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  2. Ok been feeling a bit better, feels like making some meaningful progress again. I've been working on the fuse box situation. Working towards the milestone of getting power to ECU and sensors etc - Think that'll help push along towards first engine start. cool. Been looking at a bunch of different places to mount the fusebox, but I reckon in the center console with a cover over it is going to be best option that's easiest to access. So printed a little holder thingy (will have a cover hiding the bolts and edges etc) Then I've been working out on an Excel spreadsheet where all of the ins and outs of the fusebox will need to go. I've decided I'll run an SSR for the fuel pump and engine fan, so these will need to be seperate. As you cant get SSRs in the form factor of those micro relays. But it looks like I'll need at least 3 12 pin plugs for in/out, so will go for four to leave some space for future stuff / important things I've forgotten about. So for sake of tidiness and making it easy to wire up on the bench / unplug in the car. I am printing a 4 way backshell type thing for Deutsch DT 12 way plugs, that will bolt to back of the fuse box. As per usual with 3d printing it took a few iterations to get the clearances nice. But consistent once you get it right so worth the effort. Fingers crossed works out okay and wiring it up is straight forward. Documentation definitely helps, even just looking at Excel sheet you can see how to group things better so the wiring will be tidier.
  3. It depends on a few things and funnily enuff, it can boil down to what drill size you have available. The NICE range of wheel studs available through most places like RipCo and Super Cheap etc will cover anything you want to do. There is an online catalog for NICE. This said, I've reused the OEM wheel studs heaps of times when they have measured up as being suitable. When using aftermarket ones, make sure you check the specs for length and diameter of the splined portion. Make sure you know your existing axle flange thickness. Make sure its all compatible. Thickness of the hat and type of lug nut plays a part also - in terms of length. Then there is the interference fit you'll need to figure out. Take your time with this stuff because its easy to fuck it all up and waste the axle. and your time in it.
  4. Might be an option? Im sure they would love a Niva.
  5. Might be time to catch up for a beer
  6. been doing some wiring. i found it pretty hard to take a photo that showed what ive done so the pix are a bit shit really. just imagine i had no loom at all, then i did. its a whole new world having new plugs and looms to make everything. i learned a whole bunch making this and im really happy with how its come out. i now have the body interface to sort out which will be a cool process and ill be able to fix heaps of stuff. bit of fucking around and then i can put the motor back in the car. 2020-01-23_07-16-12 by sheepers, on Flickr 2020-01-23_07-15-57 by sheepers, on Flickr
  7. Commenting to sub, don't know how to do it otherwise.
  8. can somebody confirm the minimum width allowable in the 15-inch rim size? I thought it was 4.5".....that new chart mentions a 4.0" size at the top of the 15-inch list....
  9. 2020 thread update : here's current file on the LVVTA site LOL Copy & paste didnt work (usually keeps format / tables) you'll just have to D-load the PDF
  10. reply not aimed at anyone n particular, just slightly relevant here's the OS thread for the fitment chart (yeah it was started around 9 years ago & could probably use an update or fresh links) edit : I've found the current chart & updated that thread and to save a couple of clicks here's the info
  11. @Mofhas a block of land doesn't he? Be a bit less grass to mow? Lololol
  12. Not a bad idea if I find somewhere to park it
  13. Just brought one today from Toy World. Maximum relaxtion in mind
  14. Fuck off lol. I've got a shitty Honda to finish before buying more projects
  16. If the tyre size is outside the rim size listed in the ETRTO (tyre standard) and the LVVTA tyre size document then you can fit narrower tyres only if the manufacturer (not the wholesaler or retailer) supplies a letter saying so. Also - you MUST use the tyre brand and model listed on the letter. ie: you can't get a letter from Falken saying 205-60-14's can fit on 8" rims and then fit Supercats in that size.
  17. Bring one back?
  18. Both side panels have now been rolled and bonded in. Just waiting till the bonding agent cures before it comes off the hoist.
  19. No, I'm going to leave them standard, although will probably gently roll the edges.
  20. Also don't forget floaties for the river float!
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  22. Are you flaring the rear quarters as well?
  23. @Steelies let me know if you want to convoy weds morning. Aiming for 9:00 ish departure.
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