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Went away camping for a couple of weeks after the last update. Came back the day before anniversary weekend with the objective of finished the rust repair by the end of the weekend.

Just before we went away I'd noticed some rust at the back of the roof where the tail hatch hinges are. Not really sure why this area was rust, I guess a bit of water gets in around the hinge screws. Had to fix both sides.


Got the channels welded around the lower edge of the tailgate, and filled the remaining gaps in the bottom.


Painted inside the frame and the repaired outer skin.


On the final test fit I realised the shape was a bit screwed up so had to cut and re-weld the frame somewhat, then re-prime it before plug-welding the two parts together.

Took farking ages!


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Filled the hole at the back of the guard. The shape is a little off but I was in a hurry and it is mostly behind the bumper.



After (1/2 way anyway)


Next up was the drivers side floor which had a few holes.


New floor bit. Had to do this twice as I got the swage orientation all wrong the first time. Swage made on the Nibbler with some home-made dies.




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The driver's side sill and underfloor structure wasn't as bad as the passenger side, despite the holes in the floor.

Patch panel bent up. It was much easier to fit this side with the floor section removed.


The outer panels were 'good enough' to weld back in (saved time too)


Sprayed etch primer in all the repaired areas.


So, all the welding was done by Monday night about 11:30 pm.

I had to pick up some wheels from Island Bay on Tuesday and didn't get home until later. Had to reassemble the front (bumper and grille), rear (gas tank, fuel pump, bumper, upper and lower tailgate, and number plate light) and finish the brake lines before a WOF check on Thursday.

Managed to get through all this by late Wednesday (got my son out of bed to help with the bumper bolts even).  Bleeding the brakes was a pain as usual - I'd missed tightening one line fitting so ended up with a mess on the floor.

Quick test run at about 11pm, then gave it a quick hose to allow testing the wipers and stuck it in the garage for the local mechanic to pick up on Thursday.



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WOF man picked up the car on Wednesday, and had a few issues with the column change. I haven't driven it much yet but the plane change between 1-2 and 3-4 seems problematic, and seems to hang up somewhere.

Anyway, failed on the following:

- Windscreen washers non-op
- Exhaust leak at manifold/exhaust pipe join (I knew about this but ran out of time to fix it)
- Upper tailgate loose (needs washers under the bolts)
- Leaf spring shackle bushing shagged
- Fuel tank leaking
- Full set of tires.

Also it ran out of gas on the way home so the mechanic had to walk back to our house to get his car - oopsy.

I had a look at the windscreen washers and I can't really see how they were set up originally. I though it would be a manual pump (that's what the owner manual suggests) but I can't see that there was ever one fitted. I have a pump tank hanging around, or I might remove the whole setup as they are not required on pre-1992.

I had only noticed the tank leak when I put it back together this week, so pulled it out again. There must have been water sitting between the tank bottom and the inner floor as there were a few pinholes to address.


Broke out the soldering gear. Haven't refilled it for a test yet, but should be OK.


Also pulled the shackle from one side. Hopefully I can get some bushes from BNT today.


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Wowed the Oxford wagon foamers at British Car Day.

Got a couple of contacts for parts, including one who has a Aussie 6-cyl Freeway wagon stashed away.


Also walked pickapart for awhile to find some 185R70 tires for the back which should help the gearing/looks a bit.

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Plenty of room for important cargo.



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Replaced the manky rubber spacer bush in the column shift cross-shaft linkage with a short piece of heater hose. Hopefully this will prevent it falling out again.

Also got an original brochure from the UK ebay.

Quality First - nice to know.


Moore power!



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Once this was up and running I wanted to use it for a bit before doing more work.

Wellington OS Meet


Wagon-camping @ Otaki Forks a couple of times.



Beach, back when swimming was a thing.




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Also OS Nats trip. I bought a roof rack from Seedy Al that didn't exactly fit either way, so I made it fit with a cut and shut.

Drove to work in the rain.


Made it to the top of the Rimukatas no worries.


Needed an oil topup (hadn't checked it for a while, oops)


Met a cousin.



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I pulled a front spring right before Nats to see if a Makita drop would work, but no-go. The lower spring pan is a bolt-on so could possibly be lowered that way, but I was out of time.



I've now removed the upper tailgate and glass (those little screws were holding the glass in place)


The tailgate is from the previous model, so this lock isn't needed on this car


It's a little rusty but way way better than the original one for the car.


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Got the tailgate painted (nothing special I must say) and the glass reinstalled with a new rubber and plenty of goo. Sore thumbs after that effort.



Drove up to Ohakune for a weekend with the Morris Enthusiasts Club (yes there was a literal Barry in attendance).

First stop on Saturday was Horopito. Last time I was there I didn't have this car, so wasn't looking for BMC Farina models. This time was different.

Found a (shagged) wagon


And others


Grabbed a right rear door interior panel off this one, as I didn't have one at all. It's not quite a match, but better than nothing.


We also visited the Chateau, and Te Porere Redoubt on that side of the mountain.

Sunday we stopped at the Tangiwai memorial which has been upgraded quite a bit since last year.


Turned off the main highway at the railway crossing near Tangiwai and headed down the Turakina Valley. Mostly dirt roads down this way. Stopped for a cup of tea, and then lunch on this route. Also at a waterfall. 


Exited the back roads at Hunterville and headed home via P North. Took quite a while to wash the mud out from under the car (first wash since Nats I think)

Weather was actually quite good (especially compared to the forecast) so didn't get to test the water-tightness of the duct-taped front screen seal. That will be the next bit to be worked on I think.




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