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Got a couple pf the whitewalled tyres fitted up, but for whatever reason I didnt really like them.


They would fix the rubbing issues on the outside of the rear tyre:







and would have made a big difference to the gearing compared to the tyres on the 130 rims!


But for whatever reason i didnt really like them, didnt match what was in my head.


Still cleared everything,


Anyway, so i got some 185/65R14s put on from the stash and i liked them less.




No photos cause i reckoned it looked lame/shoulda kept the other tyres on
Will keep an eye out for some wide whiote flappers, there are some brand new ones on tme at the mo - any one got some?.
So these have gone back into storage after rolling exactly 1m, but i have consolidated three sets of rims and tyres into one, so thats a spacesaving win i suppose.
Found a
badge on an Alfa at Pickapart, which made me happy cause that place really didnt,
and the car is back to looking like this, which tbh is pretty sweet imo.


Other stuff, it seems to run very reliably and well. Only a few small fiddly things

- Windscreen mostly doesnt leak, still a few drips onto the drivers heel area, so sunvisor is back on
- Kenwood 4ch amp ive had for 20 years that was running 6x9s off an ipod decided to short to ground internally, so swapped out for a spare 2 channel fusion but only after blowing 3 fuses
- tappets reset, a couple were a touch loose, much quieter now - plugs on 3 and 4 seem a bit richer than the rest (which are good), i suspect fuel pooling in the manifold
- adjusted handbrake (will adjust back a bit!) 
- adjusted clutch pedal
- adjusted gear linkage
- replaced rotten boot seals with subaru legacy door seals (they looked likely and so it was!)
- swapped the horns for a working one (ex same alfa)
- ordered some spare key blanks, just need them cut
- ordered a speedometer drive, but it seems to swap it out the tranny has to drop almost all the way out , so wont be doing that for a while!
- cleaned some old mouse nests out of the long vents from the bumper to the firewall icon_puke_l.gif

I need to build a carport to keep this and/or the 125 in so that will probably be next..

As for this, just keep driving it, but could do with a few upgrades maybe
- exhaust (more noisier - sounded awesome when the back fell off at nationals and wasnt that noisy with just the manifold) - will replace the big middle muffler with a resonator or straight pipe and see how we go
- triple sideys (one day)
- pointsless ignition (maybe sooner)
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