Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL 1977

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Hi all and welcome to my thread on the Triumph Dolomite  I have in my car.

It's quite a special wee thing in my opinion as it registered originally in the UK and imported here at about 8 months of age and spent a lots it's time in the South island around Christchurch until it was purchased by the car dealer whom sold it to us.

It hasn't been the most reliable car, but has done a trip to Auckland with only one minor problem. And several short ones.

I think it was run on a tight budget as in the bodywork department it was a bit interesting.. (Will show photos once I work out how to upload from phone) and had a lot of mechanical things being just holding together or very badly repaired.

After a year and a half of use in my ownership I thought it was about time to address the engine and it's oil consumption problem. Now I'm not actually sure if it actually burnt any but it most definitely leaked it. So much that it's nessasary to check the level on a long trip. It appeared to leak from just about everywhere. So I decided it was time for some attention. So engine out and started removing peices as id already brought gaskets minus a head gasket as id planned to leave this. However it appeared as though it's be best to remove that too! Which turned out to be a good idea as the piston gap in the bore was quite bad as were the bearings... and the gudgeon bushes and also the exhaust valves and guides. So a large pile of new bits was acquired and the block and head were shipped off to an engine rebuilder. Its not all back and reassembled and looks pretty good, hopefully it runs well.


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This photo shows the work being carried out on the inner wing and chassis leg using parts from a donor shell to replace the damaged areas on the Dolomite.




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