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Multi pass?


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So work was quite today, and had arranged to have this car at work for the weekend so i could do oil pump swap and try figure out what the fuck was going on.


Anyway as said, work was quite, so got it on the hoist, dropped steering bits and got the sump off and oil pump out. After alot of diagnosing between us,

we compared the old pressure relief valve spring to the new one. new one was deff longer and had more tension.

Concluded that this was most likely the issue and that the relief spring had lost tension over time.



So the sump is back on now with a new gasket, just letting that seal up over the evening and will be back here tomorrow morning with new oil and see what the deal is.

tho, was thinking while its on the hoist, it might be a bit rude NOT to remove a quarter of a coil off the front springs. So that might happen haha.


I'm a little bit gutted my sedan isn't ready to drive yet, as Tomorrow would have been the perfect day for building the exhaust.

oh Well

crown pump.jpg

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