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  3. Tumblr isn't performing so well, but you get the idea. I made some progress.
  4. kpr

    kpr's starlet

    POWER DUCT. all the hype. none of the powa
  5. triumph...tristan

    Maxteds 1969 mazda B1500

    Were did you get all the front bushes and steering parts from? id like to replace all mine too.
  6. azzurro

    azzurros 1966 FIAT 2300 Familiare

    @Nominal mentioned me in Spam the other day, and i had actually been thinking how it was just rusting way, again... About time for an update from @azzurro - probably rusting away again. ___ Its pretty much been sat in this barn since my last post a year ago, except for when the barn was used for a wedding and it got pushed outside - groom was italian and stoked with it, and apparently it was used as a prop and is in some of the wedding photos, lol Its always been a bit of a pig to start when its been sitting for more than a day or two (first pop otherwise) as the fuel pump takes a long time to suck gas up from the tank, and the slightly flat battery wouldn't have lasted. It was also running a bit flat/missy when i put it away. I cranked it for a bit hoping for a miracle, but before i flattened the battery I pulled the carb top off to fill the bowl with gas, but it had a lot of brown sludge in the bowl so took the whole thing off and gave it a quick dismantle on the ute tail gate. Also adjusted the linkage to get full secondary opening, and with some gas in the bowl it fired up pretty much straight away A quick check of the brakes, lights and etc, and swapped spots with the ute, patted the resident donkey, and drove it home no worries at all. Its such a lush cruiser, its supposed to have 85 series tyres so its pulling 3500 rpm in 4th at 100, so while its more than happy there, its nicer to take it easy. However, it sounds great with a hole in the exhaust - the secondary opening fully has also given it a bit more top end howl too, and the small 6 is so smooth. Drive reminded me of a few small things I had on my list that need doing for a WoF - Ill install an electric fuel pump as per the utes set up (i bought two for this reason) - the exhaust needs replacing between the manifold and the rear door - i backed into the rear bumper with my old van and so i need to check out the spare one - check the ignition timing - so far has been done by guessing - there are no timing marks on the engine (they are on the flywheel requiring timing to be set with the engine running on a stand - what the flip), OR, you need a special tool. Well this NOS bad boy turned up on trademe for $15 so i bought it NOW. Looks like a precision tool, but it kinda jams between the water pump and timing chain case, and then the hole in the blue part fits over a bolt and dangles over the crankwheel. More fiddling to follow
  7. I hear @Archetype has special limited edition TF50 parts / stickers for sale.
  8. Chuur, I'd recommend having something legit-ish. If anyone asks, you're just nipping down the road to the runoff.
  9. Got the ok for this. Saw a couple of mudbug 125's lying in the grass by dads cowshed last month. He thinks 1 of them is a runner. I suppose I'll need rego and a plate right?
  10. Ben_10

    Ben's MKII Escort

    Been pretty useless updating this. Scrapped the front lip, decided it didn't really suit the car. Since my last update, I've done a few things. I've fitted a set of DHLA 40 sidedrafts and a new rocker cover. The sound of the side drafts is amazing and throttle response is much better. Got a new rocker cover. Purchased from, took a couple of months to arrive but worth the wait. Stoked with the quality and finish. I 3D printed a FORD badge to attach to my oval style front grille. Really happy with the result, can only tell it's not real when looking clsoely at it. Got a new project coming soon, will put a thread up when I get the car.
  11. scooters

    diesel spam

    yea it's a good one. My grandad had 44 gallon drums on the orchard. Old used oil went in and if it was left long enough the heavy stuff falls out of suspension In a old tractor just after WW2 scooping the good oil in the top of the drum and putting it back in the tractor was the only thing to do. Driven by money of lack there of.
  12. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Nah, ya just gotta replace it coz it gets burnt first.
  13. scooters

    diesel spam

    yeah but them new oils are so flash you don't need to change it..... or something..
  14. igor

    diesel spam

    Diesel RAV we have at work does this. We almost invariably have to top it up between services. The check engine light often starts to flick on with about 2000 km to go till the next scheduled service.
  15. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Had one in an Atlas(?) that had somehow blown the ends off the injectors. In fact it had managed to gas-axe it's way right through an injector and was pumping cylinder compression back into the fuel rail.
  16. Casper

    diesel spam

    Oh sorry,I didn't see the car engine and modern engine part of the question. Apologies I always serviced mine at 5k intervals.
  17. scooters

