KPR's 84 Hilux

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Coilovers installed.



I needed to weigh the truck to give me a starting point on what spring rates to run.   Also to give the guys building the shocks, some idea  what valving to put into them.

just measured spring compression times the spring rate to give a rough idea. 

440kg on the front corners
248kg on the rear corners  
1376kg total  inc mud tyres/wheels (guessing it could go at least 50kg either way)

not that bad considering each wheel weighs around 40kg.     and compared  to the weight of 2wd cars around same size.

 64/36    front/rear.  yeah its  basically a race car,...








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Its started, hours of grinding.


Lower links.  the tube adapters  were for some usa spec "dom" tubing. machined them down a few mm to fit sch40 1 1/2 pipe.  


Have cut all the existing mounts off the diff  and tacked the lower link  mounts in  place  for test fit.   will do the same with the top link before finishing and welding them.



Lower link chassis mount,  will be trimmed and braced more,  as they will likely get a bit of a hiding




Its  kinda  working. lower links look like they will be ok.     still trying to find some more up travel.   easy way would be to run the truck at a higher ride height,  but want to make it work at stock height, to keep it stable as possible.    current things spoiling the fun are:  sump, alternator, engine mount  and the floor..  




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Top link mounts made and tacked in place.   






Next on the list  is a brace/mount  off the link mount,  back to the chassis rail.   will bolt it through the chassis with a few decent bolts.      maybe something similar on the other side also, as the factory x member bolt locations are kinda limited, since the lower links take up the space needed to build something solid off them



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