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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone havnt been doing much lately towards any of my projects but since ive gotten my ass into gear ive dug this my old gn250 out from the back of the shed. So i brought it about 3-4 yrs ago in order to get my bike lieces (which never happened) but instead, being me i decided change everything and pulled the bike to bits, with no knowhow to finish the job. Following that she was put under a tarp out back and parts were put away. But recently I took on the challenge of clearing enough space in my grandad's shed to bring it inside so i can work on it. Overcoming that ive been able to store / work on it indoors and have acquired some parts in hopes to finish what i started yrs ago! Goals this time is to turn it into so kind of bobber style bike but with little money,skill or experience..... so wish me luck! I didnt get any before photos from when i brought it but it was a completely stock 88 Suzuki gn250 and was absolutely mint! The fist photo is of it when i first got it inside, it still has the 1" drag bar i got when i first got the bike (which dont fit so had to go). And as youll see the state of the shelves in this shed youll realize what i was dealing with to get a work bench and enough floor space to get this inside...
  2. Saw this pop up in a buy/sell/swap group on Faceballs last week for next to nothing. I ignored it for a few days and decided I'd go see it if it was still there on the weekend. Low and behold! It was. So here she is: She was running on pick up but was last used on a farm so the engine and such was super dirty. Slowly took the plastics off. Plan on ditching the rear plastics but I'm gonna try fix up the front legshield, or source another one if possible. Sadly the fs50 legshields seem to be few and far between. Not even reproduced anymore, unlike the fa50 or fz50 ones which can still be sourced pretty easily. And that was as far as I got on the day of pick up. Got back to it last night and she's running again. Planning on tidying up a few things like the wheels, exhaust, filter. Get her road legal shortly and ride through the summer before giving her the royal treatment next year.
  3. Hey guys first time poster long time watcher. I am based in CHCH study mech engineering at UC and I have acquired this old suzuki moped. Looking on here it seems this bike is a bit of slut and has been the project of many people. The following is what I understand has been done to it. Top end rebuild New points Paint job Currently it has a few issues included a cracked clutch engager worm gear (no clutch), leaky fuel tank, missing kick start lever, no wiring, no seat and the paint has gone all faded. I have had her running and she goes pretty good. From what I understand these have a dc motor inside of them that is used as an alternator as well as a starter so that shouldn't be too hard to wire up. So the plan is to sort the clutch and fuel leak so I can get it running properly and then start to sort the wiring. Probably wont worry about the kickstart as the spline is screw because someone had a crack at welding the lever on. Should be sweet with the electric start anyway and I can push start it until i sort out the wiring. Also pretty stuck for ideas on a seat that would suit this style bike with the low down fuel tank. Anyway would love to hear from any of the guys who have worked on this for some tips and ideas. Heres a pic of the bike and the cracked clutch worm anyone know where I can find this part?
  4. Bought it sight unseen with a seized motor. It had the usual problems of mashed piston and rings and it had been sitting that long it had a seized crank bearing but I have that under control and hopefully I will get time to fire it up sometime soon than I will be looking at a tidy up here and there. This is a Rotary Valve 2 stroke 100cc and were a reasonably perky engine and I reckon it had one the best looks of all little 2-strokes of the day with it's stinger exhaust.