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  2. Will there be a Wellington meet next week?
  3. Well, crack test has confirmed, it's fucked. Has been previously repaired as well. Cracked right around both the removed valves. Given the cost of repair it is uneconomic and would likely happen again anyway. Both nice to confirm the issue, and also a bit of a pain. Time to figure out the next move...
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  5. i assumed that would be the reply Nothing wrong with that format. Bring on the shit yarns and swimming
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  7. I better get some meat sticks and sauce, someone still got a bread hookup?
  8. @LoLlife shit I thought you had a visor on the wag there for a second, right colour and everything
  9. @Ned 'Saturday rolling feast' is about as planned as it gets, wagnats is best lived in the moment.
  10. Post Te Urewera ride update. Bike went great. I was incredibly impressed at how it handled a very hard 540+ kms of poorly maintained, and overly maintained roads. Things i noticed compared to similar bikes; this bike is definitely lacking in the top end department. My speedo was showing an optimistic 110+ kms downhill and dicing with other small 2 strokes, only to find out it was more like a GPS verified 85-90. womp womp. It does go very hard for what it is up hills though, i think it was geared too tall for gravel and slow climbing, in the tight stuff i could barely get out of third, but second gear pulls very well up hills and was able to maintain good pace on climbs. The ride wasn't without its setbacks; first stop at Matahina Dam i noticed i had lost the nut for the swingarm and exhaust, i must thank @Duke Blackwood and @anglia4's old man for bringing his mobile workshop, and was able to tap out an m10 nut to an m12 with his handheld vice and tap kit on the roadside. That was probably one of my favourite memories from the trip. The battery also exploded, lol. Heard a massive boom under my legs. thought the bike was backfiring. I lost all electrics which i assumed was just the gravel vibrating all of the earths loose. Friday night i pulled off the side cover and found the battery had done itself a mischief and there was lead acid goo everywhere! perhaps stator is throwing out too much juice at max rpms. Here are some snaps of the bike in action. I am definitely keen to go on more motocamping missions. Camping was legit and now knowing that a $6 warehouse tent will not suffice even in tropical conditions i am on the hunt for a decent one man tent. I also painted the side covered silver to match the tank. It was an off the shelf rustoleum silver gloss which looked suuuuuper sparkly when applied, but dried to a very nice finish. Almost identical, stoked. The next part of this project is now focused on power. The motor that's in it showed good compression when i checked it but i definitely feel it should go a bit faster. So i've ripped the barrel and head off a spare motor and will get it bored out for a 1mm oversized piston. Might even look at the porting while im there... but thats another story.
  11. Theres a sweet mtb park in wainui on the way to the camp ground which I'd recommend. Also, have you sorted a shelter?
  12. Yeah some of the frame welds from the engine install look like they could use a tidy up. It also looks like the engine position could do with being a little higher to get the chain line right. At the moment I think it drags across a nylon strip all the time.
  13. Yeah man thats my old one, am curious to what the dude I sold it to did to it. Yeah kick start was blanked when I got it is a good motor did chch to hokitika and back on it just the rest of the bime required a bit of attention frame wise.
  14. swoon!! man this popped up on my market place all the time, i had a daily internal struggle to resist buying it. that spanny tho, loooooooooong whistle
  15. I think that was old mate Geophy that blanked off the kick The shaft was either completely stripped/not there when he got it. Rowdy bike! Looks much better these days. I reckon if you accidentally slipped an RGV150 motor in there the world would be a great place
  16. Can’t be many TF100 powered GT50’s around This one has had the kick start removed completely and a machined piece of ally pressed into the case by the looks.
  17. Rad ! If it is then its a ex QCR bike that was built by a old boy down here for the Smash Palace show before Horse got it then sold it to Geophy
  18. Did Geophy build it? edit: no
  19. Yep, looks like it. That thing GHFWII.
  20. Ha sweet is that the olde @Geophy whip?
  21. I had way too much fun at Te Uruweras this year but I felt like the RGV150 was just too much bike. So this just happened... I swapped it for an FXR150 I had surplus. Its a 1973 GT50 powered by a TF100. Sporting the best of Aliexpress petrol tank and seat, it looks quite tidy. Theres a few things I want to tidy up on it. The upside down flat(ish) bars will be the first thing in the bin. I went down that road with my CB650 and won’t be doing it again. Most importantly it has a very healthy ring and solid ding so I’m happy.
  22. These guys are my goto, can you can send your items?
  23. If only... Have tried a few things but the chain is so far not the main culprit. Seems to be stuck at TDC #1, something jamming, not a hard stop and I haven't the guts to really lean on it until I look closer, felt like a stuck valve but thats now been ruled out. Due to the age, i'm happy to strip it right down before it goes near the test stand, kinda fun too!
  24. Surely that's just your timing chain locking up at the crank..
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