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  2. cletus


    ill admit to asking a dumb question here. but if anyone has some recent experience that would be good how much would I be looking at spending to get this thing painted? not after show car spec, just tidy it up in the same white (enamel?) and sort out some surface rust on the roof before it goes bad. usual stone chips and stuff id paint it myself if it was a matt colour, which I might do yet, ive had a couple of ideas chur
  3. Snorkpipe

    Snorkpipe's 1986 GSXR 7/12 Build

    I agree, that's why I had my fast friend ride it while I rode my R1.
  4. Dell'orto

    Automotive jobs in Welly?

    I have heaps of customers looking in the Hutt valley
  5. Fr3Ak

    Blower motor

    I checked all terminals and looks good, no mark of corrosion. I'll check with light as you said. Thanks Yes, forgot to mention that - first thing that I checked. The only thing that I didn't check is Blower motor relay, because I don't know where it is. I checked workshop manual now, but still have no clue where that could be. Page 1062 - 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1992 US Workshop Manual_OCR.pdf Thanks for help guys!
  6. ajg193

    Blower motor

    Have you checked your fuses?
  7. governorsam

    Blower motor

    Also check where the terminals are riveted on, bit of solder can fix that. Common point for corrosion
  8. governorsam

    Blower motor

    Green stuff is factory to keep the coil windings apart. Use a test light to check for power, meters can give false readings on stuff like this. Looks like there is a circuit breaker in there? The 2 terminals on their own. The resistor circuits are usually the 4 pin plug. 1 in 3 out.
  9. Fr3Ak

    Blower motor

    Hay all! My blower motor in Mazda doesn't work, so I start hunting down what could be. Found some different threats about Blower motor resistor and so on, but still couldn't fix the problem. I took out Blower motor, connect to 12 V and works fine. I took out blower motor resistor and have no idea if it's good or not (check pictures). I clean it a bit, but still quite rusty. I tried with instrument and it has ~0.5Ω on some pins. I thought that green stuff could be some kind of corrosion but guy at wreck shop said that is isolation? So I took instrument and start checking if there is any 12 V on connector, but nothing get's there. So when I change my switch level from 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 nothing happens and there is no 12V on any of connectors (I checked on Blower motor and resistor). But when I change to position 1 and 2, ECO light goes ON and radiator fan start working, on position 3 and 4 light go OFF and radiator fan stop working. I don't know how those things are connected? Otherwise my radiator fan work after my temperature goes above 90 (or whenever thermostat open it). So my questions are: 1. Is that Blower motor resistor looks good or should I change it? Where could I find one? Been to local wreck shops and they have same as my (old rusty), but couldn't found new one. 2. How can I test existing Blower motor resistor if it works? 3. Where should I get 12 V before goes to resistor? I saw on Mazda forum that on position 4 (full speed) that should bypass resistor and motor should work. 4. Any other solution how to get it work? No I won't change car p.s. It's Mazda Capella (626) Cargo, 1989, 2.0 diesel
  10. Sounds lovely as always but can't make it tonight sorry!
  11. Thanks but unfortunately I wont be able to attend this one.
  12. Thanks Rogee, but I'm a non-starter tonight. I'll be better next month.
  13. Yesterday
  14. rotorhoe

    Amy's Rotary Experi-mental Hoe.

    Thanks! Durepox for engine bay and unsure for underneath just know it’s not UV protectant.
  15. I'm not in Wellington today - too much commuter pain to make that trip!
  16. Keen but gotta work My roster lines up perfectly with the meets at the moment but it'll change in September so I'll be able to come more often then lol
  17. Always keen for 1841 ribs. @Goat @KKtrips @shavenYak@Big Value Buddy @kicker @Steelies@grunta @Shaz @bmxnz11@Nominal Who else?
  18. Matteybean

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    They arent too bad. I think 400 including underlay and boot carpet. Usual autodec story they fit pretty good but not perfect. Take ya old ones in so they can make sure same
  19. dabuzz

    Amy's Rotary Experi-mental Hoe.

    Solid project, going forward nicely, have they used black etch primer? - seems unusual.
  20. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    yea sorry this build has gone faster than my spare time to write out the next post. so for the mean time i would like to show you what you can achieve in 11 days after work doing a few hours here and a few hours there. A huge thanks to Paul. now dont worry i will go into detail on what we have done and how i went about it all, but i feel the need to show you guys and gals this. Cheers team, we might just be driving George the kombi over the Easter & Anzac break.
  21. Transom

    Mitsubishi 4m40 diesel - What goes wrong with em.

    Diesel pump seal fail so they leak down overnight and then you drive 1km in the morning and conk out / bleed / go again $500 to fix - or electric fuel pump hidden under the battery box - ask me how I know lol
  22. flyingbrick

    Bricks 69 beetle

    Got them early currently they are in the motel room with me.. too paranoid to leave in back of ute, lol.
  23. Grotty

    Mitsubishi 4m40 diesel - What goes wrong with em.

    Cracks heads Timing chains fail Diesel pump seal fail overall not bad
  24. Matteybean

    Matteybeans ms65 1973 crown

    Hi I managed to find a full engine gasket set from the us so I've ordered one of them which will turn up next month.. Have been cracking on with putting the interior back together I'm needing a few trim clips/door card clips I guess they look like P shaped? Also the plastic circles that slot into the inner door skins so will see if can purchase some new ones. Cheers
  25. scooters

    scott's 260c H330

    I know center caps are a arse... who can get me onto some ? Pine can't spin any out they must be a real oddball size.
  26. niswhale

    diesel spam

    The Auber gauges are sweet. Got one for oil pressure and one for egt. Can set a maximum or minimum alarm, they also come in 24v.
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