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  2. Another small job ticked off tonight. At the last race meeting I had a bit of a moment under brakes where my foot slipped off the brakes while trying to heal-toe into the far corner at Taupo (turn 11). This meant I didn't show down enough for the corner and sent me sailing off into the gravel trap. I went to stab the throttle to get it out of the gravel and couldn't find the pedal! Turns out the linkage between my pedal and the original throttle lever had broken, so the pedal was just flopping around in the breeze. I'm pretty sure the linkage breaking is what caused my foot to slip of the brake (that's the story I'm sticking to anyway...). Between races I had to figure out a quick solution - the item on the left is the result. It's made from a piece of 3mm plate that was a special service tool donated by the Coleman race team. The linkage on the right is the new one I made up today. It's a stainless turn buckle with left and right hand threads for easy adjustment. I found it at the fastener shop and bought a couple of Teflon lined rose joints to slot in there. And in place... Man footwells get dirty!
  3. Good shit mate.
  4. That sounds a lot better actually. It means I can spend more on go fast parts for the motor.
  5. I can most probably take it up if you like
  6. I have the week off so can fly down early and help with any last minute repairs / modifications / Barra conversions if required
  7. Im on kid sitting duty I also have a old suitcase that needs returning to @Seedy Al if anyone can help
  8. mates. just been on the phone to Kevin - bloody good chat, seems like a top bloke. We are locked in at the Caledonian. Basically the only thing is leaving it like we found it, which includes a quick vac and a mop of the old floors and take the rubbish/recycling away to dump on Cams front lawn @k-trips I'll drop you a PM for the finer deets rodgee.
  9. It would have been 5 or 6 years so who knows. Maybe solidstripe or stevemax who knows. I thought about trying to make a new one but never pursued it. There is also a pile of already cut prince keys which don't even fit this car I was going to try fill back out somehow and recut.
  10. I don't remember doing that but anything is possible. I guess it could have been solidstripe? Like I said though, I understand if you don't want to part with them. I tell you what. I'll talk to my brother and see if he can CNC me a key based off my current one. I've tried to get a key like mine but they're a weird setup and no cunt has a blank anymore and as dave says they're soft as fuck which is why i need a new one. It scares me turning mine in the ignition, hah.
  11. Yup theres two spares. Drivers interior door handle is pretty important. @kyteler PM me your address mate ill send one down to you this weekend.
  12. There's two spare blanks. Spare blanks are pretty soft metal so only real good for show plus ones very slightly bent. Get a generic key cut and one of the spares cut for show if you want. Send other to kyteler if if your keen. Without this man you would have no interior door handle on drivers side lol. Unless it was someone else who hooked me up with that.. either way send it haha
  13. oh yeah, how does that work / look?
  14. It gets from A to B Dirt masters training after work around red rocks, good fun it was!!!!
  15. still chipping away / chipping one out on this thing. More parts have arrived Headlight that isnt redic massive, have a stronger LED bulb en route for this New 428 pitch sprocket, have gone from a 41 tooth to a 34 tooth for all of the road speeds, stronger chain is ideal also importantly with the more legs on the gearing, stopping becomes a bit more of a problem, im not that good / cant polish a turb but new honda brake pads should help and probably the most exciting piece is the local wheelwright here in the ding has finished truing up my wheels. I laced them myself but probably would have been cheaper to get this barry to do the whole lot as i had a whole bunch of inners / outer spokes the wrong way around. anyway old mate here from Hamco industries / Hamco wheels saved the day. Had some sweet yarns and was a GC im loving the look of the trials tyres, cant wait to get these on the bike. gunna smash some work this weekend hopefully
  16. Start a thread, I bet there are a few Brit foamers who would want to ship car bits over! Also sweet project, keen to see it come together!
  17. Yah that's the place. Yeah true, but it's good for a sleep
  18. South Street West Motel? It's missing all the charm of the 'ding though.
  19. Of which I should do. Coz ya know, gotta sleep somewhere
  20. Book a room at that place next to the track? That place is lush
  21. Ding hotel is booked out wump wuuuuump
  22. Will take a t shirt if its going. Fuck yeah much rad.
  23. must be around 3000squids for a 20ft container to nz. buy all your bits in one go and it would be ok (plus split the extra space with brit owning weirdos)
  24. @flyingbrick to be honest there is nothing wrong with a leaf sprung Land Rover chassis, with some metal and time this chassis is repairable, all the major sections can be bought from the UK cheap enough (then doubled for shipping haha) plus they do bulkhead sections. And I have family in the uk that I could have them sent to, who can on forward them to me if they wanted to charge ridiculous shipping. Yeah complete new chassis are available for around 2000pounds, I suspect shipping would make them uneconomical however
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  26. The car is at the CRC Speedshow this weekend. Hall 1 I'd appreciate your votes!
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