    diesel spam

    I like this topic.. I replaced a shit load in ozz when I worked their at a 4x4 shop We tried all sorts of stuff to make them hold together. dawes valve to take the boost control away from the ECU add more oil shorten the dip stick to increase sump capacity Block the god awful EGR off Replace MAF to stop the over fuel issue. nice big turbo back exhaust If you drove one with a boost gauge and pyro you might go ok and have no issues. but they still went bang. Small motor big truck... boy sent to do a mans job kinda deal.
  18. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    There's not a large difference in oil capacity on modern engines, they're often around 5-6 Litres despite fuel choice, even for small engines like 2L petrols. The bigger diesel utes would be in the 7-8L range, and they do need the pricier DPF safe oils etc, but even the petrols are running stupid expensive stuff in them too. A lot of vehicles also run a 20,000km or more service interval, although at work we still recommend 10k coz no one ever checks their oil and they end up running out.
  19. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Lol. Modern engines easily run over $100 in oil alone. I think some of the stuff we carry is about $35/L, for both petrol and diesel. Edit: $100 for a service? Are you missing a digit there? The TD42 is a bit of an exception as it's essentially a small truck engine as opposed to a car engine
  20. kpr

    kpr's kp60

    Tried more stuff, ended up back in the same place. Including this: -50kw was trying to find the first reflective wave. chased it along the rpm range cutting the pipe down 200mm at a time., but just found negative results. half way thru noticed the silicone joiners wern't playing the game and doing some crazy stuff. possibly giving some wack results. but pretty sure i seen what i needed to see. seems the loss in the super long pipe with bends in it offsets anything that would be gained from the reflective wave. Got the bmw throttles on there now running the big injectors further back in the throttle bodies. makes exactly same power throughout the curve as with the 47mm 20v throttles and injectors in the head. But soon as you mess with this: drop the top trumpets off and goodbye 10 -15kw everywhere. so yeh that setup seems to be on point green: current setup. with small extractors red: old engine big extractors blue: old engine small extractors And.. road test, not having the hole at 4500rpm plus bit more up top, shit hustles of the mark through 1st and 2nd gear. throttle bit too touchy for my liking though, need to revise the linkage setup.
  21. Casper

    diesel spam

    What about some diesels that take nearly 10ltrs of oil,2 oil filters and a lift pump filter,air filter and pre filter as safaris do? Mine was about $100 or a little more each service.
  22. d.p.n.s

    d.p.n.s mk3 cortina

    i started having a play with the EPS..i stripped it down to the basic unit. here it is just mounted up with pedal box in and just 2 bolts ysing the suzuki steering mount.( pretty good really for a Japanese part and 2003 tech in 76 car) the motor and gears hung down pretty low so i pulled ut a part to see if i can tuen5 the motor and gear drive 180 being just 2 bolts made ut easy to flip 180 so ghe motor is now on top of the unit....but the wire from the motor would reach the ecu for the EPS so i made a small bracket to move it off to one side then bolted it back up to see and all in all very now buts the motor up under the thats the 1st part of the mounted sorted.
  23. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99

    Episode 104: Loading up on dem carbs.... So after a weekend of migraines and feeling shitty I decided that some progress is better than none (no shit, Sherlock) so decided to get all down and funky on the carb. After a pre-emptive raid on @h4nd's toolkit I dodged the rain showers to wrestle off my prize.....Strombergs finest (175CD for those following along at home). This afternoons trick was to get it in bits ready for a bit of a clean (come in @Mr Vapour, I've got a job for you!)....and much to my surprise it looks like, despite having sat in a paddock for the last 10 years, the scrotes who were the last owners had the decency to at least get the carb overhauled before parking her. As such, the float bowl, butterfly and diaphragm all look in seriously good nick. Sure, the outside is a tad, crusty, be we know how to fix that, dont we? Right, now my eyes are out on stalks again (with attendant headache) so its drugs and back to bed....still, its progress init?
  24. Bistro


    Caught up with @Snoozin yesterday - he’s in with a grin ken
  25. Haha, Yeah, especially because they don't expecting it when you line up, they think it's just some old slow Avenger wagon with a 1600 I recorded some more video of the track stuff. That was really fun, we did the normal track one layout, and then we did the track 3 reverse, which was really fun because I have never done that configuration. Yeah, That poor Type R, didn't really stand a chance, the poor guy!! I'm pretty sure I could hear the screams from the V8 driver trailing off in to the distance It was really fun races, against all of the big V8's it was pretty close. I really didn't think I would beat them because they all had big blocks, which are about 2.5 litres bigger than my little 4L V8 and they had at least 100kw more than me, but then my car is about half the weight, so I do actually have better power to weight ratio.
  26. ate that Type R! hah & guy in V8 musta been screaming inside his car
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