk my wife into a reccy for kiwi and kaka roads. They have some pretty awesome old tunnels on them I think.
  12. Yeh, it was a bit durp of me, but these carbs have lots of little weird things I've never seen before, so tricked me good.
  13. That would be an epic mish over a weekend. Does Ohura still have prison backpackers ? PPSC have tried to get a ride through Forgotten Highway off the ground but its a bit of a drive to go for reccy to make sure google doesnt send us to Deliverence spec woolsheds in the middle of nowhere
  14. Biggest issue with that area though, is that there is no gas, anywhere. Unless you carry on to Taumaranui.
  15. The bridge to somewhere is accessible by genuine road from strathmore, and outside lambing season you used to be able to do old whanga road into whangamomona from there. 10-15 years back it was proper trail bike territory on old whanga road though from 4wd damage, I imagine its worse now. Google doesn't show it as a road at all, but basically it follows the whangamomona river. I've been putting together a theoretical loop from new plymouth. Might have to go exploring some time and see if the roads are open right through. Only ones I'm not sure about are kiwi road, and kaka road. EDIT: Slight route tweak
  16. It's all DOC land so access is very limited. Boat access only to most places Whanganui River Road to Pipiriki would be lush, then a bit of gravel out to Raetihi. The Patea Dam (Lake Rotorangi) is also rad but bit of a dead end. Think the deepest you could penetrate (heh) the hinterland would be Old Whanga Road and the Bridge to Somewhere on the western side, accessed from Forgotten Highway. Again nothing links up to the other side and deffs no roads in place as its native forest/DOC land.
  17. bit of a side track, but I wonder if there is a sweet way to go in/around the whanganui national park, seems like lots of cool tracks around there. along the whanganui river, bridge to somewhere, I see there is Patea dam, although it looks one way, Is there a map that shows forestry roads or something?
  18. lol for sure thats a worn out float needle valve
  19. So, when I cleaned the carb out a while back, I noticed the float needle had a groove in it, which didn't seem right, so I checked the other carb, and that too had the groove, so rather than deciding they were both fucked, I decided that was some weird design feature, as the groove was so perfect and right angled it looked machined. Anyways, I was looking for a carb rebuild kit, but according to the company that made the carb (Bing) the particular version of a type 53 carb I have don't exist. The closest one I can find came on old BMW air cooled motors, so you have to buy two kits, as they have two carbs. Also the kits (and carbs) are fucking expensive. I can actually buy a new genuine mikuni for half the cost of a rebuild kit, so I may go that way. I also found, while looking for kits, that these carbs often fuck the float needle and seat, that's when I knew for sure the grooves in mine weren't meant to be there. BUT, I hit up a customer/mate who has an old BMW bike, and he happened to have a pair of type 53's he wasn't using, so gave them to me. I popped them open, and the float needles look sweet, so hopefully they fit in my carb for testing. TL;DR, I'm mildly retarded, but sticky float is very likely my problem. Bimmer carbs, Healthier needles, (are these even called needles?) Regards, VG.
  20. @tortronIm going to put my multi meter on the DFI power i wonder if ive got a voltage drop causing it to brownout and partially shut down causing weak spark as it stinks of fuel when it runs shit.
  21. thats why i was going for just a tank bag this year oh well but it did handle better like that on the grat barrier ride i went on at the start of the year. You may find adding some weight (tool bag or something) to the front fender will hel[p
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