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Picture time. I forgot to take pictures but got some. 

First thing was to sort out the lack of battery clamps. Easily fixed


Joe convinced me to use gasket paper instead of the ht lead box or rtv. Turned out ok


We popped out to supercheap and I splashed out on some caps for the unused vacuum ports instead of using bolts and hoses. 


The lower rad cap was leaking and it turned out to be a split of ring, I'm too tight to pay $8 for a new one so on fitting with the theme of the motor rebuild I made this 


We have reinstated the idle? Motor or air bypass valve and swapped the rangi fuel setup with factory stuff. It was great having the adjustme reg so we could see the pump wasn't working properly and then the fact that the pump had 5v to it. 

I've written up a quick list for tomorrow, everything is easy enough except figure out why the ignition stays on even after we unplug the ignition switch. 


I'm genuinely surprised at how easy and nice to work on this is. Plugs have been pulled many times and we have had the manifold off heaps of times. Same  with the fuel rail and injectors. 

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We found a box with some home made circuit board in it and wondered wtf it was. No idea how I found it but turns out it's a fuel cut defender. 

I don't quite understand the reasoning of them. They say fuel cut can make you go lean which detonates & damages apex seals etc. So you make a device that tells the ecu it has less boost and it then will be running lean causing the same problem... Can anyone elaborate on that? 

Here is a link for the write up on making your own for series 4 rx


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