KPR's 84 Hilux

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Top link mounts made and tacked in place.   






Next on the list  is a brace/mount  off the link mount,  back to the chassis rail.   will bolt it through the chassis with a few decent bolts.      maybe something similar on the other side also, as the factory x member bolt locations are kinda limited, since the lower links take up the space needed to build something solid off them



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Got the fwd alternator bracket to work  with the rwd water pump.  this lifts the alternator up out of the way of top suspension  link.  and bit further away from mud and crap.   just had to  modify the top mount to bolt to top water outlet and waterpump.   also make a new inlet for water pump

fwd bracket already had some racing holes in it from when it was on the starlet?


Started making some towers to go around the towers. getting the sheet to do what i wanted wasn't much fun,, but turned out alright after being thrown on the floor a few times


not much clearance to turbo is main issue








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