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  2. Oftensideways-83' Family camper-discussion

    Neither can I! Just waiting for all the nuts,bolts and screws to come back from the electroplater then will go hard assembling it. No we haven't yet, on the look out all the time but hard to decide on whether we just get an industrial pain sewer or splash out for a walking foot.
  3. FlyingBricks NF75

    Yep tank had a hole into oil chamber.
  4. God damn.. wish i had $$. And also so funny that you mention acc and surgery (after your crash ths other day) Could be taken soooo wrong lol
  5. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    chur. thinking the slick could have been a draining of accumulated jizz after the trip, it's always leaked out the shifting rod seal. pan bolts seem tight enough. will see how low it is etc
  6. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    I’ll be working Saturday if you want to put it on a hoist to check it out @Steelies
  7. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    hopefully the two young dudes can bond over being surrounded by idiots. looked under wag, couldnt find anything unexpected. job done?
  8. Today
  9. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Woah, has been a while. Crank seal replacement was all good, sucker held constant vac for 10+ minutes till I got bored and wanged it all back together. Haven't done a plug chop since earlier but it is running nicer, doesn't bog after idling for a period of time, I'll pick up a new plug tomorrow and do a chop. I noticed it was getting a bit hot so I pulled the rad which had a bit of shit in it and washed it out then let it sit with some white vinegar in it, seems to be clean now but I should check the pump and thermostat again. Quick hoon today it got to 50% on the temp gauge, I'll take it for a longer ride to test if the plug chop looks all good. Beat Life
  10. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    So fucken amped for this
  11. Might be for sale my tenant has given notice and I'll be on ACC in bloody February after surgery. Shit timing! Best offer may take it away... still shiny never raced rallied or........
  12. Mrs WLDRX2's Mazda B1600

    Shit. I'd really be in the dog box if I got anymore carried away with it. I keep giving her shit about bags, c notch, and rotary, and the looks I get are not good.
  13. I was impressed at how well prepared he was having a hinge all ready to go haha!
  14. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Probably left a good sized oil stain on the carpark (that bit has a funny level change) Drove home via Trentham and Akatarawa Rd - no problems, so calling that good to go. I think the lad will be coming with me, maybe in the woodie if he passes his driving test next week (he's going to Feilding for the test, how hard can it be?)
  15. Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

    Ever onwards. I'm over fixing rust, dents, and generally making things right for now. So on to probably the first actual modification/upgrade I've done to the ute. Standard 1st gen 3.88 open diff out 2nd gen 4.22 LSD in So far so good. I noticed the 2nd gen handbrake cables have square ends, 1st gen ones are round. Don't think it will be an issue. Other than that I just need a brake hose C-clip thing to mount the soft line to the diff.
  16. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Work wagon day. Testing 1-2-3.
  17. Bahahahahhaha i had no idea that hinge was actually in use bahahah
  18. Mrs WLDRX2's Mazda B1600

    may as well fit turbo'd mx5 motor seeing as the budget is blown already
  19. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Cheeky darky. Will bring cash
  20. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    The sneeky blighter edited his post. Also, Lee, can I please also get a M mens in Black. I'll flick through another $25
  21. I've got everything fixed now just waiting for my fancy film to come back. I need a replacement bumper still but it's pretty much close enough. Here's a couple of progress pics:
  22. Oftensideways-83' Family camper-discussion

    FUCK me that is a great colour!!!! Did you end up finding a machine for your other half to do some upholstery with? man i cant wait to see this on the road
  23. Yesterday
  24. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    hey @Leebo3, I see people commenting they have paid for I assume the strokers merch. Did I miss the memo on how to pay?
  25. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Probably. But not definetly. Don't need to on my behalf
  26. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Who's bringing the red onions?
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